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Product details of Dark Sea Salt Cookie | Halal Biscuit Malaysia

Usage Instruction: Sea salt cookie are great for sharing with loved ones, stocking the office snack cabinet, or even impressing clients. This article will detail the procedure that must be followed to successfully provide this yummy dessert to your visitors.

Firstly, you head toward your kitchen's food storage area. One hand must cautiously grab the cabinet holder, pull to release the sea salt cookie packing, and re-close the cabinet door. Then you set the chewy chocolate cookies box out on the counter.

The next step is to go to the culinary cupboard and retrieve one plate and cutlery. Then get going toward the dark choc sea salt cookies. Now set aside whatever you've grabbed next to the confectionery.

The following process is to tear the salotip that has been fitted around the plastic lid of the sea salt cookie, which is relatively simple. Once the tape is removed, grab the cap and spin it anticlockwise to release the cookie. Once the lid has been opened, remove the bubble wrap covering the first layer of desserts.

After that, one by one, move the sea salt cookie to a platter using utensils. It's also possible to take the crunchy dark chocolate sea salt cookies out of the jar by hand. Because you were concerned about transferring germs from your hands to the cookie dough, you should wash them thoroughly with soap and water before touching them. The fancy dessert is ready to be served once the butter cookies have been put on the platter.

Certification(s) & Award(s): Yusa Food Products Sdn. Bhd's efforts to market its crunchy dark chocolate sea salt cookies have been verified by the company's receipt of official accreditation, earning the confidence of both consumers and retailers.

  1. Halal-Certified: Yusa Food Products Sdn. Bhd needs to become halal certified before selling any of its products, including its sea salt cookie. It's great for business and their reputation that Muslims may buy and consume their crunchy dark chocolate sea salt cookies without worrying about whether or not they are permitted under Shariah law.

  2. Mesti Certificate: Yusa Food Products Sdn. Bhd strongly resembles a wide range of essential hygienic criteria to retain our MESTI certification, which stresses efficient procedures, cleanliness and sanitation, quality control, and record-keeping. As a result, we can proudly offer sea salt cookies to shoppers and business owners.

Packaging Information: We've kept our fancy treat, a sea salt cookie, in an airtight plastic container. Since there are numerous apparent benefits, we decided to adopt this packaging for our dark chocolate cookies.

Initially, crunchy dark chocolate sea salt cookies are packaged in clear airtight plastic containers so that customers can easily view the cookies they are purchasing. Potential buyers can examine this sea salt cookie in all its glory to determine whether or not they like it.

Then, having something as compact and adaptable as a sea salt cookie is a massive help in portability. You need a smaller room to place all the dark choc sea salt cookies. The compact size of the cookie tin also makes it ideal for sharing a relaxing moment with loved ones wherever events take you.

Shipping Information: Production suggests bulk purchasing a sea salt cookie utilising a 20ft container if you are a wholesaler. To get the best deal, buy from us wholesale; we provide a reduction for larger orders of our dark chocolate sea salt cookies. Yusa Food Products Sdn. Bhd does, however, provide a facility for distributors who want to make a small initial purchase to try out the product. So, you can have crunchy dark chocolate sea salt cookies in LCL or a single pallet.

Dark Choc Sea Salt Cookies Overview

Various biscuits are widely available, including red velvet, butter cookies, chocolate, dark chocolate, and countless more. On the other hand, a delicacy has just become popular. The candy has a high-end taste to match its posh label. The name "sea salt cookie" describes what it tastes like.

Bakery-bought sea salt cookies can be made to resemble double-chocolate sandwich cookies. Although chewy, it has a crisp texture. The cookie dough may or may not contain chocolate chunks or chips, and then the baker will sprinkle it with Himalayan salt before going into the oven. This well-known confection has a sweet, bitter, and salty flavour. Because it's not overly sweet, it will never make someone queasy if they consume it.

This sea salt cookie is excellent for a healthy snack when you have some free time. It works just as well as a gift box for a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday. Guests who drop by the house on special occasions like Christmas Eve or Eid al-Fitr would enjoy a plate of crunchy dark chocolate sea salt cookies.

About Yusa Food Products Sdn. Bhd

In 2001, we sold cookies to family and friends and eventually expanded to the neighbourhood. The demand grew steadily as word of mouth spread. Our handcrafted desserts are cooked to perfection and created using premium ingredients. All biscuits are baked when ordered, so you know they'll be fresh and delicious.

We are a small and medium-sized enterprise with enormous growth potential, and we aim to become a pioneer in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our mission is to build a valuable confectionary business. Our premium products, including sea salt cookie, are made with a deep commitment to and concern for society. We hope to spread joy and good times wherever our Malaysian cuisine is enjoyed. We're committed to increasing output at all costs. At every run, we check to see that every item has reached the optimal baked quality and flavour.

Sea Salt Cookie Specification

- Sea salt cookie has a crunchy texture.
- Flavour profiles that include bitter, sweet, and salty notes.
- Premium dark chocolate cookies with salt flakes.
- Halal-certified dark choc sea salt cookies.
- Made in Malaysia.

Sea Salt Cookie Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Cocoa Powder, Choc Cups, Egg, Sea Salt, Vanilla Essence

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