NurAsha Frozen Curry Puff | Buy Frozen Karipap Pusing - 380g

  • 4 Box(es)
  • NurAsha
  • Crispy texture
  • Has a delicious filling
  • 380 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Halal
  • Malaysia

Product details of NurAsha Frozen Curry Puff | Buy Frozen Karipap Pusing - 380g

Usage Instruction: After you have received your frozen curry puff, make sure to inspect the packaging properly. If there is any available package, quickly take the package out. Check the curry puff and see if the pastry is still open to eat. If there is any dirt, make sure not to eat it. Throw the frozen curry puff in the dustbin. However, if the condition of the packaging is excellent, you can proceed to cook the puff. There are two ways to cook the curry puffs correctly.

First, you can use traditional ways of cooking the curry puff which is to deep fry the frozen curry puff in hot oil. No need to wait until the puff is melted, instead, you can cook it frozen. Cook until the outer layer of the puff turns golden brown then you can take out the cooked curry puff and place it on a plate. Regardless, there is also a way to cook the frozen curry puff healthily which is to use an air fryer without putting any oil. Just place the frozen curry pastry inside your air fryer, turn on the timer and set it to 15 to 20 minutes. The curry puff should be in brown colour once done cooking. Best served as a snack during free time.

Certification(s) and Award(s):

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The certification is obtained to show our customers that we are supplying halal karipap in frozen packaging to everyone. The halal certification also is important to inform the consumers that the goods produced and supplied for every customer are safe and legal.

Packaging Information: The pastry is wrapped in thick plastic in making sure the curry puff’s plastic would not tear easily during shipping. Each of the pieces of the plastic consists of 10 pieces of frozen curry puff. The packaging has a weight of 380 grams (0.83 pounds) each.

Shipping Information: We will start shipping your order once we have received an order confirmation from our customer. As for the minimum order, the customer is advised to order at least 1 x 20 feet size container of frozen curry puff. However, our supplier is still open with a minimum order of 1 x pallet-size container as a trial selling point.

Storage instruction(s): Frozen curry puff is suitable to be stored in a freezer. By storing it in the freezer, the pastry is secure from any microorganisms. We do not want the mould to destroy your feelings! If you do not have a freezer, you can wrap the puff pastry with aluminium foil and place the curry puff inside your refrigerator. You must wrap the curry puff tightly without damaging the puff and make sure there is no hole.

A small hole might be dangerous if the puffed snack came in contact with water. Besides, aluminium foil is a food wrapper in making sure the food stays frozen for a long time. But since the food is stored inside a refrigerator, we advise quickly cooking the puff to prevent mould from forming and money loss due to rotten curry puff. For more inquiries, we advise customers to read the manual given on how to store the frozen curry puff correctly.

Frozen Curry Puff Overview

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd is now supplying halal frozen curry puff worldwide. Frozen curry puff also known as karipap pusing is now a must-grab snack to be eaten during tea time or snack time. Each curry puff is stuffed with chopped potatoes and chicken meat cooked in curry which is a perfect combination during the break. Made in Malaysia, our frozen curry pastry has a shelf life of 12 months, suitable for the minimum order needed for the customer to purchase.

Frozen Curry Puff Specification(s)

Usage instructions:

- Check to see if the frozen curry puff is in good condition to be eaten.
- Once done checking, proceed to cook the pastry.
- Use hot oil and deep fry the frozen curry pastry while still frozen.
- Cook the pastry until it turns colour to brown or gold.
- Take the curry puff out and place it on a clean plate.
- For a healthy way to cook curry puffs, place a few frozen curry puffs into an air fryer.
- Air fry the puff for about 15 to 20 minutes until it turns golden brown.
- Best to serve as a snack and also breakfast.
- Wash your hand with water before eating.

Storage instructions:

- Keep the curry puff inside the freezer.
- If no freezer is available, use aluminium foil and wrap the pastry tightly without any holes.

Other specifications: 

- Halal frozen karipap.
- Each pack weighs 380 grams (0.83 pounds).
- One box of curry puff contains 10 pieces of frozen curry puff.
- One carton has 24 boxes of 10 pieces of frozen curry puff.
- Can be stored for up to 12 months.
- Made in Malaysia.
- Filling of the NurAsha frozen curry puff consists of curry, chicken meat, and potatoes.
- A request sample of halal frozen curry puff is available.

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