Sherwani Kelulut Honey Family Pack

  • Sherwani
  • Liquid
  • Sweet and sour taste (Mix taste)
  • 100% pure honey
  • 1 Kilogram
  • Kedah
  • Malaysia

Product details of Sherwani Kelulut Honey Family Pack

Usage: The following usage could be applied as a guide in preparing the kelulut honey by the brand of Sherwani Honey Bee. This kelulut honey could be consumed in various ways however you could try out our suggestions on two simple methods of enjoying this sweet and sour honey. The first way would be by consuming the honey directly from a table spoon. You can take the kelulut honey and pour the honey carefully onto a tablespoon and consume it straight away. The second way would be by diluting the syrup into a warm water. Grab a glass and pour in some hot water and room temperature water to make warm water. Then, put a tablespoon of the ambrosia into the glass. Stir the mixture well with the spoon. Finally, drink the mixture of water and liquid honey. Store it well by closing the cap of the bottle when you are done with it. This is so that the honey would not be contaminated and go bad as generally, honey does not expire. 


  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: We would make sure that our honey products are JAKIM Halal-certified. This is so that we would be able to ship and market our kelulut honey to our consumers widely. When our products are Halal, more people specifically Muslim people could purchase and enjoy our products. It also proves that our nectar product has gone through the inspections and successfully passed the laws and regulations of the Shariah Laws.

  2. KKM MeSTI Certified: This syrup product is a KKM MeSTI certified product as it is a mandatory for food products to be certified by MeSTI. This is because we complied with the regulations that every producing, processing and packaging business owner and occupant for food need to plan and maintain a Food Security Assurance Program. This showed that our products have able to meet the standards of food safety in Malaysia.

Packaging: The kelulut honey will be packaged in a bottle. Each one of the honey units will be 1 kilogram (kg) or 35 ounces (oz). We will ensure you that the products will be packaged and shipped to our consumers in a proper condition. After you have received the product, please store the honey in the fridge first for 3 to 4 hours before opening the product to avoid any overflow of the liquid. Minimum purchase quantity is one 20ft box container or Less than Container Load (LCL) is negotiable.

Overview of Kelulut Honey

Everyone could use a little bit of sweetness in their lives including you. Kelulut honey by the brand of Sherwani is here to provide you with that sweetness. This kelulut honey is filled with pure and unheated honey which means the honey retains the natural sweetness as it is a 100% pure honey. However, if you are someone who does not like completely sweet honey. You can also try out this syrup as the taste of it is a mixture of sweet and sour. This nectar product is retrieved directly from their own farm. Besides that, this product has gone through the test of food lab.

Kelulut honey actually means stingless honey which means this very honey is actually made by stingless bees. A stingless bee is fairly different than a normal bee as it does not sting like a wild bee. It comes in a huge bottle of 1 kilogram (kg) or 35 ounces (oz) which will be sufficient for you to consume it with your entire family members. This sap is a bit watery as it has some natural gas which will make it slightly bubbly. Other than that, the taste of the product would vary from one and another as the taste depends on various factors. Some of the factors consists of season, weather, sources and the types of flowers.

Therefore, the taste of kelulut honey will never be the same. The sweet and sour liquid of this ambrosia is not only tasty, it is also good for your health. This kelulut honey is full with nutrition and antioxidants as it is beneficial for you to consume it. When should you consume the kelulut honey? You can consume the honey on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to sleep at night. This way, you will able to provide your body with the goodness of the honey product. You could store the product at home so that you will be able to have syrup product easily. Go ahead and make your purchase for this product now.

About Sherwani Honey Bee

Based in Malaysia, the Sherwani Honey Bee is a company with their own farm located in Baling, Kedah. The highlight of their products would be that it is 100% pure honey and natural as their products could be used as an immune booster for your immune system. The honey would be extracted directly from the beehives. This company produces a lot of types of honey as honey is their main product This company has been established more than 5 years and has able to grow well over the years. They have developed various kinds of honey.

From blackcurrant honey, garlic honey, honey soap and even more. Sherwani Honey Bee has able to prove themselves as a company that strives to make the various products for their consumers. Their products are high-quality products that are created for the market. They would package their products meticulously from hive all the way to the bottles as they would ensure the best quality of the honey for their consumers. In conclusion, Sherwani Honey Bee is a highly capable company in producing the best honey products in the industry.

Kelulut Honey Specifications

- Brand: Sherwani
- Pure and unheated honey
- 100% pure honey
- Sweet and sour taste
- Made in Malaysia
- Does not expire as long it is stored well
- Liquid
- Suitable for adults and children to consume
- Net weight: 1 kilogram (kg) or 35 ounces (oz)
- Minimum purchase quantity is one 20ft box container or Less than Container Load (LCL) is negotiable.

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Sherwani Honey Bee

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