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Product details of Salted Egg Oyster Cookies | Halal Biscuit Malaysia

Usage Instruction: No movie night at home is better than being accompanied by good snacks. But, what makes the best munching buddy? You have checkmarked all the necessary set up for a perfect cinematic experience—use projector, connect to the home theatre system, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket like a burrito, light up scented candles—but you have no idea what to munch in between the movies. Yusa's Salted Egg Oyster Cookie to the rescue! The hand-sized jar containing salted egg oyster cookie is easy for everyone to clutch tightly. Before you can enjoy the crunchy, buttery sensation of oyster cookie, unseal its lid and spin it anticlockwise to open the cookie's container. For the best experience, just let the oyster cookie rest in the container without transfering it to exposed surface to retain its crispness.

Apart from movie night munching, Yusa's Salted Egg Oyster Cookie is suitable as a doorgift as it comes in a medium jar with minimalist concept to accommodate the doorgift packaging. Salted Egg Oyster Cookie is by all means coincide to every occasions, at all time—perfect snacking in the car and at the office.

Certification(s) & Mentionings:

  1. JAKIM’s Halal Certificate: Yusa's Salted Egg Oyster Cookie is a Muslim-friendly product as it keeps the consumers at the ease of consuming its Halal-certified cookie granted by JAKIM Malaysia. The ingredients to produce the oyster cookie is incontrovertible, having solid proof from JAKIM to back up this claim so that regardless of beliefs, everyone can devour the heavenly taste of homemade salted egg oyster cookie as it is permitted according to the Shariah law.

  2. MeSTI Certification: Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd gives scrupulous details to its product lines to produce a safe, hygienic, edible commercial product to ensure that consumers only receive its oyster cookie in a safe state to be eaten. The MeSTI certificate is an initiative by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to help small or medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia in exporting goods complying with the food safety regulation. Due to the salted egg oyster cookie by Yusa's appropriateness in meeting all the requirements to be certified with MeSTI, this product has strong evidence of being safe and germ-free, as described by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Packaging Information: Yusa's Salted Egg Oyster Cookie is sold in bulk purchase of 20ft container or LCL. The Salted Egg Oyster Cookies are conveniently packed in a clear plastic jar to retain the crunchiness of the oyster cookies longer. The logic behind a transparent jar is to ease the consumers into seeing the content inside without rifling through the container. Furthermore, the oyster cookie can be filled to the container's capacity, which will please the customer as it is not slack-filling or half full of air. Although the empty space inside a packaging or functional slack-fill can protect the cookie from potential crush or damage, the company dives into a different approach to safeguarding its product, which is using a sellotape. A firm piece of sellotape is sandwiched between the container's lid and body to prevent spills, as the manufacturer is also mindful of wrapping the products diligently. Yusa Food Productions Sdn Bhd prioritizes the shipping processes to go smoothly by cushioning the packaging with impact-resistance items so that the goods will arrive in pristine condition.

Storage Instructions: An oyster cookie is best consumed when it still holds its crunchy texture. Just like any other cookie, the oyster cookie has its own shelf life of six months or half a year. In case you are wondering to preserve the oyster cookie from turning soggy, here is the right way to store your cookie. As Yusa's Salted Egg Oyster Cookie comes in an airtight container, you can rest assured that the air cannot penetrate through it and affect the texture of the cookie. The next thing you need to do is store your oyster cookie away from heat and direct sunlight, preferably in a cool, dry place, like a pantry or closed cabinet.

Oyster Cookie Overview

The Oyster cookie is a traditional Malaysian snack originating from Bruneian Malay in Papar, Sabah, Malaysia. Though named after oyster, a species of seafood inhabiting the marine, oyster cookie tastes nothing like an oyster. Instead, the snack adopts the name after its resemblance to the oyster shape. There are various names given to this traditional oyster cookie by the locals, such as 'Kuih Lidah,' which translates as 'Tongue Snack,' due to some people see the oyster cookie shape has all the hallmarks of a human's tongue. Some other references to oyster cookies include 'kerepek layang' (kite chips), 'kuih kapal terbang' (airplane cake), and 'kuih kertas' (paper cake). It is a common occurrence that human perceives things differently—just like some people might view an oyster cookie as an oyster, other view it as a tongue.

Regardless of its name, they are all referring to the same food with the same cooking technique and ingredients. The classic oyster cookies are made from wheat flour, margarine, egg, salt, and sugar to form a layered crispy pastry coated with icing sugar. Once upon a time, the normal flavor of oyster cookies is icing sugar dusting to give it a sweet taste. To convey chefs' backgrounds through gastronomic masterpieces, they proudly prepare their cuisine adjacent to the ever-evolving world. Nowadays, the original recipe for oyster cookies has been modified to fit the narrative of the 21st century. For example, the oyster cookie by Yusa is coated with salted egg to deepen the savory umami flavor without using a flavor enhancer like artificial monosodium glutamate (MSG). In Southeast Asian and East Asian countries, salted egg is a well-known flavor from real duck eggs for its versatility incorporated in almost all dishes. Salted egg deserves the hype in the food industry because of its buttery, viscous taste. Due to the compelling taste of salted egg, Yusa Food Productions Sdn Bhd produces its ready-to-eat oyster cookie in a salted egg flavor in following its vision of manufacturing a high-quality snack that satisfies customers' demands.

About Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd

Being in the cookies business since 2001, Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd has its operation plant in Shah Alam, Selangor. We know nothing is for certain in this life, but hard work betrays none, and a dream without effort is nothing. From a small company that started off selling cookies on a small scale through word of mouth, Yusa has expanded into an SME company with an optimistic future ahead. The sweet taste of success is not possible if it was not for the consistently perfect baking with premium ingredients, which guarantees fresh and delicate cookies. Approaching its 22nd year in the industry, the company nourishes its growth based on the customer's feedback while baking the cookies with a genuine love for the community because there is nothing superior to food made with love. Besides, Yusa's treatment of its employees as a big family that shares the same goal of success is on par with its five-star cookie quality. From the founder to the staff, everyone is committed to giving their utmost best in delivering the market with the consistent improvement of its production. Yusa Food Products Sdn Bhd has many traditional and contemporary cookies available for bulk purchase, such as Salted Egg Oyster Cookies, Pineapple Tart, Red Velvet Cookies, and many more.

Oyster Cookie Specifications

- Crunchy, buttery taste
- Salted egg coated
- Do not consume if intolerant to gluten
- Suitable for snacking that keeps you full at all time
- Homemade oyster cookie with premium taste
- Has a life span of 6 months
- Store away from direct sunlight and heat
- Certified with JAKIM Halal and MeSTI certification
- Made in Malaysia

Oyster Cookie Ingredients: Sweet potato flour, wheat flour, margarine, salt, sugar, salted egg powder, chilli pepper and curry leaves.

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