Skin Renew Whitening Lotion - 150ml

  • Skin Renew
  • Liquid
  • A brightening skin lotion that is suitable for all skin type
  • 150 Millilitre
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Skin Renew Whitening Lotion - 150ml

Usage Instructions: Depending on the exact product and its directions, different body whitening lotions may have different applications and usage procedures. For the majority of these lotions, there are however general recommendations that can be followed. To guarantee adequate application, efficacy, and safety, these measures are crucial.

  1. Skin Cleansing: Thorough skin cleansing is necessary before using any skincare products. To clear the skin of dirt, oil, and pollutants, use a mild cleanser. This process makes the skin more receptive to the body whitening lotion's active components and improves skin absorption.

  2. Exfoliate: Exfoliation albeit optional, encourages cell turnover and aids in the removal of dead skin cells, which can improve the efficiency of the body whitening lotion. Although some skin types may withstand exfoliation, not all can, so it's vital to determine your skin's sensitivity and, if necessary, seek dermatologist advice.

  3. Dry & Clean Skin: Use a fresh towel to gently pat the skin dry after cleansing or exfoliating. Avoid excessively rubbing the skin as this can irritate or harm it. Apply hydrating body whitening lotion evenly to the appropriate regions by taking a tiny bit of the formula and spreading it evenly onto your palms.

    When it comes to the quantity to apply and the precise regions to target, it's crucial to adhere to the product’s usage guidelines. Some skin whitening lotions might be suggested for use on the face, while others might also be appropriate for the body.

  4. Massage with Circular Motions: After applying the skin whitening body lotion, gently rub it into the skin. This aids in promoting absorption and enhancing local circulation. Give the lotion enough time to penetrate completely into the skin before using any other products or cosmetics. Normally, this takes a few minutes. Even distribution and greater outcomes are ensured by using the right application methods, which include massaging and giving the body whitening lotion time to absorb.

  5. Apply Sunscreen: Bleaching lotions frequently contain substances that can increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. The importance of applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF follows the use of the lotion. This process aids in shielding the skin from damaging UV radiation and halting additional pigmentation and using sunscreen can shield the skin from sunburn, which can negate the effects of the body whitening lotion and cause more pigmentation.

Note: Always be aware of the changes happening to your skin after each use of any skincare or beauty products. Consult your dermatologist to know your skin type and the dos and don’ts for your skin.

Certifications & Mentionings: The following recognitions, which attest to the superior calibre of Skin Renew International's goods and services, are provided below as proof of validity and guarantee:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: The Department of Islamic Development in Malaysia, JAKIM, is in charge of evaluating if food, trade, and services are Halal. The body whitening lotion from Skin Renew is now deemed appropriate for use by Muslims, giving customers further comfort that the item complies with Islamic values and hygiene regulations.

  2. Natural & Non-Toxic: As a testament to the quality and the supreme effects of our skin whitening body lotion, this product in its entirety has been made with fully with natural ingredients that are non-toxic, with the aim of assisting all types of skin with its needs.

Packaging: Each body whitening lotion is painstakingly packaged in a sleek, bottle that is intended to keep the moisture and hydration intact. The mobile bottle is perfect to bring with you on the move where you might find a whitening lotion handy. The information on the packaging for this supple body whitening lotion is as follows:

1 Bottle 150ml (5.1fl oz)

Storage: To ensure the efficiency and lifespan of our body whitening lotion, a few guidelines must be followed. Ideally, it is recommended that the hydrating whitening lotion be stored in a cool and dry location such as a cabinet or your makeup vanity where there are no possible ways for the product to come into contact with moisture or heat.

Whitening Lotion Overview

When it comes to using our skin body whitening lotion, it is crucial to remember that like all beauty and cosmetic products, both short and long-term effects can be observed with continued usage of the product. It is also important to remember that the specific benefits may also change based on the lotion's formulation and ingredient list. 

Lotions for skin whitening purposes frequently contain chemicals that can assist to fade hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. Brighter and more even skin tone can be attained with regular use. Most body whitening lotions are also made with substances that can hydrate and nourish the skin. This can make the skin look and feel better overall, leaving it supple, smooth, and silky.

Body whitening lotion may also aid in lessening the visibility of imperfections like acne scars, age spots, and sunspots. These lotions' active components have the ability to suppress the growth of new pigmentation and target melanin production. By lessening the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, body whitening lotions can also aid in the achievement of a more even skin tone with regular application. Over time, this may produce a complexion that is more luminous and youthful-looking.

The pigment that causes dark spots and uneven skin tone, also known as melanin, is typically inhibited by some chemicals found in body whitening lotions. It is possible to retain a lighter complexion and stop the development of new pigmentation by routinely applying these lotions. Not only that, most skin whitening body lotions such as our own, do potentially have anti-ageing advantages where antioxidants and substances that increase collagen are present, and can improve skin suppleness, lessen fine lines and wrinkles, and support a more youthful appearance.

In paying attention to the positive effects of using body whitening lotions, it is also just as important to be mindful of possible negative reactions or effects. With this in mind, it is advisable to keep the following guidelines in check

Avoid using too much of the product. It's vital to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations for how often and how much lotion to apply. Overuse of body whitening lotions may result in skin itchiness, dryness, or other negative effects. The risk of discomfort or unfavourable responses can rise when using various body whitening lotions at once, therefore, instead of adding another product to your skincare routine, stick to using just one at a time and give it time to produce benefits.

Remember to always use sunscreen. Body whitening lotions may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. To tackle this, it is important to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF, which is essential to shield the skin from damaging UV radiation. Failure to do this may result in sunburn, additional pigmentation, or other solar damage in the long run.

About Skin Renew International Sdn Bhd

Founded in 1995, Skin Renew International Sdn Bhd has established itself as a top manufacturer recognised for its creative and high-quality goods thanks to its significant market share. The company was established to offer customers skincare products that were efficient and secure. Due to Skin Renew's dedication to research and development, a wide variety of solutions that address diverse skin issues and requirements have been developed.

Skin Renew provides a wide selection of skincare products, including cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, and masks, in addition to body whitening lotions. Every product is created with an emphasis on effectiveness, safety, and client happiness. The team is made up of seasoned experts in a range of disciplines, including formulation, production, marketing, and customer service. Their knowledge and dedication to perfection help Skin Renew succeed in providing customers with high-quality products.

The body whitening lotion from Skin Renew is one of its best-selling items and has become well-known for its capacity to reduce hyperpigmentation, black spots, and uneven skin tone. Customers will get the results they want because this lotion is made with carefully chosen components known for their skin-brightening capabilities.

Body Whitening Lotion Specifications

  1. Net weight of 150ml (5.1fl oz)
  2. Liquid formula
  3. Specially formulated to whiten and brighten skin
  4. Contains rose extract which is anti-inflammatory & calming
  5. Re-textures the skin evenly
  6. Provides ample hydration for the skin
  7. Suitable for all skin types
  8. Recommended by experts

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Skin Renew International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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