Harsh-Med Dressing Set - 52g

  • Harsh-Med
  • PDS-DRS-364-SET:MT
  • Dressing Set Sterile Single Used
  • EACH PACKET CONTAINS: PDS-DRS-364-SET MT 3 Compartment Tray 1 PC Dressing
  • 30 x 54 x 38 cm
  • 52 g x 100 packets per Carton, 300 Cartons per 20 Feet Container
  • 52 Gram
  • 48 months
  • Perak
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Harsh-Med Dressing Set - 52g

Usage Guidelines: Harsh-Med's Dressing Set is designed for use in medical procedures and wound management, adhering to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. It is essential to ensure full compliance with the medical device's directive to guarantee its optimal performance and patient safety. The dressing set is specifically crafted for cleaning and dressing both clean surgical wounds and contaminated-infected wounds, making it a versatile and reliable tool in various healthcare settings.

Whether it be in a hospital, medical office, or even at home, Harsh-Med's Dressing Kit is suitable for a wide range of procedures, including the meticulous removal of tubing, drainage systems, catheters, and cannulas. Additionally, it facilitates the cleaning and changing of dressings, promoting efficient wound care management.

The dressing set includes three forceps, which serve to enhance the application process with utmost confidence. These forceps not only ensure precise and accurate dressing placement but also reduce the risk of cross-contamination, safeguarding the patient and medical personnel from potential infections.

A key feature of these dressing packs are its guaranteed sterility (EO - Ethylene Oxide) unless the package is damaged or opened. This sterility is crucial in preventing the introduction of harmful microorganisms into wounds, promoting a hygienic environment for wound healing.

In conclusion, Harsh-Med's Dressing Set offers a comprehensive solution for procedural and wound management needs. Its compliance with the medical device's directive, combined with its versatility and sterile application, make it a dependable choice for healthcare professionals and caregivers alike. By following the provided guidelines and instructions for use, users can maximise the efficacy of this dressing set, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients during wound care procedures.

  1. High-Quality: Harsh-Med's dressing set is crafted with an unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality medical products. Each component of the dressing set is meticulously selected, sourced from top-grade materials that meet strict quality standards. The manufacturing process follows industry-best practices, ensuring precision and durability. With Harsh-Med's dressing set, healthcare professionals can be confident in its ability to perform flawlessly in various medical procedures and wound management scenarios.

  2. Convenience: Understanding the importance of efficiency and infection control, Harsh-Med's dressing set is designed for utmost convenience through its disposable nature. After single-use, the dressing set can be safely disposed of, eliminating the need for time-consuming cleaning and sterilisation procedures. This feature not only saves valuable time but also minimises the risk of cross-contamination, providing a hygienic and reliable solution for each patient.

  3. Laboratory Tested: Prioritising patient safety and product reliability, Harsh-Med's dressing set undergoes comprehensive laboratory testing. Our team of experienced professionals conducts rigorous tests to ensure the dressing set meets stringent quality standards and performance criteria. This laboratory testing guarantees that each set is free from defects and adheres to the highest levels of sterility and effectiveness, providing medical practitioners with the assurance they need.

  4. Decade+ Experience: With over 31 years of experience in the medical industry, Harsh-Med has accumulated invaluable expertise and insights into procedural and wound management needs. Throughout the years, our dressing set has evolved through continuous improvement, incorporating feedback from healthcare professionals and staying at the forefront of medical advancements. This extensive experience has resulted in a dressing set that embodies reliability, precision, and innovation, making Harsh-Med the trusted choice for medical professionals worldwide


  1. Companies Commission Of Malaysia (CCM/SSM): Harsh-Med's dressing set is a product of a legally registered and compliant company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM/SSM). As a responsible and reputable entity, Harsh-Med adheres to all necessary regulations and guidelines required for operating a legitimate business. Customers can have confidence in the dressing set's authenticity and the company's commitment to ethical practices.

  2. Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF): Harsh-Med's dressing set has received recognition and approval from the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF). This signifies that the product meets the criteria set by the government for procurement and supply in public sectors. MOF approval demonstrates Harsh-Med's capability to provide reliable and high-quality medical products, making it a preferred choice for government-related healthcare initiatives and institutions.

  3. Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE): Harsh-Med's dressing set has been acknowledged by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE). This recognition highlights the dressing set's export-quality standards and its readiness to be part of Malaysia's external trade endeavours. Harsh-Med's dedication to meeting international trade requirements positions the dressing set as a competitive and export-worthy medical device in the global market.

  4. Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD): Harsh-Med's dressing set conforms to the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD). This certification ensures that the dressing set's distribution process, from manufacturing to end-user delivery, follows the highest standards of quality and safety. Compliance with GDPMD guarantees that the dressing set is handled, stored, and transported under optimal conditions, preserving its efficacy and sterility throughout the supply chain.

  5. Medical Device Authority Malaysia (MDA): Harsh-Med's dressing set is certified and regulated by the Medical Device Authority Malaysia (MDA). This certification attests to the dressing set's compliance with Malaysia's medical device regulations, including safety, efficacy, and quality standards. With MDA certification, healthcare professionals and patients can trust in the dressing set's performance and its suitability for various medical procedures and wound management applications.

Storage Instruction: Proper storage is crucial to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of Harsh-Med's dressing set. To ensure optimal performance, it is essential to store the dressing set in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and extreme temperatures. The dressing set should be kept in its original packaging, which is specifically designed to preserve sterility and protect the components from potential contaminants. Avoid stacking heavy objects on top of the packaging to prevent damage. Additionally, the storage area should be free from any chemicals or substances that could compromise the dressing set's materials. Regularly check the expiration date on the packaging and ensure that any expired sets are disposed of properly. Proper storage and adherence to these guidelines will not only extend the shelf life of Harsh-Med's dressing set but also guarantee its reliability and safety when utilised in medical procedures and wound management applications.

Packaging Information: 

Instrument Included

- 1pc Of 3 Compartment Tray

- 3pcs Of Dressing Forcep

- 6pcs Of Cotton Balls 

- 4pcs Of Gauze Swab 

- 1pc Of Yellow Limpet Bag

- 1pc Of Hand Towel

- 1pc Of Patient Drape

- 1pc Of Sterile Field

Packaging Design

Packed In A White Airtight Sealed Packaging

Packaging Dimension

30 cm x 54 cm x 38 cm (11.81 in x 21.26 in x 14.96 in)

1 Unit

52g (1.83 oz)

1 Carton

100 Packets

1 X 20ft Container

300 Cartons 

Shelf Life

48 Months


Manufactured In Malaysia


Overview of Dressing Set

Harsh-Med's dressing set is meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of medical professionals engaged in wound care and procedural management. With an array of carefully selected instruments, this comprehensive set empowers healthcare providers to deliver precise and effective treatment to patients.

The centerpiece of the dressing set is the three-compartment tray, which provides a clean and organized space for arranging the various components during procedures. Three dressing forceps are included, each serving to ensure accurate and controlled application of dressings, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting optimal wound healing.

For wound preparation and cleaning, the set includes six cotton balls, offering a soft and gentle option for delicate areas. Four gauze swabs are also included, providing absorbent and sterile material for more extensive wound care needs. These components together form the foundation for thorough and efficient wound management.

Harsh-Med's dressing set takes into account the need for a clean and sterile environment during medical procedures. To achieve this, the set comprises a yellow limpet bag, hand towel, patient drape, and sterile field. These elements play a critical role in creating a controlled and hygienic workspace, ensuring that patients are protected from potential infections and complications.

The packaging design is both practical and protective. Each dressing set is meticulously packed in a white airtight sealed packaging, guarding against external contaminants and preserving its sterility until needed. The convenient dimensions of 30 cm x 54 cm x 38 cm (11.81 in x 21.26 in x 14.96 in) make storage and transportation effortless for healthcare facilities.

Each dressing set weighs 52g (1.83 oz), striking a balance between being lightweight for easy handling and containing all the essential tools for a complete wound care solution. To further enhance convenience for healthcare providers, one carton contains 100 packets, and an entire 20ft container can accommodate an impressive 300 cartons.

With an extended shelf life of 48 months, medical facilities can confidently stock up on Harsh-Med's dressing sets without worrying about product expiration. This ensures that healthcare providers have a consistent and reliable supply of essential wound care instruments readily available when needed.

Manufactured in Malaysia, Harsh-Med's dressing set embodies the country's commitment to excellence in the medical device industry. Upholding the highest standards of quality and safety, the dressing set represents a product of exceptional workmanship and innovation.

In conclusion, Harsh-Med's dressing set stands as a comprehensive and dependable toolkit, empowering medical professionals to provide optimal wound care and procedural management. Its thoughtfully curated instruments, coupled with the focus on sterility, convenience, and quality, make it an indispensable asset in the pursuit of excellent patient outcomes and enhanced healthcare practices.

Dressing Set Specifications

- Includes 1pc of a 3-compartment tray, 3pcs of dressing forceps, 6pcs of cotton balls, 4pcs of gauze swabs, 1pc of a yellow limpet bag, 1pc of a hand towel, 1pc of a patient drape, and 1pc of a sterile field
- Packed in a white airtight sealed packaging, ensuring the sterility and integrity of the contents
- Has dimensions of approximately 30 cm x 54 cm x 38 cm (11.81 in x 21.26 in x 14.96 in)
- The weight of 1 unit of the dressing set is approximately 52g (1.83 oz)
- Each carton contains 100 packets of the dressing set. A 20ft container can accommodate up to 300 cartons
- Has a shelf life of 48 months
- Manufactured in Malaysia

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