Yusa Pineapple Tart - Box - 28g

  • Yusa
  • Smooth
  • Pineapple
  • Homemade pineapple jam
  • (28g x 3 packs) per pack
  • 28 Gram
  • 6 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Yusa Pineapple Tart - Box - 28g

Usage Instructions: Are you looking to enjoy a sweet and delicious pastry treat that can be enjoyed on any occasion? Well, look no more as we got you covered. Introducing our Boxed Pineapple Tart. This popular pastry which is enjoyed by people in Southeast Asia is loved due to its buttery crust and tangy pineapple filling. Our pineapple filling is made based on a homemade recipe, that has been loved by our regular customers. The pastry gives off a buttery taste and crumbs-like texture while the sweetness and aroma of the pineapple jam filling complement it as a delicious treat for you and your guests to enjoy, making you want more.

So how do you enjoy a delicious pastry such as our pineapple tart? There are many ways to do so. Here are a few ways you can enjoy our delicious pineapple jam-filled tart:

  1. As a snack: When you need a little pick-me-up or maybe just something to bite on, grab yourself our pineapple tart! Our pineapple tarts are bite-sized pastry treats, which are perfect to snack on throughout the day.

  2. Pair with tea or coffee: If you ever need to relax, grab yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee, and pair it with our pineapple tart. The sweetness of the pineapple fillings and the buttery, dough taste pair greatly with the bitterness of coffee or tea.

  3. As a dessert: Pineapple tart makes a great dessert for after meals. Heat them up in the oven and serve them with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Overall, pineapple tarts are something you can enjoy however you like. Express your creativity in your own ways. Pineapple tart is a great option snack to enjoy on your own or to serve your guests. Grab yourself a box of pineapple tarts from us today and indulge in the taste of sweet pineapple tarts.

Storage Instructions: To properly store our pineapple tarts, there are ways you can use to keep them last longer:

  1. Store in airtight containers: To extend the shelf life of our pineapple tarts after you've opened a box, place them in an airtight container. By using this technique, you may extend the shelf life of your pineapple tart to five days.

  2. Store in the fridge: You can store your pineapple tarts in the fridge just like you would in an airtight container. By 2-3 weeks after opening a pack of pineapple tarts, storing them in an airtight container, as opposed to a refrigerator, can significantly extend their shelf life.

With proper storage, pineapple tarts can last a long time. If you plan to bulk purchase our pineapple tarts and worry they might spoil, do not worry. Our pineapple tarts can last a shelf life of up to 6 months if left unopened.

Packaging Information: Each of our pineapple tarts is packed into a pack of plastic which is then packed into a small box that can contain 3 packs per box. Each of the pineapple tarts weighs 28 grams and in each box, there are 3 of them, bringing the weight up to 84 grams. There is no minimum amount for ordering our product, it is simply negotiable.

Certifications: To show their dedication to the field of pastry-making, Yusa Food Products Sdn. Bhd. has received certificates to show their efforts:

  1. Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) Halal-Certified: Since its establishment in 2012, Yusa Food Products Sdn. Bhd. has been hard at work making pastries that are safe to be eaten by the locals as they started their business in Malaysia. This means that they must be certified by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) to properly distribute their products. After a careful audit by JAKIM, they have been deemed safe for Muslim use as they have complied with the Shariah-compliant regulatory rules set by JAKIM and thus they were awarded the Halal certifications.

Overview of Pineapple Tart

Pineapple tart is a popular pastry that people in Southeast Asia enjoy, particularly those who live in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia. The small pastry is made with a sweet, buttery dough and filled with pineapple jam. The jam is typically made by cooking cut pineapples with sugar and spices until it reaches a sticky and thick consistency.

History: The making of pineapple tart can be traced back all the way to the 14th century. This is when pineapples were first introduced to Asia, coming all the way from America. At the time, pineapples were considered to be a luxury food item and were only available to the wealthy. However, as time progressed, it became more widely available and was starting to be included in local cuisines. In Malaysia and Singapore, the Peranakan community was the first to create pineapple tarts, which combined traditional Chinese pastry-making techniques with local ingredients to create a new and unique fusion of pastry. Pineapple tart is called by different names, depending on the country. In Malaysia, it will be typically called ‘Kuih Tat Nenas’ but there is an ethnic group, known as Baba Malay, who calls them ‘kueh tae’ or ‘kuih tair’. In Indonesia, pineapple tarts are referred to as ‘kue nastar’. They may have different names, but it still means the same which is pineapple tart.

Nowadays, pineapple tarts are enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, and they are often associated with festivities. For instance, celebrating Hari Raya or Chinese New Year does not feel complete without pineapple tarts.

Thus, pineapple tart is a beloved pastry with a rich history and cultural background in Southeast Asia. The unique flavor and texture, as well as its association with festive occasions, makes it a favorite among locals and tourists.

Pineapple Tart Specifications:

- Brand Name: Yusa
- Texture: Smooth
- Taste: Pineapple
- Feature: Homemade Pineapple Jam
- Packaging: (28g x 3 packs) per Pack
- Net Weight/Unit: 28 Grams
- Shelf Life: 6 Months
- Country of Origin: Malaysia

Ideally Served:

- As a snack. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day on its own or with hot or cold beverages.
- As a dessert. Enjoy right after a meal as a light dessert.

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