Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey

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Product details of Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey

Usage: The proper daily use of cinnamon honey will be covered in this section. To taste cinnamon raw honey, start by visiting your pantry. Then, go to your food storage area, open the cabinet door by grabbing the cabinet handle with one hand, and pull it to disclose the products and identify Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey. Use one hand to hold the glass bottle of stingless bee honey once you've located it, then lift it to take out the cinnamon raw honey from the storage area. Use the other hand to re-close the cabinet door after removing the honey-cinnamon bottle. following that, set the cinnamon honey kelulut on the kitchen table, and then make your way to the cabinet storing the culinary supplies.

The next step is to grasp the cutlery placement handle and pull it out to display all the utensils. Then, slowly take 1 cup and 1 tablespoon. After that, shut the kitchen storage cabinet once more. After that, proceed to the water dispenser, put the cup you had taken earlier, beneath the water dispenser pipe, and then turn the water on so that the cup can be filled with clean water. Lift the cup out of the water dispenser cautiously after it has been filled with water. After that, place the cup of water and a tablespoon to the side of the stingless bee honey on the table where the cinnamon honey had previously been set.

Then, you must first open the packaging before you may enjoy cinnamon honey. With your left hand, grab and lift the stingless bee honey cinnamon bottle. The plastic covering the metal cap, which is attached to the glass bottle of Ceylon cinnamon honey, must then be torn with your right hand. Once the plastic has been successfully ripped, you must grip the metal top of the cinnamon raw honey with your right hand and rotate it counterclockwise to release the sweet syrup. After that, set the metal cap for the cinnamon honey on the table.

Additionally, Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey can be taken straight up without being diluted with water. Furthermore, as a natural and healthy sweetener, you can add this cinnamon honey to your tea.

Certification(s) & Award(s): Significant certifications have been attained by Sherwani Honey Bee for its line of natural foods, which also includes Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey.

  1. MeSTI Certificate: MeSTI is a Malaysian Ministry of Health project with the goal of developing a food hygiene management and operations management system that incorporates product safety protection as well as quality. The Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey is therefore safe to be consumed, according to the Malaysian Ministry of Health. By putting into place a well-managed healthy food hygiene planning and operational system, Sherwani Honey Bee was able to produce hygienic goods like Ceylon cinnamon honey.

Packaging: The packaging strategy adopted by the production team for the manufacturing of cinnamon honey is glass bottles. The rationale for storing stingless bee honey cinnamon in a soda lime glass bottle is that its smooth and non-reactive surface will not injure the consumers. Cinnamon honey is best stored in soda-lime glass containers because of its sturdiness, endurance, and resistance to scratches. Cinnamon raw honey packaging has the benefit of being excellent for families with young children since it protects the bottles from easily breaking if a child accidentally plays with the jar. Additionally, the cinnamon honey is packaged in glass bottles because they maintain the healthy sweet syrup's flavour, appearance, colour, and aroma.

Shipping: Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey must be purchased in quantities of one 20-foot container (2.5908m height x 2.9m width x 2.44m length). In order to reduce expenses, Cinnamon Honey Production highly advises wholesalers to purchase products in bulk using 20-foot containers. Furthermore, by buying in this 20-foot container, suppliers can guarantee that there will always be Ceylon Cinnamon Honey in stock in your store, ensuring that customers never run out of their supply of healthy pure syrup.

Nevertheless, the Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey production team also offers negotiable shipping to wholesalers who wish to test this pure sweet syrup. Additionally, less than container load (LCL) or one pallet quantity of Ceylon cinnamon honey is available.

Storage Instruction(s): Cinnamon honey should be kept between 5 to 15°C, which is a little bit colder than room temperature. The highest temperature at which cinnamon raw honey can be stored is 20°C. The production team advises consumers to keep Sherwani Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey in a dark kitchen cupboard that is far from the stove or oven as this is the best location for storage. It is preferable that the storage area for cinnamon honey not be opened too frequently, have no internal lighting, and not hold sharp or salty materials. In fact, Ceylon cinnamon honey can be kept in the refrigerator.

Cinnamon Honey Overview

A number of bee species, including stingless bees, produce the delicious and sticky liquid known as honey. Honey, a rich, yellow liquid generated by diligent bees from the nectar of flowering plants, is stored inside the beehive and used as a food source during times of scarcity. Honey for human utilization is obtained from wild bee colonies or domesticated bee hives.

Ceylon cinnamon is a type of cinnamon made from an evergreen tree's bark (Cinnamomum Verum). A little under 80% of the world's supplies come from Sri Lanka. It is believed that the oils in Ceylon cinnamon can ease gastric discomfort, lessen spasms, and combat fungus and germs. Ceylon cinnamon contains chemicals that may also reduce blood sugar by acting similarly to insulin. However, it is believed that these effects are not very strong. Ceylon cinnamon should not be confused with other cinnamons such as Cassia cinnamon, Padang cassia, Indian cassia, or Saigon cinnamon.

You can reap a number of health benefits by following the Ceylon cinnamon honey meal plan. Heart health is one of the finest benefits of cinnamon honey. Different polyphenols present in honey, such as quercetin, galangin, and acacetin, have been discovered to be helpful in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders. According to a study conducted in Iran, honey helps lessen faulty or irregular cardiac rhythms.

Then, Regular use of honey cinnamon mix is thought to increase a person's immunity level. Additionally, Ceylon cinnamon honey has a lot of antioxidants and antibacterial agents, which strengthen the immune system and aid in the improvement of the digestive system. Drinking warm water with a teaspoon of honey cinnamon in it helps the body eliminate toxic toxins and free radicals. Consequently, you will have a healthy gut and remain active all day by consuming cinnamon honey.

Additionally, The American College of Nutrition Journal published research indicating that honey decreases appetite. You can burn more calories during the early stages of sleep if you consume honey right before bed. By lowering appetite, vital hormones in Ceylon cinnamon honey aid with weight loss. Honey with cinnamon helps people lose weight and visceral fat. Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices ever made and is both antibacterial and antiparasitic.

Last but not least, A mixture of honey and cinnamon is beneficial for diabetics as it reduces blood sugar levels without adding any artificial sweetness. But before including honey cinnamon into one's diet or learning whether it would be safe for them to take, one should always visit a doctor.

Sherwani's Ceylon Cinnamon Kelulut Honey Specifications

- 100% Pure Ceylon Cinnamon with Honey.
- The cinnamon honey texture is liquid.
- Cinnamon raw honey has a sweet flavour.
- The element of Ceylon cinnamon honey is an unheated syrup.
- Stingless bee honey cinnamon weighs 300 grams in total.
- Cinnamon honey has a 12-month shelf life.

Ideally ServedCinnamon honey is delicious on its own or with a cup of warm water, milk, or tea.


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