Sherwani Garlic Honey

  • Sherwani
  • Honey
  • Liquid
  • Sweet
  • Natural supplement
  • 300 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Kedah
  • Malaysia

Product details of Sherwani Garlic Honey

Usage: As is generally known, honey can be used in many different foods and beverages as a topping or as the main ingredient. It can also be consumed on its own if you prefer to. The same goes for this Garlic Honey by Sherwani Honey Bee. You may consume one tablespoon of it every day in the morning as a natural supplement on an empty stomach. Your health will benefit from the significant nutritional properties of it.

This garlic honey also complements salads, pizza, roasted meat, and oven-based meals the best. To finish, simply drizzle the honey over the food. One of the most well-known dishes that use this honey is honey garlic chicken. All you need to do is to completely cover the fried chicken in the garlic honey sauce before serving. For the ultimate dining experience, serve it along with your preferred fizzy beverage.

Packaging: This garlic honey weighs 300g (10.58 oz) per unit. All customers need to order a minimum order of one 20ft container per order. You may mix several products from Sherwani Honey Bee in one container to fill it up. LCL is also negotiable but do inform us in advance if you would like to opt for it.

All products will be packaged with high-quality packing materials to ensure they do not leak or spoil in transit. They will be delivered cautiously so that you can receive your products in the best shape and condition possible. 

Storage Directions: Honey is one of the food that never spoils no matter how you store it. This is due to the high level of acid that's contained in it. Bacteria cannot survive there due to the high levels of acidity. This garlic honey can last up to years without refrigeration. However, make sure to keep the cap closed off after every use. This is to make sure that they do not get contaminated. 

Certificate(s): Sherwani Honey Bee has received the following certification for all of their products including garlic honey: 

  1. MeSTI-Certified: Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri is an acronym that can be translated to "the industry is liable for food safety." To ensure that all businesses in the food industry take food safety management seriously, the Malaysian Ministry of Health launched this initiative. In order to reduce health hazards, this is done to make it simpler for the general population to obtain food that is hygienic and safe to consume. All of Sherwani Honey Bee's products, including garlic honey, are now considered to be safe thanks to this accreditation. Their entire line of goods is produced in a secure, controlled setting.

Garlic Honey Overview

Honey for human consumption is taken from domesticated bee hives or from wild bee colonies. Due to its widespread commercial production and accessibility, honey made by honey bees is the type of honey that most people are familiar with. The raising of stingless bees is typically referred to as meliponiculture, while the management of bees is known as beekeeping or apiculture. Honey is sweet because it contains significant levels of glucose and fructose. It has a relative sweetness that is similar to table sugar. Because of this, honey is frequently used as a natural sweetener in a variety of foods and beverages. It can be used to make drinks like honey lemon drinks, honey tea and others. It has unique chemical properties and has a distinct flavour when used as a sweetener. There are various types of honey including garlic honey, stingless bee honey, buckwheat honey and manuka money.

An excellent ingredient in and of itself, honey has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. It can be used to support the body's efforts to fight inflammation. Numerous medical disorders, including autoimmune diseases and heart disease, are made worse by inflammation. Therefore, as honey may boost the body's antioxidant activity, those who are having these problems might consider consuming it.

But when garlic is fermented with honey, you will gain more health benefits. Honey and garlic have both been utilised for traditional treatments for many years—if not longer. Together, the two have antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-strengthening qualities. Due to this, this garlic honey is ideal for consumption during the cold and flu season. This garlic honey with single garlic can also be used to help many digestions related problems. Apart from that, it’s also suitable for maintaining blood pressure and helps with lowering bad cholesterol levels. 

About Sherwani Honey Bee

Kedah is home to the business Sherwani Honey Bee. Although they had been collaborating as a team for a very long time prior to it, their company didn't get off the ground until 2015. They first concentrated on manufacturing one honey product, but as they have developed, they are currently generating over seven goods that are honey-based. The products include honey soap, bee bread, garlic honey, goat honey soap,
kelulut honey, blackcurrant honey, and cinnamon honey.

Only beehive-extracted, natural honey that is 100% pure is used in the production of their full line of honey products. They pack their products including garlic honey expertly from the hive to the bottles in order to give their customers the greatest quality of honey possible. Their entire product line is suitable for both adults and kids older than two. Colds and coughs can be treated naturally with their best-selling honey, basil honey.

Garlic Honey Specifications

- Made in Malaysia 
- Net Weight: 300g (10.58 oz) 
- MeSTI-certified
- Texture: Liquid
- Taste: Sweet
- Can be used as a natural sweetener or supplement

>Sherwani Honey Bee

Sherwani Honey Bee

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  • Malaysia
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