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Product details of Yusa Chocolate Nestum

Usage: The chocolate nestum cookies made by Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd are both flavorful and crispy. Since chocolate nestum is a handcrafted sweet, it filled both of the main elements. Here are a few ways that you can follow to enjoy the dessert. The first step is to remove the sellotape from the chocolate nestum container's cover. Open it slowly, to avoid breaking the cookies by opening the container too quickly. Now, you can eat it by yourself or share it with your closed family and friends. Pretty simple, this chocolate nestum is exquisite on its own. However, it may also an element in several baked goods. Sprinkle it into a cup of hot water for a 3-in-1 hot chocolate drink, or use it in baked goods, cereal, or brown sugar popia. A chocolate mcflurry with it could be the ideal combination if you have a sweet tooth. All that matters is that you find a way to consume these cookies by following your preferences. Do not forget to grab some Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd's chocolate nestum when you need to stock up on snacks.

Certification: From the time they opened their doors, the folks at Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd have had principal certification to make all kinds of delicious treats, including this excellent chocolate nestum. This is the single most crucial certification:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: If you're selling a dish, or even something as basic as cookies or biscuits, you would need the JAKIM-certified approval to sell your products to your clients. This halal certification is a vital point to the country since it comes from JAKIM. This organization conducts a comprehensive and systematic review of all applicants before handing designation. Likewise, all residents of Malaysia may feel protected devouring these chocolate nestum thanks to the support and commitment of JAKIM embracing Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd as a Muslim - friendly consumer dealer.
Storage Information: The chocolate nestum should have a use-by date or expiration since it is a consumer-packaged-goods (CPG). According to the manufacturer, chocolate nestums may be kept for up to six months or half a year. Chocolate Nestum has a high chance of maintaining its freshness if customers adopt the retailer direction approach described above. Chocolate nestum is a cookie has a gooey texture with a relatively minimal dampness at the exterior and staying suitable for a more significant period. When it absorbs wet from the atmosphere, it goes mushy and loses its crunch, making it unappealing. For best results, please wait until the cookies are cold before stockpiling them. You can also save space by storing your chocolate nestums in individual freezer bags. The chocolate nestum cookies may be stored in tiers, but you must use parchment paper to divide each surface.
Packaging Information: The chocolate nestums are packed in a jar as it could keep all the cookies safe in it, making it conveniet for packing and shipping process of the product. The minimum purchase order for it is 20ft box container or less than container load (LCL) is negotiable.

Chocolate Nestum Overview

Scientific proof shows that the human fascination with chocolate dates back at least five thousand years. Chocolate was once called the "cuisine of the deities". Yet during most of its existence, it was drunk as a bitter liquid instead of eaten as the sugary confection it is now throughout the globe. Chocolate was a crucial commodity in traditional Mesoamerican societies' social, religious, and cultural systems. To create the chocolate beverage, the elements were ground and cacao seeds were burnt, Next, other ingredients such as liquid, vanilla, chillis, and other seasonings were added.
Chocolate was revered by antiquity Mesoamericans, who thought it had magical and therapeutic properties in addition to being a stimulant and aphrodisiac. Cacao was revered by the Maya as a divine blessing and was utilized in ritual sacrifices and memorial services. The affluent Mayans sipped chocolate cocktails with foam. At the same time, the ordinary folk ate a chilly porridge made with chocolate. The chocolate nestum has an additive taste that makes it that much more heavenly. You have to try this out. You could be sastified with these snacks if you're craving something sweet and tasty. If you like chocolate, you should try Yusa Food Product Sdn Bhd's chocolate nestum. You are in for a treat, just purchase an order for it and you will know how incredibly delicious it is.

About Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd

In 2001, we launched our biscuit company, at first we catered to our immediate circle of family and pals. Over time, as news of mouth spread, more and more people began to place orders. Our handcrafted cookies are baked to delicacy and created using upscale resources. These biscuits are baked when you purchase an order for it so you will get fresh and new batch of products. We are a small and medium-sized business with enormous development prospective. We want to emerge as a pioneer in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our mission is to build a valuable business. We make our items with enthusiasm and affection for the world. We also strive for pleasure and joy and hope to offer Malaysian tastes worldwide. We engage our staff like one sizeable extended team, and nobody will be left alone, because we are a stronger as a team. Our personnel aspires to throw in the greatest in their job. We are devoted to offering excellent flavour profiles and pleasure to our consumers. We keep in mind that in a every single batch, all items are prepared to our objective grade of reliability and flavour.

Additional Information Chocolate Nestum



 Nestum Cereal, Cooking Chocolate


Chocolate Nestum’s Specifications

  1. Reminds you of a mum's baked cookies
  2. Has a chocolaty relish
  3. Has crunchy consistency
  4. Certified by JAKIM halal
  5. 6 months life span (half a year)
  6. Keep chocolate nestum in an air-tight container 
  7. Solely Malaysia-made


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Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd

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