Sherwani Kelulut Honey - 300g

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Product details of Sherwani Kelulut Honey - 300g

Usage Instruction: This section's topic is how to correctly include kelulut honey into your daily routine.

Ideally, kelulut honey should be taken before you have breakfast and again right before bed.

You can get some stingless honey by checking the shelves in your pantry. Then, hold the cabinet's handle with one hand, pull the door open to reveal the contents, and pick out Sherwani pure honey. Take the pure honey box with one hand, and then use the other to re-shut the cupboard door. The next step is to place the trigona honey on the table before heading to the kitchen's storage. 

Grasp the cutlery placement handle and pull it out to expose the silverware. Then, slowly take a cup and a tablespoon. As soon as you're done, close the kitchen cabinet again. Then, bring the mug you grabbed to the drinking machine and position it under the pipe. Once the water is running, you can fill your container with warm water. After filling the glass, carefully remove it from the water dispenser. Then, set the kelulut honey on the table with the cup of water next to it.

Then, you can't consume the kelulut honey until you remove it from its packaging. Grab the bottle of stingless bee honey with your left hand. You then need to use your right hand to tear off the plastic covering the metal cap on the trigona honey jar. After tearing the plastic off, you'll need to use your right hand to grasp the metal top of the raw honey and turn it anticlockwise to get at the sticky syrup inside. Next, place the kelulut honey's metal top on the table. Use the tablespoon to measure one portion, add it to the water in the cup, stir, and sip it.

On top of that, you don't need to mix kelulut honey with warm water before consuming it. Simply take 1 tablespoon of pure honey and gulp it straight away. In addition, you can use the stingless bees honey as a nutritious and all-natural sweetener in your favourite hot or cold beverage.

Certification(s) & Award(s): Sherwani Honey Bee's all-natural food products, including its kelulut honey, have earned prestigious accreditations.

  1. MeSTI Certificate: MeSTI is an initiative of the Malaysian Ministry of Health to create a system for managing food hygiene and operations. Sherwani bee keeping made hygienic items like stingless honey by implementing a well-managed healthy food hygiene planning and operational approach.

  2. Made In Malaysia: Certification as a Made in Malaysia product is now available for Sherwani Kelulut Honey. This certificate attests to the fact that the honey is 100% pure and was produced in Malaysia. This organisation runs a programme to get consumers interested in raw honey products made by local bee farming, which can compete with international brands in terms of quality.

Packaging Information: The production team decided to use food-safe plastic bottles for the final packaging of the kelulut honey they made. Plastic containers are ideal for storing honey from stingless bees. Raw honey packaging is excellent for households with small children since it prevents bottles from breaking when used as a toy. The jar design makes it easy for consumers to take their purchases camping or on picnics. Bee honey is sold in bottles so that its health benefits sweet nectar doesn't lose any of its flavour, texture, colour, or aroma during transport and storage.

Shipping Information: One 20-foot container's worth of Sherwani kelulut honey is the minimum order size (2.5908m height x 2.9m width x 2.44m length). It is strongly recommended by the stingless bee honey factory that wholesalers buy their products in 20-foot containers in bulk to save money. In addition, you may ensure that your shop always runs out of kelulut honey stock by purchasing in this 20-foot container so that your clients always have trigona honey.

However, wholesalers interested in this natural sweet syrup can negotiate to ship with the Sherwani kelulut honey production team. In addition to full containers, we also offer pure honey in LCL quantities, which are as little as one pallet.

Storage Instruction(s): The ideal storage temperature for kelulut honey is between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius (a little cooler than room temperature). Raw honey can be kept at a maximum temperature of 20 ° C. The ideal place to store Sherwani stingless bee honey, as recommended by the manufacturer, is in a dark kitchen cabinet, far from the stove and oven. If possible, bee honey from hives should be kept in an airtight container that is not exposed to direct light. You also can keep pure honey in the fridge.

Stingless Bee Honey Overview


Raw honey, an enticing and sticky substance, is made by various bees, including stingless bees. Pure honey, a sweet yellow liquid produced by hardworking bees from the nectar of flowering plants, is kept inside the beehive and used as a food source during lean seasons. 

Many different kinds of bees, known together as "stingless bees," belong to the tribe Meliponini of the family Apidae. Almost anywhere with a tropical or subtropical climate has stingless bees, including Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and even some areas of Mexico and Brazil. Stingless bees make up most Central and South American eusocial bees, although only a tiny percentage of these species produce enough honey to be farmed.

In Malaysia, stingless bees are called lebah kelulut, and they can be found year-round, though they are less active as temperatures drop. They don't sting like other species of bees but will bite to defend their nest. Even though they can't sting, stingless bees can have huge colonies with many strong defenders.

A hive of stingless bees can produce not more than one kilogramme of kelulut honey each year, compared to a hive of commercial honeybees can generate up to 75 kilos. Stingless bees honey has a unique flavour that combines sweet and tart notes with a little lemon undertone. The kelulut honey flavour is determined by the flowers and trees the stingless bees visited to gather the plant resins used to construct their combs and honey pots.

Consumers know the quality of this raw honey is not to be trifled with. Thus it is not surprising that stingless bee honey has been well-received in the market despite its high price. Pure honey has been utilised in various manufactured goods, including skincare. If you're looking for honey that retains all its natural vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients, know that the Sherwani kelulut honey sold commercially is raw honey that has yet to be heated.

Kelulut Honey Specification

- 100% pure kelulut honey.
- Unheated stingless honey.
- Natural kelulut honey straight from bee keeping.
- Raw honey with health benefits.
- Excellent as a sugar substitute.

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