Harsh-Med Abdominal Gauze - 80g

  • Harsh-Med
  • STR-ABD-023-02P:SP
  • Sterile Abdominal Gauze 29cm x 29cm x 24Ply
  • Each Packet Contains 2 Pieces Per Pack.
  • 30 x 54 x 38 cm
  • 80g x 50 packets per Carton, 300 Cartons per 20 Feet Container
  • 80 Gram
  • 40 MONTHS
  • Perak
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Harsh-Med Abdominal Gauze - 80g

Usage: Harsh-Med abdominal gauze is a medical product for wrapping to safeguard abdominal wounds or injuries. This gauze is 29cm × 29cm x 24 Ply in size, having every package having two pieces. The following are the directions for using abdominal gauze:
  1. Carefully rinse the palm surfaces with water coupled with scrub.
  2. Take out the abdominal gauze from its container with respect.
  3. Wrap the gauze around the cut or cut on your lower abdomen, covering it completely.
  4. Secure the gauze with surgical tape or an adhesive bandage sheet.
  5. Replace the gauze as advised by your doctor or nurse or when it appears damp or spotted.
To promote adequate treatment of wounds and rehabilitation, it is critical that you adhere to the advice of your medical vendor's recommendations for utilising abdominal gauze. Visit your doctor or an expert in medicine if you're experiencing any inquiries or troubles.
Certification(s): Meraki Medicare Malaysia Sdn Bhd employed MDA and GDPMD permitting agencies to guarantee the authenticity and safety of their products:
  1. MDA certificate: The MDA licence is a certification provided by a nation's competent regulating body, namely the Ministry of Health in Malaysia, that validates that a healthcare product fulfils the agency's assurance of safeguarding and security requirements to be employed within the nation. The document certifies that the medical gadget has been proven secure, productive, and of superior craftsmanship, and it is required of every medical instrument before it may be marketed or implemented in that nation. The MDA accreditation contributes to ensuring that clients experience trustworthy and successful therapies and that doctors and nurses have a repository of dependable and outstanding healthcare supplies. The MDA has cleared the Harsh-Med abdominal gauze for use, which is excellent news.
  1. GDPMD certificate: GDPMD certification stands for Good Distribution Practise for Medical Devices. The accreditation assures that the medical equipment shipment procedure is carried out in a way that guarantees the security of the item's effectiveness and performance. Every healthcare device wholesaler in Malaysia requires GDPMD accreditation. It is given by the Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA). It guarantees that healthcare products are supplied safely and effectively and that consumers access outstanding healthcare supplies. In addition to the MDA registration, the Harsh-Med abdominal gauze obtained GDPMD licencing, ensuring that the sterile device is suited for a single usage at home or in a health care facility.
Packaging: At the same time, a carton comprising 50 packets of an 80g (2.82 oz) sterile abdominal gauze with measurements of 30 x 54 x 38 cm (11.81 x 21.26 x 14.96 inches) will be satisfactorily wrapped. The abdominal gauze will be packaged in a 20-foot container with 300 cartons, and all the components of the substance utilised have been sterilised to ensure that no flaws or breakage happened during the fabrication and shipping process.
1 packet 80g (2.82 oz )
1 carton 50 packets
20 feet container 300 cartons
Shelf Life: The life expectancy of a good is the amount of time it may be preserved until it stops being suitable to be employed or ingestion. Several variables can affect it, including the kind of goods, their components, and preservation circumstances. An item's duration of storage is generally mentioned on its box or labelling. People that have set a goal and have been diligently following the results for quite some time, then ought to be aware that one of the advantages of obtaining this Meraki Medicare Malaysia Sdn Bhd's abdominal gauze pads for wounds treatment is the fact that it can persist up to 40 months! It has been shown to be helpful knowledge for those who wish to take more responsibility for their health by protecting themselves in the event a situation develops that needs the use of Harsh-Med abdominal gauze.
How To Store It: To avoid contagion and destruction, abdominal gauze should be maintained in a neat, tidy, clean, and cold environment. Keep it shielded from bright light, dampness, and sources of warmth. To keep particles, grime, and additional pollutants at bay, preserve the gauze in a tightly closed box or a polyethene bag. It is also critical to verify the last date of use of the gauze when maintaining it and to appropriately disposed of any outdated or worn-out abdominal gauze.

Harsh-Med’s Abdominal Gauze’s Overview

Gauze has been used for wound treatment since immemorial when it was manufactured from fabric, cotton fibres, and woollen. Nevertheless, the creation of contemporary gauze goods commenced in the latter part of the 1800s with Johnson & Johnson's production of whitewashed wool linen.
As abdominal procedures grew more outstanding during the beginning of the twentieth century, abdominal gauze gained a growing trend. The gauze was utilised to conceal and safeguard wounds formed throughout these treatments, aiding disease prevention and recuperation.
Abdominal gauze is still frequently used for post-surgical injury management in medical facilities. It is usually constructed of uncontaminated, non-woven porous and soft substances on the human body.

About Meraki Medicare Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Our goal is to ensure that individuals we function with are satisfied with our better offers, to provide reliable and excellent artistry health care equipment and supplies, and to encourage about health through YouTube, direct talks, gatherings, and other conversations on the web.
We want to offer exceptionally good Malaysian-made medical treatment throwaway goods to customers in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa over the next few decades by means of the relationships and activities with MATRADE and BNI.

Harsh-Med’s Abdominal Gauze Specification(s):

  1. Business trademark: Harsh-Med
  2. Accreditation: MDA and GDPMD, both respectively by Ministry of Health
  3. It has one single function application type
  4. Service sort: 29cm × 29cm x 24 Ply
  5. It weights 80g (2.82 oz)
  6. Dimension:30 x 54 x 38 cm (11.81 x 21.26 x 14.96 inches)
  7. Packaging: 80g (2.82 oz) x 50 packets in a single carton, 300 cartons for every 20-ft container
  8. It has a storage life of fourty (40) months
  9. Perak Darul Ridzuan is the place of service
  10. Port Klang
  11. Developed in Malaysia by a reputable company

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