Ottimo Mint & Lime Syrup - 700ml

  • Ottimo
  • Liquid
  • Sour and minty
  • A refreshing mint and lime flavour
  • (700mlx 6 Bottles) per carton
  • 700 Millilitre
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Ottimo Mint & Lime Syrup - 700ml

Usage: Ottimo's line of products is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of uses and functionalities where they can be enjoyed in many different types of ways. Upon purchasing the Wild Mint Syrup, proceed to unscrew the metal cap that has been fastened at the opening of the bottle's neck, and pour out the contents into a container of your choice, or directly into other beverage or food items to further enhance the overall taste of said items. Designed to merge well with both wet and dry ingredients, the tart and tangy syrup can be added into baked goods of various kinds and also to toppings and decorations like glaze or fondant to create an authentic, mint-infused dessert of various sorts. 

Certifications: All of Ottimo's outputs have received the following awards and recognition in accordance with the tight code of norms and rules imposed on similar consumer durables:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: The tangy Mint Syrup has been certified Halal by the corresponding JAKIM committee in compliance with the regulatory regulations enforced by the Shariah delegation and local authorities, making it safe for consumption by Muslim consumers worldwide.

Storage: The concentrated Mint Syrup contains a high blend of fructose, which keeps it from spoiling quickly. As a result, the container of flavoured syrup should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and water sources. However, once opened, the syrup should be refrigerated between 4 - 5°C (39.2 to 41°F).

Mint Syrup Overview:

Mint is generally regarded as one of the most commonly used ingredients that have been derived from plant sources, that is added to food and beverage items all over the world. Known for its spicy and zesty tang that instantly refreshes and energises you, mint is also a renowned substance used in cleaning and healthcare products like toothpaste of mouthwash. When combined with food and drinks, the pungent flavour of spearmint or also known as peppermint, can not only add a burst of vitality to said product but also balance out flavours that are either too heavy or dense. One such example of a balance mint flavour is peppermint candy cane. Popularised annually around Christmas, peppermint and spearmint-based sweet treats become impossibly coveted and sought after by both adults and children alike. This is because the Metholatum or the Mentha-Spicata present in mint works wonders with cutting into food items that are rich or sweet in nature, hence giving us that perfectly balanced taste that does not leave our tastebuds overpowered or nauseous. Ottimo's Mint Syrup concentrate is delicately crafted to be blended and adapted into food and beverages from various types and cultures, making it the perfect addition to any pantry, for both personal and professional use. With a simple splash or two of this concoction, create the most stunning mojito or cocktails like a mint whiskey-sour, mint julep or even a raspberry mint vodka spritzer that will give you the right amount of booze as well as immaculate flavour that is sure to leave you wanting for more. Get your hands on this deceivingly simple Mint Syrup that will undoubtedly spice u your daily meals and beverages in the most unexpected ways.

About Ideal Beverage Marketing:

Ideal Beverage Marketing, which was founded over a decade ago, is one of the country's leading beverage makers and suppliers, with extensive production expertise. Ideal Beverage aspires to empower its clients by delivering all types of services from conception to commissioning, with a range of wide and distinctive flavours of beverages such as Milk Teas, Coffees, and Fruit Juice Concentrates. In order to give a more personalised client experience, the firm also offers OEM services, in which customers may provide input and design their own items to be created. Apart from its varied product range, the business also provides a variety of services, such as being one of the top distributors of non-dairy creamer, as well as several machinery and equipment, where multiple machines and their parts can be leased out to prospective companies.

Minty Lime Syrup Specifications:

- Net weight of 700ml (23.7fl oz)
- Shelf life of 12 months
- JAKIM Halal certified
- Made with fresh limes and mint essence
- Sour and minty flavour
- Liquidy texture
- Malaysian-made product

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