Ottimo Rose Syrup - 700g

  • Ottimo
  • Liquid
  • Sweet
  • Used to make rose hip jam, jelly, marmalade, syrup and tea
  • (700mlx 6 Bottles) per carton
  • 700 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Ottimo Rose Syrup - 700g

Usage Instruction: In Southeast Asia, rose syrup is a major staple in food and beverage. This is largely due to its versatility and how easy it is to integrate into recipes, be it their own or merely as an additional ingredient as a flavor enhancer. For example, as the main ingredient, we have rose syrup made into two popular beverages, the iced syrup, and the sirap bandung. The steps to make these drinks are simple. Firstly, prepare a glass or jug, depending on how much you want to make it for. Then, fill in about 10 to 15 percent of the container with the roselle cordial depending on how strong its rosy and sweet flavor you prefer. Then, as you are pouring it in, ponder on how you want it to be. If you prefer it as it is, the last step for you is to pour plain water in it, be it hot or cold with ice, and stir it well. If you want some creamy taste to go along with it, make it a bandung, and add milk to it with a decreased amount of water. You can add in as much as you want according to your dairy tolerance and your palate preference as well.

But what about recipes where the rose extract is used as a complementary? You can try to combine it with tea. Pick a tea of your choice, preferably one that is already housed in teabags regardless of flavor, allowing the steeping process to be easy and simple. Add hot water into a cup and steep the teabag in it. Stir It with a teaspoon to allow the residue to accumulate at the bottom of the cup to let the tea flavor spread evenly in the drink. Then, add a tablespoon or two of the concentrated rose extract before mixing it well, allowing the tea to have a rosy accent. The inclusion of sugar is not necessary as the syrup extract acts as a tastier and fancier substitute for it. If you wish to make it into a cold libation, simply add a few cubes of ice. Other refreshments such as coffee can be mixed in a similar way to rose tea.

Apart from tasty refreshments, how can rose syrup be included in food recipes? One of the ways is making the rose syrup into a spreading condiment. For example, these are easy steps on how to make a roselle syrup jam. Firstly, combine rose syrup, granulated sugar, lemon juice, powdered pectin, and salt in a saucepan just over medium heat until it starts to reach its boiling point. Let it rest over low heat for about 20 minutes before whisking it without the heat. Now, you can easily use it as a spread for your toast and crackers, or you may even use it conjoining with vanilla ice cream-topped waffles. If you wish to store it for future use, keep the rose syrup jam in an airtight sterilized jar where it should stay fresh for up to two weeks kept in a refrigerator.

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): This product by Ottimo has received the below certification.

  1. Halal JAKIM: Meeting requirements set by the shariah law and standards set by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM), Ottimo’s product has acquired the Halal certificate from JAKIM.

Packaging Information: Each bottle of rose syrup is packed in a transparent bottle, revealing its dark red liquid along with a label illustrated in simple white aesthetics with red roses on them. Each bottle is filled up to 700ml(23.67oz) and 6 of them are packed in each carton. The minimum order for the product is negotiable with the distributor. Please do not use or consume if seal is broken from the carton.

Storage Instructions: If stored in appropriate circumstances, the product should maintain its quality for its full shelf life of 12 months. The rose cordial should be kept in a cool and dry space away from direct contact with sunlight.

Rose Syrup Overview

Roses come in different colors that can be found including purple, yellow, pink, white, orange, lavender, peach, black, and even more famously, red, while other colors such as gold and blue are usually not real and artificial flowers. The usual variant of rose made for rose syrup is the Damask Rose, which is famous for its sweet and intense flavor. Organic rose cordials can be made homemade by steeping the petals of the plant in hot water and later mixing them with sugar or caramel. However, an easier way to have them is simply by trying out the Ottimo brand roselle extract offered by Ideal Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd.

The taste of a sweet tasteful refreshment left tattooed to your mind is the way to start a good morning. Versatile and all-purpose, it can easily make its way onto your dessert as a dressing or even just a teatime beverage that you can enjoy by your coffee table looking out the window to a prosperous and green garden. Other than that, it can also be an important part of a party, allowing itself to be the core of a cocktail, juice, and many more.

About Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn. Bhd

2010 is the year when Ideal Beverage Marketing Sdn Bhd was founded as a company that primarily manufactures refreshing beverages, fitting with their established name. With over a decade of experience in researching and developing their products, they are capable of offering customers that are looking to make custom requests in both product production and delivery services. This is also a result of their expertise in engineering and food science, leaving customers with no worry regarding their products’ quality and safety.

Other than being a producer and distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), they also sell coffee vending machines and juice dispenser machines for their business partners.

Rose Syrup Specifications

- Origin: Malaysia
- Taste: Rosy and sweet
- Texture: Thick and liquid
- Weight: 700g (1.54lbs)
- Shelf Life: 12 months

Ideal Usage:

- Rose Juice
- Sirap Bandung
- Jam
- Rose Cream Icing
- Marmalade
- Mix with tea and coffee

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