Nur Asha Roti Canai Frozen Food - 6 Pieces

  • 4 Box(es)
  • NurAsha
  • Soft and delicious to eat just like that
  • Soft, delicious and creamy
  • Has a delicious and creamy taste compared to others roti canai.
  • 6 pieces X 40 packs per carton
  • 440 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Halal
  • Malaysia

Product details of Nur Asha Roti Canai Frozen Food - 6 Pieces

Usage Guidelines: Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd, a company that manufactures frozen pastry in Malaysia, has produced this frozen Indian food called frozen roti canai under the brand Nur Asha. Once you get the package, you need to take a pair of scissors and carefully cut open the plastic package to take the frozen roti canai out. You can prepare this roti canai by using two cooking methods: frying it on the pan or using a microwave.

  1. Pan Fry: If you use the fresh roti canai that came straight from the package, you can just directly cook the roti canai on the pan. However, if you keep the frozen roti canai in the freezer, you need to thaw it first for about 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. Take a clean frying pan and put it on the stovetop. Put a trace of margarine or oil in the pan. Turn on the stove and lightly heat the pan. After the roti canai is ready, take a piece and place it on the heated pan. Cook the roti canai until it becomes golden brown on each side.
  2. Microwave: Take a piece of frozen roti canai and place it on the plate. Do not thaw it. Then, take the plate and put it nicely into the microwave. Properly close the microwave and cook the frozen roti canai for about 20 seconds.

To achieve a fluffy and crispy result, you need to place the roti canai on a flat surface, like on the cutting board or on the countertop (make sure it is clean), and lightly clap the roti canai using both of your hands, starting from the outer layer of the roti canai towards the centre. Then, it is ready to be served.

Storage Instruction:  You should store this frozen roti canai in a sealed container in the freezer section of the refrigerator to keep it fresh for an extended period. The frozen roti canai will keep for a full 12 months if properly stored.

Packaging Information:  6 pieces of 440 grams (440 g) or 15.52 ounces (15.52 oz) frozen roti canai from NurAsha will be packaged in an airtight transparent plastic packet, and 40 packs will be neatly arranged in a single carton. To provide the greatest service for our devoted customers, the manufacturer will make sure that each unit of frozen roti canai is made and meticulously packaged with the highest quality possible. Additionally, the ordered frozen food will be delivered to your hands in flawless condition. Before consuming the product, take caution to inspect its condition. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this scrumptious frozen roti canai is 4 boxes or 1 x 20-foot box container.

Certification/Claims: Since the company's establishment, the supplier, Syarikat Nur Pergam has won recognition from a global authority for its frozen halal food, particularly the frozen roti canai.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, or JAKIM, is in charge of overseeing halal certifications in Malaysia. Due to steps taken by the producer, every single one of our culinary ingredient products has a JAKIM halal certification. Because of this, all of our customers, especially Muslims, are able to purchase the frozen roti canai. It also has a Halal certification. This roti canai will be available for purchase by clients from all around the world. This accreditation demonstrates that our products have successfully completed examination and met all Sharia requirements.
  2. Made in Malaysia: This frozen roti canai and the entire product range manufactured by Syarikat Nur Pergam are made domestically in Malaysia. 

Overview of Frozen Roti Canai

An Indian flatbread delicacy called roti canai or roti prata, often referred to as roti chenai and roti cane, is popular across Southeast Asia, particularly in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. However, it can also be prepared in a number of sweet or savoury varieties using a wide range of ingredients, including meat, eggs, or cheese. It is typically served with dal or other forms of curry.

A roti canai dough that is typically formed of fat (often ghee), flour, and water (some recipes additionally call for sweetened condensed milk) is used to make the dish. Before proving, the dough is constantly kneaded, flattened, greased, and folded to create layers. The dough ball is then spread out until paper thin (often by "tossing" it on a flat surface), flattened, and collected into a length of dough that resembles a rope. This "rope" is then formed into a knot and compressed, resulting in thin dough flakes when it is fried.

Well, there's no need to go through that tedious process of making roti canai any more! By obtaining Nur Asha's frozen roti canai, which has been locally produced by Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd, you can prepare this Malaysian roti canai anytime you want! You can always fry and enjoy frozen roti canai whenever you want without wasting time waiting for your order. With that, various types of gourmet roti can be created by using frozen roti canai to cook according to your creativity. The ingredients of the sauce that matches roti canai are never limited as per the restaurant menu. We offer the cheapest frozen roti canai online. Send us an inquiry now to place your frozen roti canai order online. 

About Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn Bhd was formally registered in SSM on 22nd May 2012, with 100% ownership held by bumiputera. Pergam Desa Food Product Enterprise was the original name under which this business was initially registered on 5th January 2004. In 1995, the founders of this business started off modestly by making pau and riding a motorcycle through the hamlet to sell it. Entrepreneurs have kept making pau and adding new varieties of frozen food to satisfy client demand due to the rising demand up until this point. We expertly supply frozen roti canai, frozen samosa, frozen curry puff, and many more!

Frozen Roti Canai Specifications

- Soft and creamy taste compared to other roti canai
- Suitable to eat together with dhal curry, and sardine as a dipping sauce
- Comes in 440g
- Shelf life of 12 months
- Authentically made in Malaysia

>Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd.

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd.

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  • Malaysia
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