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  • 4 Box(es)
  • NurAsha
  • Has a crispy taste
  • Made from Popiah skin
  • 260 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Halal
  • Malaysia

Product details of Samosa Segera | Buy Frozen Samosa Segera

Usage: Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd understands that in today's area of the present world, everyone is responsible for fulfilling their own corporate and work-related responsibilities. Due to their commitment to their employees, they seldom have the leisure to take breaks for food. Are you seeking Frozen Samosas Suppliers? Frozen samosas from the Nur Asha brand feature a popiah skin with a crunchy smack that should make them delectable. Use this frozen samosa in one of the ways described below, or try one of the other options.

  1. Open a package of ten samosas out of the freezer.
  2. Pick out however many frozen samosas you'd want to enjoy.
  3. Fry it in oil or use an air fryer to prepare it for eating.

Add this Frozen Samosa to your morning coffee or breakfast for a refreshing treat. Add fresh vegetables or chicken and other seasonings to a samosa, and you have a hearty and healthy supper in no time. Young kids who don't enjoy sipping a cup of tea or morning meals regularly can also benefit from this. Or if you are hosting a cocktail party with your friends, it's best to serve this delectable samosa together too! You may now buy from us with complete confidence that you're obtaining the best price available. Do not postpone your appointment because it's first to arrive, first served.

Certification: Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd took the initiative to acquire this licence for instant and upcoming use to ensure that their frozen samosa products are wholesome and free of any undesirable substances.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The halal logo is a legal document issued by JAKIM, Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development. This title can be obtained if the technique and harvest consequence conform to the correctness of the Malaysian Halal Certificate Issued, as the relevant authority indicates. Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd's food output, including Frozen Samosa, has received this assurance. The community shouldn't be reluctant to devour it. Are you looking to buy Frozen Samosa online? Hit us up ASAP!

Packaging: You know that average samosas' top plastic materials can rip quite readily if marginally scraped. Nevertheless, we will take care of everything from assembling the frozen samosa until it hits your fingertips.

The operation for freezing and wrapping samosas runs relatively smoothly. Since it can be easily transported, as deduced from its wrapping. Then frozen samosas are the route to approach if you need a fast dinner that doesn't call for any cooking. Easy to consume thanks to its use of popiah skin, this samosa from Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd boasts a distinctively crisp relish.  Packaged in 10s, each of these frozen samosas weighs 260g (9.17 oz). It's also sold in a carton of 10 units every 40 packs. You can start ordering at least four (4) boxes of these frozen samosas.

Shelf-Life: Ordinary plain samosas often only last for an entire week or two, once going mouldy. In Malaysia, samosa is a joint brunch or brekky snack. As a result, instead of buying fresh frozen samosa each moment you finish eating it, it offers a more economical and practical rationale to store up samosa that can endure for months before getting rancid. If you genuinely adore enjoying samosa, there is a fantastic alternative: frozen samosa offered with the Nur Asha trademark may be preserved for almost a year! Undoubtedly, it's a long time to grasp your most likely frantic daily routine. In short, you and your family select this frozen samosa over every other kind.

How to Store It: Samosas can be stored in the refrigerator for five days when fully protected. For around fifteen min, preheat the oven. You can store leftover samosas in the chiller. By first separately covering them in aluminium, then once more in plastic wrap, these samosas can be frozen for up to 12 months.

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd’s Frozen Samosa Overview

Abul-Fazl Beyhaqi, a Persian chronicler who lived in the eleventh century, was the initial person to write about the samosa. He discusses the delicate nibble food offered in the palaces of the powerful Ghaznavid dynasty. Finely diced meats, nuts, and candied apricots were stuffed into the flaky dough before it was cooked to a golden brown. The samosa, however, was destined to undergo radical change as it accompanied the arduous trek undertaken by consecutive generations of immigrants toward India.

By the same road the Aryans had followed over two millenniums prior, it made its way to India: from Asia, through the vast hills that now constitute Afghanistan, and finally onto the lush lowlands of India's immense streams.

They are stuffing prepared with potatoes and carrots. The flavour is mild, so even the little ones will enjoy it, including ten servings in each pack. Regarding fried dishes, youngsters love instant frozen samosa almost as much as crispy chicken. It's an excellent option for a little nibble after supper because it's both crunchy and flavorful. Vegans will also find that frozen samosas are a great option.

About Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd was duly incorporated in SSM on May 22, 2012, and is owned solely by Bumiputera. The founding business entity was established on January 5, 2004, under Pergam Desa Food Product Enterprise. In 1995, the business' founders made pau artisans and distributed their wares across the neighbourhood on a bike. The desire for pau has increased throughout the years, prompting business owners to keep producing it and to diversify their selection of cold foods.

We offer a wide variety of cold Malaysian foods, which are all made by professionals. To learn more about the features and specifications of any item, visit Syarikat Nur Pergam DagangHalal. Please email us immediately for the initial price on refrigerated roti canai, instant samosa, kentang or potato curry puffs, and Malaysian roti canai arab. If you happen to possess some concerns for us, please don't put off calling us immediately to schedule your initial session. Syarikat Nur Pergam DagangHalal currently offers Malaysia's lowest pricing on chilled food, and you can get it online right away. 

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd’s Frozen Samosa Specifications:

  1. Brand: NurAsha
  2. Min order: Four (4) boxes
  3. Has a crunchy taste
  4. Made from popiah skin
  5. Cert: Halal by JAKIM
  6. Wrapping: ten (10) pieces of samosa for each packet
  7. Each packet has 260g (9.17 oz) net weight
  8. Also available in a carton size: 10 pieces x 40 packs each carton
  9. Life service: 12 months / a year
  10. Officially fabricate by a firm in Malaysia

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Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd.

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  • Malaysia
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