Ottimo Pandan Syrup - 700ml

  • Ottimo
  • Liquid
  • Sweet
  • Light and refreshing aroma
  • (700mlx 6 Bottles) per carton
  • 700 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Ottimo Pandan Syrup - 700ml

Usage: As a result of its viscous and solid consistency, this Pandan Syrup will not soon melt in the container. And it's delicious, so plenty of people will like it. Everyone may acquire and utilise pandan sauce in this manner with ease. It's easy to use; pursue the directions below:

  1. Remove the plastic wrap or seal off the top of the bottle of Pandan Syrup.
  2. Turn the bottle's top anticlockwise to remove it.
  3. Use it as a topping for your sugary treats.
Ta-da! The three paces to apply Ottimo's Pandan Syrup! No deliberation is required; this Pandan Syrup is an ideal complement to whatever delicious dish you prepare. Here are some potential dessert combinations: Other well-known uses of Pandan Syrup include cocktails, flavoured milk and mocktails, sweets and pastries, and more. FYI, it works great with coffee, too! Adding this Pandan Syrup to alternative decorations, such as salted toffee glaze or chocolate chunks, will surely enhance the flavour of your dish and draw increased interest to it.
Certification(s): Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd can pursue generating its flavour syrups thanks to the following credentials:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: You should be aware that obtaining a Halal confirmation letter from JAKIM is quite challenging since the JAKIM executives will scrutinize countless factors before deciding whether or not a business is qualified to achieve a Halal status. Everyone knows that no company can legally use products derived from living creatures that Muslims in Malaysia are forbidden by law to consume. There must be no more than 1% alcohol by volume in any given beverage. Because of this certification, you can be confident that Pandan Syrup made in Malaysia is entirely risk-free for ingest.
  1. GMP certificate: SGS issues the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) authorization to a firm that has demonstrated that it has adhered to all relevant regulations and scientific findings while producing foodstuff. The organization should also avoid assuming the consistency and adherence that SGS has secured for lightly or underestimated all across the foodstuff or refreshment production line, which is why it is crucial to ensure this GMP permit. Hence, this Pandan Syrup from Malaysia has been manufactured by Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd, which has fulfilled all the rules and procedures to earn a GMP accreditation.
  1. HACCP certificate: Suppose a cuisine or liquid has been produced per universally accepted standards. In that case, it will be awarded a HACCP license. The CAC has the last say over whether or not an organization meets the requirements for a HACCP diploma. The finished output is one aspect that needs CAC's consideration. The surroundings where the commodity is made would have to be free of whatever hazard that might damage and distort the goods, not to mention the official definition that all countries should comply with. Because the CAC has approved the product, there is no longer any reason to dispute the safety of using Pandan Syrup.
Packaging: Pandan Syrup, weighing in at 700g (24.7oz) and measuring in at 700ml (23.67 fl oz), will be carefully and efficiently packaged. Pandan Syrup bottles destined for consumer use will be carefully packaged, assuring buyers that their purchases will arrive at their doors in ideal circumstances. Another option for purchasing this Pandan Syrup is to buy a carton containing six individual bottles, each of which has a capacity of 700 ml (23.67 fl oz).
Storage Span: Following all of the numerous syrups produced by Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd, this Pandan Syrup has a storage period. A year or 12 months is the minimum amount of time you can keep Pandan Syrup from Ottimo in the fridge. Please implement the tips indicated in the preservation part if you want this syrup to last as long as possible.
Storage Instruction: Pandan Syrup, like that made by Ottimo, is a flavouring sweetener. As such, it must be packaged in a form allowing convenient storage until needed. The objective is to convince them it will last as long as the manufacturer promises. Put this organically made Pandan Syrup in Malaysia in a fridge that won't freeze it at 4°C (39.2°F) to maximise its lifespan.
The pandan sauce retains its viscosity and does not become watery by being kept in the fridge. Bring this Pandan Syrup from Malaysia out of the refrigerator and let it come to an ambient level or a degree of 20°C (68°F) so it can be easily handled before using it in pastries or dishes. If you don't intend germs or parasites that love sugary stuff to get into this Pandan Syrup, keep the jar lid on it.


Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd’s Pandan Syrup Overview

Pandanus amaryllifolius, or pandan, is a real cultigen thought to have been cultivated in prehistoric days. It cannot grow physically and must rely on vegetal methods, such as suckers or chopping, to spread its genetic material. It was initially reported from samples from the Maluku Islands, and the uncommon occurrence of male floras in these collections might imply the geographic source of the genus. Yet this is still a supposition because no further uncontrolled instances have been discovered. The herb is cultivated abundantly in Southeast Asia and South Asia.
Pandan has been likened to vanilla in flavour and aroma but also to flowery, pleasant, and meadow notes. It frequently has a soft texture or fragrance.
The Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indonesians, and Filipinos all name either pandan only or aromatic pandan. The viridescent pandan juice extracted from its leaves is widely applied as a food dye and flavouring enhancer in Malaysian and Indonesian cooking. It also adds a lovely scent to kuih, cornstarch, wheat, or sticky rice-based customary confection, such as pandan dessert, buko pandan dish, and buko pandan pastry. Braided knots of crushed pandan leaves are frequently put into aromatic coconut rice for an even more enticing flavour.
Pandan leaves are extensively used to make pandan syrup or tea, which frequently uses green tea as a basis and includes magnolia and other botanicals for richness and scent. Some teas are prepared from pandan plants native to Vietnam's Central Highlands and have gained enormous popularity throughout the country. The technique of manufacturing pandan drink involves perseverance and creates a beverage that has a delicate, fruity, and herbaceous fruitiness.
Pandan syrup or tea can be obtained at countless regional merchants across Vietnam, both in-person and thru the internet, as its reputation grows.

About Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd

2010 saw the founding of Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd and Vision Beverage Manufacture Sdn Bhd, respectively. We are among the significant drink makers in Malaysia. Hence, we operate our personal R & D Section, and our crew has over a decade of production competence. We offer Contract Packing Services and our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services to meet your needs. We also serve as the primary vendor for Lactose-Free Creamer. Our expert has an entire section in software innovation and culinary field, delivering everything from proposal to completion, moving for more individualised client service.
Our primary ranges include Coffee Episode, Chocolate Collection and Tea Sequence (Milk Tea, Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, etc.). As a result, we provide a wide variety of drinks (including the Fruit Juice Concentrate Series, the Frozen Fruit Puree Series, the Dessert Condiment Sequence, and the Tea Leaf Series Jasmine & Green Tea). You can count on us as a supplier of industrial equipment and tools. Additionally, we are giving equipment sale and technology on loan for our industry client. This is subject to certain restrictions and limitations.

Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd’s Pandan Syrup Specification(s)

  1. Trademark: Ottimo
  2. It has a fluid consistency
  3. It has a sugary relish
  4. It features a graceful and invigorating scent
  5. License: Halal by JAKIM, GMP and HACCP
  6. Weight: 700g (24.07 oz) and 700ml (23.67 fl oz)
  7. Wrapping: 700ml (23.67 fl oz) x 6 bottles for every carton
  8. 12 months or a year lifespan
  9. How to store Pandan Syrup: In a refrigerator with temp at 4°C (39.2°F)
  10. Port Klang
  11. Solely fabricated by a Malaysian firm

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