Charmain's Venture Pancake Flour Mix - 500g - 24 Packets

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Easy to bake pre mixed
  • Smooth
  • Natural taste
  • Make breakfast exciting with light and fluffy café style pancake at home!
  • 320 x 420 x 180 mm
  • 500g x 24 packets per carton
  • 500 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Charmain's Venture Pancake Flour Mix - 500g - 24 Packets

Usage: Conducting an on-the-go life every day is taxing for all. The bakers need to speed up their baking process to serve the customers rushing to meetings, offices, etc. Nobody quite has ample time to wait just to feed their tummies—this is undoubtedly the reason people skip meals. With a ready-made pancake flour mix widely available in stores nowadays, bakers can eliminate the lengthy process of measuring and combining individual ingredients for a pancake base; skip to the good part of cooking the pancake, whichever flavors you like. If you wish to stand out amidst a bunch of pancake options for a quick and delicious breakfast, here are some suggestions that you can consider:

  1. Topping suggestions:

1. Cut a few slices of fruit to decorate the top (using banana, strawberry or anything else).
2. Finish with two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.
3. Pour maple syrup or honey on the very top of the layer.

  1. Flavoring ideas:

1. Spread each layer of pancake with Nutella.
2. Make the fluffy and jiggly Japanese souffle with the pancake flour mix as its base.


  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: On the report of the Halal Assurance System in Malaysia, the legal authority representing JAKIM inspected the pancake flour mix and found that it is suitable for Muslim consumption due to adherence to Islamic dietary laws. The pancake flour mix is prepared in a clean and sanitized environment—using facilities free of non-halal substances, with no cross-contamination during production, storage, and shipment.


 Packaging Design

 A non-see-through aluminium foil bag with perforated edge

 Packaging Dimension

 32 x 42 x 18cm (12.6 x 16.5 x 7.1inch)

 1 Unit

 500gram (17.64oz)

 1 Carton

 24 packets

 Minimum order

 50 cartons

 Shelf Life

 12 months

Storage Instructions:
Charmain Venture packs its combined flour—or pancake flour mixture—in a food-grade aluminum foil bag to retain the freshness and original texture of the pancake flour mix for up to a year. In case you are wondering how aluminum foil material can help preserve the texture and flavor of the pancake flour mix, here are the answers. Firstly, the material is embedded with an odor and flavor barrier to prevent cross-contamination around food with intense aromas or flavors. As temperature fluctuation will diminish the texture of the pancake flour mix, aluminum foil is the perfect material for storing food items due to its reflective properties that reduce heat transfer. Besides, the packaging is best for keeping mixed pancake flour as it has an effective barrier against oxygen, moisture, and light that might deteriorate the quality of the flour mixture. Hence, the company suggests storing the pancake flour mix in a cool and dry place to extend its shelf life longer.

For the purpose of transportation, the aluminum foil bag is lightweight, making it ideal for easy handling in and out of the truck. It also conforms to space-saving due to the flexibility of the aluminum foil that will take the shape of the pancake flour mix.

Pancake Flour Mix Overview

Pancake is a form of sweet dessert that physically appears flat, round, and thin. In spite of that, only the general shape is universal. If you go to different parts of the world, you will notice the structures and shapes vary according to one's origin and recipe. For example, the Japanese are prominent with their thick souffle pancake—fluffy, light, and airy traditional pancake variation—due to its appealing and aesthetic visual paired with its delightful eggy taste. Compared to a regular pancake, the souffle one has a jiggly and custard-like consistency with a taller height. Returning to the general pancake, the ingredients of the batter incorporate flour, eggs, milk or water, and a leavening agent. Using a griddle or frying pan, the pancakes are then cooked until both sides turn golden brown.

However, making pancakes from scratch is a hassle, especially if you own an eatery. You will need to prepare a lot of batters for that. In order to simplify the pancake-making process, the concept of the pancake flour mix—an instant pancake base—was introduced in the United States through the commercial of Aunt Jemima's pancake flour mix in 1889. From a basic blend of flour, cornmeal, and salt, pancake flour mix has evolved throughout the years as various brands formulate their versions uniquely with multiple flavor options—coconut pancake flour mix, instant almond pancake mix, and original pancake flour mix as a base.

As the pancake flour mix manufactured by Charmain Venture employs wheat flour, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, and salt in a 500-gram packet, it can serve approximately six to eight servings. This pancake flour mix has a natural and original taste which is easy to bake to your preference.

About Charmain Venture

Manufacturing, dispensing, and selling goods of different categories since 2015, Charmain Venture has always been keen and unwavering about its business. The organization is all about serving its consumers with reasonably priced products of the highest quality for nutrient-dense benefits. From its wellness care products to food and beverage goods, the company ensures that all of them undergo stringent manufacturing processes for a better outcome to be served on the table proudly. The efforts that the company pours into its business is solid proof of its desire to reach the goal of supporting the local economy in no time, as five-star grade products at affordable prices will attract the eyes of many.

Pancake Flour Mix Specifications

- Premix pancake flour
- Suitable for 6 to 8 pancakes servings per pack
- 500g (17.64 oz) net weight
- 500g x 24 packets per carton
- Store in a cool and dry place
- Best consumed in one year (12 months)
- Malaysian production in Halal environment
- Serving suggestion: Drizzle with maple syrup or honey syrup, and finish with whipped cream, ice cream or sliced fruits on top (banana, strawberry)
- Best served during breakfast and special occasion
- This pancake flour mix can be used to make waffle

Pancake Flour Mix Ingredient List



 · Wheat flour

 · Baking powder

 · Sodium bicarbonate

 · Sugar

 · Salt


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