Sherwani Goat Honey Soap

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Product details of Sherwani Goat Honey Soap

Usage: This handmade soap based on honey and goat's milk is designed to improve your skin's beauty. To use this goat soap, we suggest you try our style's recommendation.

Once you receive your parcel, open the parcel and take out the goat soap box. Next, gently open the box and take out the golden colored soap. Take a small knife and cut the plastic case carefully to get the soap. Make sure that your hand is not wet and slowly put the goat soap in a soap storage box and place it in the bathroom. Now, the goat soap is happily ready to take action.

Certification: Sherwani Goat Honey soap currently has received a big certification from the Malaysian government.

  1. MesTi: As a certification introduced by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia (KKM), MesTi is specially designed for food manufacturing premises, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As it is at the same level as other Food Safety Management System, MesTi ensures that all products produced by manufacturers are safe for consumers in Malaysia, and subsequently safe for the export process.

Packaging: Goat Honey Soap by Sherwani Honey Bee is packaged in a package that is sealed in a transparent plastic container and placed in a small box. The weight of goat soap is about 30 to 35 grams (1 to 1.02 oz) per bar. We would like to inform you that the minimum order for goat soap is in 1 x 20-foot container.

As a responsible seller, we serve you, our dear customer, the best service in the packaging process and we will ensure that the product reaches you safely.


Storage Instruction(s): The storage method for goat soap that is formulated with honey mainly in two situations, i.e., goat soap that has been used and also that which has not yet been used is as follows.

In order to maintain the shape and texture of the goat soap so that it always looks good, the untouched honey soap should be stored in a cool, dry place, and avoid the goat soap package being in an area that gets wet easily. This is because goat soap can absorb the water and soften the texture of the soap. If it is too soft, the soap will easily crumble when used.

Next, for used goat soap, store the soap in a soap storage box and place it on the bathroom countertop or on a stainless-steel soap holder.

Sherwani's Honey-Infused Goat Soap Overview

The goat soap, or can be called honey soap, is made from high-quality, fresh, and natural ingredients. Using only pure raw beeswax from stingless bee honey or Kelulut that was originally produced from hives in bee yards husbandry by the company’s farm, mixed with pure original goat’s milk, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, the goat soap has got many benefits once you try it.

This versatile item that should be in your house is a special goat soap with the honey mix as it was a handmade product and a lot of care and love has been put into the goat honey soap. As the saying goes, “Make your skin as smooth as silk”, put 100 % trust in us because we guarantee that the goat soap will smooth your skin just a couple of times after applying it consistently.

This golden yellow goat milk soap with honey by Sherwani Honey Bee has proven to give many benefits to your skin as it treats acne, especially back acne, cleans dead skin cells, and makes your skin flawless, soft, and glowing.


About Sherwani Honey Bee

Founded by Radiga Saravanan, a woman graduated in BA Hons, she was Malaysia 1st Indian Beekeeper ever since the year 2015. Sherwani Honey Bee company is located and based in Baling, Kedah and has been operated successfully for 8 years with only less than 10 workers in a team.

Throughout their business journey, they have succeeded in expanding the market for products based on stingless bee honey (Kelulut) in various forms and variations in the country and abroad. Now, there are more than seven types of products that have been released and are well received by their customers.

At Sherwani Honey Bee, you are offered a variety of options, namely Sherwani Honey Combo, Propolis and Balm Combo, and Regular Product categories. To date, Sherwani Honey Bee continues to strive to ensure its business is more developed and successful.

Sherwani's Goat Soap Specifications

- Soft
- Zero taste
- Handmade product
- Gold yellow in color
- 30 - 35 gram (1 - 1.02 oz) per bar
- No preservatives, artificial coloring and fragrance
- Using pure ingredients (goat’s milk and stingless bee honey)
- Product of Malaysia

IngredientsPure stingless bee honey (Kelulut Honey), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, original goat milk

Goat Soap Benefits

- Deep cleansing
- Helps in treat acne
- Cleaning dead skin cell
- Reduce breakout skin
- Soften the skin
- Rich in nutrients

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Sherwani Honey Bee

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