Charmain's Venture Chocolate Cake Mix - 640g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Charmain's Venture
  • Smooth
  • The best rich chocolate flavour cake you will ever have!
  • 320 x 420 x 180 mm
  • 320mm (W) x 180mm (H) x 420mm (L)
  • 640 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Charmain's Venture Chocolate Cake Mix - 640g

Usage: Chocolate cake mix is the guardian angel for medium-sized bakeries looking for a mouthwatering chocolate menu that can attract chocolate lovers. Know your target market—if you single out college students or people on a date, it is a good idea to sell chocolate cakes of wide varieties in terms of their flavors and decoration (moist chocolate fudge or coated chocolate cake with frosting) in your bakeries. As the premix batter is low-priced, you can sell your version of chocolate cake at an affordable price per slice or as a whole—this will surely secure returning customers. If your clients book you for a birthday cake or any special occasion, here are some recipes to tweak the chocolate cake mix into a whole cake expert:

  1. Chocolate cake mix base with ganache:

1. Mix chocolate cake mix with three eggs, ½ cup of salted butter, 1¼ cup of milk, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract in a bowl.
2. Using a mixer, whisk the combination until smooth.
3. Pour the batter into a baking pan.
4. Bake the batter in a preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes at 180°C (356°F).
5. Set aside the chocolate cake on a wire rack to let it cool off.
6. While waiting for the cake to cool, prepare the chocolate ganache in a small saucepan.
7. After the ganache achieves thick and spreadable viscosity, let it cool.
8. Layer the ganache on top of the chocolate cake using a spatula.
9. Decorate the cake with whipped cream, sprinkles, or sliced fruits.


  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: As ingredients mix for baking purposes, the chocolate cake mix contains no haram-sourced ingredients—pork and its by-products, meat without proper slaughtering according to Islamic laws, or alcohol—making it eligible for halal testament from JAKIM once the authority scrutinizes its overall production process.


 Packaging Design

 Opaque aluminium foil bag with perforated line for easy tearing

 Packaging Dimension

 32 x 42 x 18cm (12.6 x 16.5 x 7.1inch)

 1 Unit

 640 gram (22.58oz)

 Minimum Order

 50 cartons


 12 months

Storage Instructions:
The chocolate cake mix has a shelf life of one-year long (12 months) if proper storage is implemented. Before jumping into the storage location, the customers must be informed that the long preservation period of this cake mix has nothing to do with its ingredients—no artificial preservative is added. For your information, the company whose chocolate cake mix is produced is wise enough to employ low-cost food-grade packaging from aluminum foil because it has sturdy buildup and features suitable for food preservation. Firstly, aluminum foil bag packaging has an airtight seal with a strong leakproof attribute to protect the chocolate cake mix against oxidation and moisture that can risk its original flavor and texture upon exposure. Besides, the perforated line at the edge will save time in tearing the bags instead of using scissors—as we speak, cutting the packet using scissors may cause injury. Now, let's focus on the storage place. Chocolate cake mix is advised to be stored in a cool and dry place—such as darkened room far away from heat sources, moisture, and odor. Nevertheless, ensure the original packaging is intact without any holes to avoid spoilage and loss of quality—even better, store chocolate cake mix in an airtight container. Whenever you need to use the cake mix, scoop it using a clean and dry utensil; never use damp silverware, as it will introduce clumps to the powder and affect the texture of the chocolate cake mix. Finally, always check for signs of spoilage or refer to the expiration date printed on the packaging—discard chocolate cake mixes if they have passed expiry.

Chocolate Cake Mix Overview

Baking mix—often called cake mix—refers to a pre-packaged mixture of dry ingredients used to make cake batter quickly and conveniently. Generally, cake mixes are available in dry powder form with pre-measured ingredients. If you go to any supermarket, you can find various flavors and variations of cake mix on the rack, typically packed in a box: chocolate, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, caramel, red velvet, and more. Cake mix usually employs a combination of ingredients like flour, sugar, leavening agents, and flavorings, which are blended together.

For the chocolate cake mix that Charmain's Venture supplies, the ingredients involve the fundamental base for homemade cakes, such as wheat flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, sugar, and salt. Although there are tons of viral cake recipes on the Internet, chocolate cake mix comes in handy for bakers because they can skip the measurement of ingredients and manual sift process—no hard work from scratch.

  1. Wheat Flour: When combined with liquid ingredients, all-purpose flour, or a mixture of all-purpose and cake flour, it creates a network of proteins that gives the cake structure.

  2. Baking Powder: Baking powder is a leavening agent that causes the cake to rise with a light and fluffy texture when there is a presence of carbon dioxide gas.

  3. Cocoa Powder: To give chocolate cake mix its flavor, cocoa powder is added.

  4. Sugar: Granulated sugar adds sweetness, enhances flavor, and helps to retain moisture in the cake.

  5. Salt: To balance the taste of the chocolate cake mix, a small amount of salt is added to enhance the overall flavor.

As chocolate cake mix applies five ingredients packed in a 500 grams packet—premium-quality cake mixes typically produced in this quantity—the rich chocolatey taste with mild sweetness will not overpower flavorings or additional liquid ingredients added into the batter. In fact, this baked chocolate cake will taste even better if you know the drill. The trick is to combine the most suitable ingredients that go well with chocolate.

About Charmain's Venture

Visioning to give its all to ensure customers' paramount contentment, Charmain's Venture—established in 2015—is a producer that supplies its wide range of products to retailers and also provides small purchases for end-users. At Charmain's Venture, its mission is to contribute to positive economic growth in the country by expanding its business nationwide. Hence, the company makes sure the goal is achieved through distributing and selling goods—healthy natural foods and beverages, baking supplies, and wellness products—at a lower and affordable price to proselytize the mission into reality.

Chocolate Cake Mix Specifications

- Instant chocolate cake mix
- Basic ingredients at premium grade
- Rich chocolatey flavor
- 640g (22.58 oz) per packet
- Keep unused chocolate cake mix at room temperature
- Best used within 12 months
- Testify to JAKIM’s Halal certification
- Made in Malaysia
- Suitable for birthdays, potluck, farewell party, and more.

Chocolate Cake Mix Ingredient List:



 · Wheat flour

 · Cocoa powder

 · Baking powder

 · Sugar

 · Salt

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