Charmain's Venture Cocoa Mix - 500g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Charmain's Venture
  • Rich and creamy
  • Creamy and rich chocolate taste
  • The ultimate creamy and smooth hot cocoa drink without preservatives and additives
  • 320 x 420 x 180 mm
  • 500g x 24 packets per carton
  • 500 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Charmain's Venture Cocoa Mix - 500g

Usage: The exquisitely rich and creamy texture of Charmain's Venture's cocoa mix was designed to lighten your everyday responsibilities, allowing for a rapid installation with a refreshing beverage or warming water sprinkle. It also boasts a velvety and rich chocolate flavor, with the ideal silky and soft hot cocoa drink free of pesticides and chemicals. The procedure that follows is the most basic way to employ Charmain's Venture's merchandise, a plan that guarantees you can whip up the delicious creamy hot chocolate in your leisure time management:
  1. Half-fill your transparent glass with the cocoa mix powder.
  2. Add 180ml (6.09 fl oz) of hot liquid at a temperature of +85°C.
  3. Swirl the toss.
Is it too standard to allow yourself to enjoy this fantastic cocoa blend throughout your holiday? You may also jazz up the recipe with specific components, including dark milk chocolate and peppermint drips that gustatory wild, whether searing warm or cold grind and have the ability to be dispersed to improve the scent of exceptionally lovely cooled cocoa without any sugar added. It may also be taken with desserts such as marshmallows or double chocolate brownies. Regardless, you might like this Charmain's endeavor cocoa mix with everyone in the house, irrespective of your place around the globe.
Certification and Mentioning: Charmain's Venture makes a commitment to implementing that each of its goods is ideal for the needs of today's existence. To be able to get current public positions of power, Charmain's Venture obtained the aforementioned initial credit:
  1. JAKIM Halal-certified: The massive electrical power production system, from gathering to working and labeling any substances discovered in Charmain's Venture's range of goods, complies with all Halal regulations metrics, acquiring Charmain's Venture the desired identification advised by moral leadership prerequisites ingested by all Muslims worldwide. JAKIM Halal-certified commodities can potentially be advertised to both Muslims and people who are not Muslims. The Charmain's Venture organization's hot cocoa mix exquisiteness has received a halal designation (JAKIM).
  1. All Natural Ingredients: To guarantee all which package of Charmain's Venture cocoa mix is healthy, the company goes through extraordinary measurement to verify that every single one of its components is naturally grown and vacant of harmful toxins. Although Charmain's Venture is concerned about its customers' dietary state, it produces cocoa powder containing no artificial colors, cleaners, or abnormal ingredients, which may be hazardous to the mentally healthy of inhaling beings. Every part is entirely unique, top-of-the-standard, and original.
Packaging: It is related to how you might keep the rest of the mixture with no extra sugar after the packaging was just used. While a 500g (17.64 oz) of this hot cocoa mix bundled in 24 packets in a separate carton could be challenging to keep at one's house, the Charmain's Venture label filing has increased interest in the tagging area with the development of the collapsible one. The folding box is useless for maintaining the liquid's chilled particles— nevertheless, the strong latching structure guards against accidents and infection.
Furthermore, the outer covering is designed to be ecologically beneficial while lowering the overall expense of acquiring a container by enabling its processing capacity. The package was also cleaned to guarantee that no faults or damage occurred throughout the manufacturing process.

1 packet 500g (17.64 oz )
1 carton 24 packets

Shelf Life: Just a few people figured out how to appropriately store cocoa powder materials, including Charmain's Venture cocoa mix. As a result, their cocoa powder degrades within a few weeks or months. This is because they need more understanding to handle and store the cocoa mix appropriately and effectively. Assume you would like to spin this powder when making your next drink. In that scenario, Charmain's Venture promises that every one of their goods, particularly this cocoa blend, is unadulterated for up to 12 months with proper storage and maintenance. However, once you open it, you must use it within a month.
How To Store It: Hot cocoa mix can be preserved by being kept at the room's temperature for a maximum of six months in a tightly sealed or recyclable plastic bag with a lid. Cocoa mix can be stored in a sealed airtight box or ice case for a maximum of twelve months for longer-term preservation. Permit frozen cocoa mix to defrost at ambient temperatures or in the fridge before pouring. When preserving the cocoa mix, verify it is hydrated since any condensation could trigger it to deteriorate fast. Maintain the cocoa powder shielded from ultraviolet rays and sources of warmth to avoid dissolving and clotting.

Charmain’s Venture’s Cocoa Mix Overview

Cocoa and other chocolate goods are loved by multitudes of individuals worldwide. Yet, only some are aware of the beverage's heritage. In truth, cocoa has been present in many civilizations throughout the entire globe for many thousands of years. Cocoa was initially established as an agricultural product in numerous historic South American societies, especially widely recognised of whom were the Aztecs and Mayans. Investigators discovered a record of cocoa-foundation cuisine stretching over thousands of generations.
The contemporary name "chocolate" is derived from a pair of Nahuatl phrases: chocolatl, which translates as "hot water," and cacahuatl, meaning refers to a caustic drink produced with cocoa that was served at religious rites. Cacao beans were so important to indigenous civilizations that they were employed as cash in commerce, provided to soldiers as a post-battle prize, and eaten at monarch banquets. Whenever The Spanish conquerors came to the New World and commenced conquering, colonizing, and eventually eliminating local societies, they realised the significance of the indigenous cocoa harvest.
But they added a unique twist to the commandeered consumed liquids, sugar, and seasonings to soften the harsh cocoa. Following this, chocolate remained extremely common with the Spanish, who maintained the manufacturing process locked away from the rest of Europe for roughly a century following their finding. The Spanish couldn't keep their cover story for long, and chocolate rapidly propagated throughout the remainder of Western Europe. Chocolate—once only available as a beverage— was presented at the throne and unique "chocolate establishments" that catered to the aristocratic privileged in France before moving to England. Higher social strata praised hot chocolate for being palatable and nutritious, and cocoa eventually earned an image as erotic.
The start of the Industrial Revolution, where steam-powered equipment rendered the manufacture of cacao powder much more quickly and economically, eventually eroded chocolate's uniqueness. Firm chocolate reached the marketplace in 1850, thanks to Joseph Fry's revelation that combining the butter of cacao with cocoa granules produced a solid substance. Approximately sixty years afterward, the craft of making chocolate sweets with flavored fillings, known as sweets after their Belgian creator of technology, Jean Neuhaus II, became well known. The cacao and chocolate industries grew in prominence and swiftly propagated, surrounding the entire globe.
A single feature has stayed constant during its centuries-long history, and cocoa has drawn followers from all around the globe for generations. Over 4.5 million tonnes of chocolate beans are eaten globally each year, ranging from beverages to confections. It's reasonable to assert that the prehistoric Mesoamericans who first cultivated cocoa were unable to foresee its current appeal.

About Charmain's Venture

Charmain's Venture is a supplier, distributor, and marketer of authentic, healthy, pure foods and beverages, along with dietary intake, significance, and healthcare products. Our goal is to enhance fitness and effectively-being, employment development in neighboring neighborhoods, and sounds, as well as long-term societal impacts. Charmain's Venture is dedicated to providing our customers with superb quality and a variety of ecologically conscious items void of preservatives, hazardous compounds, and toxins. We wish to provide healthy and hygienic products at a reasonable price in hopes that more people can take advantage of them. We aim to continuously produce quality that we would gladly suggest to individuals we care about.

Charmain’s Venture’s Cocoa Mix Specification(s):

  1. Trademark: Charmain’s Venture
  2. Cert: JAKIM Halal accreditation
  3. It has rich and creamy characteristics
  4. It has a velvety and rich chocolate flavor, with the ideal silky and soft hot cocoa drink free of pesticides and chemicals
  5. It weighs 500g (17.64g)
  6. Dimension: 320 x 420 x 180mm (12.6 x 16.54 x 7.09 inches)
  7. A carton has a number of of 24 packs
  8. Min order: 50 cartons
  9. Life span: A year or 12 months
  10. Port Klang
  11. Manufactured by a fabulous Malaysian firm

Additional Information Charmain’s Venture’s Cocoa Mix


Cocoa powder, powdered milk, creamer and sugar

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