Charmain's Venture Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs - 500g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Charmain's Venture
  • Unbleached, light and flaky
  • Fresh blended crumbs and Italian seasonings
  • Made from freshly toasted bread crumbs and then blended with fine herbs and spices
  • 320 x 420 x 180 mm
  • 500g x 24 packets per carton
  • 500 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Charmain's Venture Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs - 500g

Usage: Charmain's Venture's Italian seasoned breadcrumbs have an unbleached, soft, and crunchy appearance and flavor from newly mixed crumbles and Italian spices. It also includes elements produced from beautifully baked bread crumbs combined with exquisite sauces and aromatic plants. The procedure that follows is the most straightforward method to utilize Charmain's Venture goods, a technique that ensures you may have a wonderful dinner with these exquisite Italian breadcrumbs while relaxing in bed:
  1. Remove the breadcrumbs from their box.
  2. Remove as many crumbs as you wish.
  3. Sprinkle your food using the crumbs and serve!
Is it too common way that you choose to enjoy these fantastic Italian seasoned breadcrumbs? You may additionally employ these breadcrumbs to increase the scent of a delicious dinner, thus rendering it more memorable for your dearest. For example, you may top these Italian breadcrumbs with panko breadcrumbs and romano cheese while making handmade Italian-style dishes like pasta carbonara or pizza. There are several Discover breadcrumbs recipes around the globe; you are merely required to choose one that suits your tastes!
Certification and Mentioning: Charmain's Venture is committed to ensuring that every one of its products is perfect for the demands associated with contemporary living. Charmain's Venture acquired the following first qualification in order to attain recent social authority:
  1. JAKIM Halal-certified: A JAKIM sharia accreditation is equivalent to adhering to the most stringent governance leadership and retaining the halal emblem implies that the item you are offering for sale is of excellent quality. As an outcome, if you work in the food service sector, you're required to have a suitable halal license. The principal purpose of halal certification is to protect pious and material treasures, which can occasionally lead to confusion and an unfavorable perception among Muslims. Commodities possessing forbidden elements that have the capability of inducing inebriation in Muslim persons, albeit in trace amounts, will not be eaten by them. At that juncture, you understand the significance of halal licensing in a business and may begin applying good halal practices. Charmain's Venture's Italian seasoned breadcrumbs comply with the principles of Islamic Law, according to JAKIM.
  1. All Natural Ingredients: To ensure that each of the boxes of Charmain's Venture Italian seasoned breadcrumbs is healthful, the firm takes extensive measures to ensure that each of its ingredients is unbleached, organic, and devoid of dangerous contaminants. Because Charmain's Venture has reservations concerning the nutritional status of its consumers, it developed Italian breadcrumbs that include no manmade colors, solvents, or unnatural substances, every one of which can be harmful to the psychological wellness of breathing creatures. Each and every component are entirely novel, high-quality, and authentic.
Packaging: According to the Charmain's Venture company, each bag of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs weighs 500g (17.64 oz). Bring excess of this commodity if one or two packets of these healthful Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs aren't enough. Considering the size and weight it is, hauling it is going to be no problem. Have you begun starving lately and fantasizing about lying on your dearest couch and devouring a sausage roll with these breadcrumbs? That's fantastic to discover, and assuming that's your situation, we would like you to remain to shop with us. We guarantee you will be so thrilled that you will be capable of exposing your canines from the time we start wrapping it until it is delivered to your hands. The item measures 320 x 420 x 180mm (12.6 x 16.54 x 7.09 inches) in each bundle. Remember to keep in mind that the smallest possible quantity you can purchase for this Italian seasoned breadcrumbs is 50 cartons. Hurry to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

1 packet 500g (17.64 oz )
1 carton 24 packets
Shelf Life: The optimal shelf life of Charmain's Venture Italian seasoned breadcrumb can be achieved by cautious and organised preservation as long as the crumbs have been used during the mentioned period. By the moment it is made, this item has a preservation period of up to a year (or 12 months). However, if you do not keep it properly, it will cease functioning quickly. As a result, if you intend to utilise this thing for more than a year, you have to adhere to our advised storage method. Once you have cracked it, remember to consume it for over a month. Maintain in a cold, hydrated, and tidy location.
How To Store It: Italian seasoned breadcrumbs can be kept at ambient humidity over a maximum of thirty days in a sealed jar or zippered polyethylene bag after a month of being unsealed. Breadcrumbs may be stored in an air-tight jar or frozen sack for up to twelve months for additional preservation. Leave refrigerated breadcrumbs to defrost at ambient temperatures or in a cool place until utilising. Before keeping breadcrumbs, make sure they are evaporated because any condensation could allow them to deteriorate fast.

Charmain’s Venture’s Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs Overview

What are the similarities between handmade sausages, lobster meals, flaky topping baked goods, and crumbly grilled prawns? They all benefited from a single individual's desire to master the breadcrumb.
Joseph Lee, who was delivered in 1849, an African-American descendant of enslaved people, was an early leader in automated loaf and breadcrumb production processes, transcending the disadvantages he faced as a child. For the majority of his childhood, Lee spent time in servitude in the South, ultimately becoming a servant in Beaufort, South Carolina, before serving for more than a decade as a waiter in the United States Coast Survey; while there, he developed an interest in bread baking.
Throughout the beginning of the 1880s, the independent cook and confectioner had two popular Boston eateries. By the end of the 1890s, Lee was the proprietor of the Woodland Park Hotel in Newton and had established the Lee Catering Company, which catered to wealthy Boston clients. He additionally ran the Squantum Inn, an outdoor destination known for its marine life.
Lee grew enthusiastic about reducing wasteful consumption of meals, notably bread loss, throughout his tenure as a caterer. As opposed to throwing out expired loaf, Lee chose to manufacture breadcrumbs using it, assuming that breadcrumbs were going to be superior to rusk pieces for covering — the standard approach of the particular moment. As a result, he began working to create a gadget capable of tearing, crumbling, and grinding decaying bread into crumbles. He ultimately acquired a trademark on June 4, 1895. Breadcrumbs range from baked goods to fish fritters, and they continue to be used nowadays. He continued to that location, though.
Lee subsequently sought to enhance the cooking of meals by developing an automated bread-making device. The appliance could effectively combine components and churn pastry, replacing the labor of up to six persons. It produced an item of outstanding quality at a minimal expense. In particular, it was healthier. Lee also got an invention for his bread grinder in 1902, which served as the foundation upon which bread makers were manufactured.
Lee subsequently leased the license to his wheat-kneading equipment to The National Bread Co., although he retained ownership and revenues. He marketed his breadcrumbing machinery to The Goodell Co., a New Hampshire-based construction corporation. Joseph Lee passed away in 1905, yet his works pertaining to preparing meals remain vital nowadays. In May 2019, he was elected into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

About Charmain's Venture

Charmain's Venture is a supplier, distributor, and marketer of genuine, wholesome organic meals and drinks, in addition to nutrition, great value, and well-being treatment items. Our objective is to promote wellness and well-being, job creation in nearby neighborhoods, and sound and, over time, effects on society. Charmain's Venture is committed to offering our consumers the highest standard and assortment of environmentally friendly goods free of preservation agents, dangerous substances, and contaminants. We want to deliver clean and good-for-you items at an acceptable cost so that additional individuals may appreciate them. Our objective is to consistently create something we would feel happy to recommend to those we love.

Charmain’s Venture’s Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs Specification(s):

  1. Brand: Charmain’s Venture
  2. Cert: Halal from JAKIM superior
  3. It has an unbleached, soft, and crunchy appearance
  4. Flavor from newly mixed crumbles and Italian spices
  5. It includes elements produced from beautifully baked bread crumbs combined with exquisite sauces and aromatic plants
  6. It weighs 500g (17.64g)
  7. Dimension: 320 x 420 x 180mm (12.6 x 16.54 x 7.09 inches)
  8. A carton consists of 24 packs
  9. Min order: 50 cartons
  10. Storage Life: A year or 12 months
  11. Port Klang
  12. Manufactured by a respective Malaysian business

Additional Information Charmain’s Venture’s Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs


Toasted crumbs, oregano, basil, thyme, black pepper, chilli flakes and garlic powder


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