Hotbe Matcha Latte (30g x 15 sachets)

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  • 1 Box: 30G x 15 Sachets
  • 450 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Hotbe Matcha Latte (30g x 15 sachets)

Usage: The following instruction here will show you how to serve instant matcha latte in the right way and have a good taste of it to start your day with Matcha Latte by Hotbe. Take 30g (1.06 oz) or one sachet of Hotbe Instant Matcha Latte, open it and put it in a cup after that pour 180ml (6.10 fl oz) of hot water (80°C - 100°C / 178°F - 212°F) into the cup.  Use a teaspoon to immediately stir until the matcha latte powder is evenly mixed and emits the fragrance of green tea leaves.

After a cup of instant matcha latte is finished serving, you can sip it straight away or let it first for a few minutes, so it does not burn your tongue. Hotbe Matcha Latte can be served with other components such as serve it with cookies or pastry so that it provides many other flavors of experiences in enjoying Instant Matcha Latte, not only enjoying the taste of matcha.

Hotbe Matcha Latte Powder can be served hot or cold. It would be better to serve it hot in the morning and in the afternoon (Sometimes called Teatime), as well as in the evening. While during the day it is very hot, so it is suitable for those of you who want to drink a cold matcha latte. To make a cold matcha latte, you only need to add ice cubs inside, optionally you can add condensed milk if you feel a bit bland. This instant matcha latte can be served easily and enjoyed by all ages because of the healthier (Hotbe Matcha Latte contains high antioxidants known as Catechins) and the aromatic green tea leaf with milk which is liked by many people.

Certification: The Hotbe is a brand of various kinds of healthy food, one of which is an instant drink in the form of Matcha Latte powder. This instant product in the beverage category has received two largest certifications to prove that this product can be exported and consumed by people around the world.

  1. Halal-Certified: In the process to obtain halal specifications from JAKIM, the person in charge will observe Hotbe in the process of making the Matcha Latte. Which starts from the process of selecting green tea leaves, processing, to packaging. Hotbe Instant Matcha Latte was proven that the ingredients used did not contain ingredients that are prohibited in Islam. So that this product can be consumed by everyone, especially safe for Muslims.

  2. Food Safety Management System (FSMS)-Certified: It can be seen Hotbe Matcha Latte is an instant drink product that contains high antioxidants in it, so it is good for the health of the body for people who consume this product. Proven to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, provide the benefits of being rich in vitamins (A, B, C, and K), minerals, and dietary fiber, burn fat (Suitable for people who are on their diet), and can increase metabolism. Hereby Hotbe Matcha Latte gets specifications from FSMS that this product is safe for consumption by the whole community.

Packaging: Packaged in the form of sachets, where in one sachet there is 30g (1.06 oz) of Instant Matcha Latte powder which is the serving size of one cup. The sachet will be repackaged in a box with a unique and elegant design where with a theme that matches the product, namely a light green color that resembles the matcha latte color, and black to make the product look classy and eye-catching, there is a brand logo, halal specifications, and a stamp verified that it is safe for consumption, not only that on the packaging there are instructions how to serve Instant Matcha Latte, production date (Hotbe Matcha Latte can last for one year), and the ingredients contained. Packaging using a box can give the impression of a product that is safer and neater. Purchase of one box Hotbe Instant Matcha Latte will get 15 sachets per box, so one box's weight will be 450g (15.87 oz).   

Storage Instruction:  Hotbe Matcha Latte is in powder form, so it is recommended to store it in a dry place and at room temperature. So that instant matcha latte can last for 12 months of storage.

Instant Matcha Latte Overview

This matcha latte or can also called matcha green tea latte, is one of the instant beverage products from various types of drinks and flavours, with a selection of good quality green tea manufactured by Hotbe, and it proves that 100% green tea leaves used in the production process to give satisfaction for matcha flavor lovers to taste this drink, with instant matcha latte drinks make it easy for people to make, and for those who consume this drink it is very safe for their health because it has been verified by the party in charge, and it has been verified as halal.

About Instant Matcha Latte by Sweet Heart Food Industries

is a brand that was built to produce healthy food for consumption by the community, not only healthy but safe for consumption by Muslims.

The products produced by Hotbe have been introduced and exported to various countries, especially instant drink products that have various tastes, namely White Coffee, Arabica White Coffee, Cappuccino, The Tarik, Chocolate Malt Drink, Café Mocha, Caffe Latte, Coffe Mix 3 in 1 (Roasted Coiffe and Hazelnut Flavour), and the last one is Matcha Latte.

Matcha Latte is a type of drink made with green tea leaves mixed with matcha and milk or creamer. So that this instant matcha instant latte drink gives a very sweet and fragrant aroma from the combination of green tea and milk. Where this green tea latte can be served hot and cold.

Hotbe's Instant Matcha Latte Specification

- 100% Pure Green Tea Leaves and Milk
- Packing matcha latte powder with sachet and packed again in a box so it is safe for consumption
- Each sachet makes 30g (1.06 oz) of matcha green tea latte powder according to the prescribed dose for one cup.
- 12 months shelf life
-  Made in Malaysia
-  Can be served hot and cold


- 1 sachet per cup
- Pour 180ml (6.10 fl oz) hot water (80°C - 100°C / 178°F - 212°F)
- Stir it until evenly mixed
- Add ice cups for the cold Matcha Latte
- Add condensed milk for a sweeter

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