Harsh-Med Dressing Set - No Forceps - 33g

  • Harsh-Med
  • PDS-DRS-066-SET:MT
  • Dressing Set Sterile Single Used
  • EACH PACKET CONTAINS: PDS-DRS-066-SET MT 3 Compartment Tray 1 PC Cotton Ba
  • 30 x 54 x 38 cm
  • 33g x 100 packets per Carton, 300 Cartons per 20 Feet Container
  • 33 Gram
  • 40 MONTHS
  • Perak
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Harsh-Med Dressing Set - No Forceps - 33g

Usage Instruction: Harsh-Med dressing set is meticulously curated to accommodate businesses' and stores' individual requirements, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for wound care and dressing changes. Whether you operate in healthcare, hospitality, food service, or any other industry, our basic dressing set sterile offers a range of benefits that can transform your operations. The dressing kits come with these instructions for how to use them:

  1. Begin by preparing a clean and well-lit area for the dressing change. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer.

  2. Put on a pair of sterile gloves to maintain a sterile environment during the procedure.

  3. Open the packaging of the dressing set, being careful not to touch the sterile contents with your bare hands. Ensure that the contents remain sterile throughout the process.

  4. Cleanse the wound area using an appropriate antiseptic solution or as directed by a healthcare professional. You can use sterile gauze pads soaked in the antiseptic solution to clean the wound and surrounding skin gently. Use a new gauze pad for each wipe, and discard used pads into a disposable waste bag.

  5. Once the wound is clean, dry the surrounding skin using sterile gauze or air dry.

  6. Select the appropriate size and type of sterile dressing from the dressing set. Apply the dressing to the wound, ensuring it completely covers the injury and reaches beyond its borders.

  7. Use sterile adhesive tapes from the dressing set to secure the dressing in place. Cut the tape to the desired length using sterile scissors, and apply it firmly but not too tightly to avoid restricting blood flow.

  8. After securing the dressing, carefully remove and dispose of the sterile gloves into the waste bag. Properly dispose of all used materials, following the appropriate disposal guidelines.

  9. Finally, wash your hands again to ensure proper hygiene.

Certification(s) and Mentioning(s): After undergoing a comprehensive evaluation process, Harsh-Med dressing set has successfully achieved the following official certifications:

  1. MDA Certification:  Harsh-Med's MDA certification demonstrates its commitment to providing safe, reliable dressing sets in Malaysia, prioritising patient and healthcare provider well-being by meeting or exceeding regulatory standards set by the Medical Device Authority.

  2. GDPMD Certification: Harsh-Med has obtained GDPMD certification, demonstrating adherence to high standards for good distribution practices in medical devices. This certification ensures quality, safety, and efficacy in handling, storing, and transporting dressing set items from manufacture to use.

Packaging Information: Dressing set packaging is essential for maintaining sterility, integrity, and usability. It protects against contaminants and offers convenient organization, allowing easy access to components. Key aspects to consider include:

  1. Sterility: The packaging of dressing sets is designed to ensure the sterility of the contents.

  2. Convenience and Accessibility: Packaging is designed to provide convenient access to the components of the dressing set.

  3. Containment and Protection: The sterile set kit packaging is designed to securely contain all the components and protect them from damage or contamination.

Below you'll find further packing details:

Sterile Dressing Equipment

  • 1 Pc Of 3 Compartment Tray

  • 6 Pcs Of Cotton Balls

  • 6 Pcs Of Gauze Swab

  • 1 Pc Of Yellow Limpet Bag

  • 1 Pc Of Hand Towel

  • 1 Pc Of Patient Drape

  • 1 Pc Of A Sterile Field

Sterile Set Packaging

The Dressing Set is Packed in Airtight, Sealed Wrapping.

Dressing Set Dimension 

30 x 54 x 38 cm (12 x 21 x 15 inch)

1 Unit (Weight)

33g (1.16oz)

1 Carton

100 Packets

1 X 20ft Container

300 Cartons


Storage Instruction(s): Following essential factors and criteria for storing dressing sets ensure their sterility, integrity, and efficacy in wound care:

  1. Dressing sets should be stored clean, dry, and controlled.

  2. The dressing set should be stored in a manner that protects them from potential contamination.

  3. To ensure the integrity of the components, the medical dressing set should be stored in a manner that prevents physical damage.

  4. Regular monitoring of inventory and expiration dates is crucial for maintaining the quality and efficacy of disposable basic dressing sets.

Dressing Set Overview

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of Harsh Med's dressing set, a comprehensive medical instrument kit designed for commercial spaces seeking to prioritize wound care and maintain a safe environment. With its simplicity and sterile components, our disposable dressing set offers a modern solution for managing wet and dry wounds, burns, and other injuries, making it an essential choice for businesses in various industries.

Our surgical-grade stainless steel instruments are carefully named and designed to ensure ease of use and precise functionality. From gauze and basic wound dressing pads to non-woven dressings and sterile scissors, our dressing set equips businesses with the necessary tools for immediate wound care. Its disposable nature ensures hygiene and eliminates cross-contamination concerns, making it suitable for hospitals, nursing facilities, commercial buildings, and more.

Designed for simplicity, our dressing set follows a step-by-step approach to wound care. Each instrument serves a specific purpose, allowing even non-medical personnel to provide effective wound management confidently. Including dressing tools and scissors guarantee precise handling and meticulous dressing changes, ensuring optimal wound healing.

Organised in sterile trays, our dressing set simplifies the dressing process and keeps the components organized hygienically. This streamlines workflow and creates a clean, efficient dressing room or first aid station. Additionally, our dressing packs offer the assurance of halal compliance, catering to diverse needs and cultural sensitivities.

Harsh Med's dressing set is the perfect choice for businesses aiming to provide optimal wound care while maintaining a safe environment. With its modern approach, sterile components, and emphasis on quality, our sterile set kit instils confidence and reassurance for customers and employees alike.

Dressing Set Specification

- Dressing sets typically include sterile components.
- Wound dressing set offer a comprehensive range of medical instruments.
- The instruments within a dressing set are often made of high quality.
- The disposable basic dressing set is designed to be user-friendly, with instruments that are easy to handle and intuitive to use.
- The medical dressing set is designed to be disposable, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination

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