Big Foot Vitamin C Pastilles (Orange) - 120G

  • Big Foot
  • Packing: 40g x 12 packets x 12 boxes / 12g x 24 packets x 12 boxes, Cubic: 0.0222m3
  • 120 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Big Foot Vitamin C Pastilles (Orange) - 120G

Usage: The following guide can be used as an example for you to consume the vitamin C pastilles by Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd. This orange flavored vitamins comes in a form of pastille, making it easy for you to consume by chewing it. This is because it has a soft texture that would dissolve in your mouth after a period of time.

Here is our recommendation on consuming the gum. Simply open the package of the product and one pill to consume. You can choose to chew or suck on the sweet medicine until it completely melts into your mouth. Then, make sure to seal the packet and store the health product in suitable places. It is best to consume the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), in 2 years (24 months) time.

Certification(s)There are a few certifications that have been successfully attained by the company on this very product:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The vitamin C pastilles is a product that has been certified as Halal by JAKIM which is the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. Therefore, with the certificate of authentication of halal, our Muslim customers can purchase our product and consume it with no worries. They do not have to be uncertain anymore as we have proven the fact that the fruit pastilles complied with laws and regulations of the Shariah Laws.

  2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified: As a company that operates in the nation, Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd has also received the certification of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which indicates that their products are produced following the manufacturing specifications that has been established.

  3. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certified: This Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification is important as every product including the vitamin C pastilles should follow the framework of the food safety which surrounds the identifications of hazardous situations. The hygienic aspect of the product and any hazards involved in the process of making this product has been inspected.

  4. KKM MeSTI Certified: Our health supplement is also a KKM MeSTI certified product. A KKM MeSTI certification is a must for any food products as it is to show the customers that the product has followed the local regulations and standards. The Ministry of Health created MeSTI as a food safety program to ensure safe and good quality food products.

Packaging: The vitamin C Pastilles comes in a plastic packet that is sealed completely and the packing of the health supplement is 40 grams(g)/1.41 ounces (oz) x 12 packets x 12 boxes x 12 grams(g)/0.42 ounces(oz) x 24 packets x 12 boxes, cubic: 0.0222m3. Next, the net unit of it is 120 grams(g) or 4.23 ounces(oz). The minimum purchase quantity of this product is one 20ft box container or Less than Container Load (LCL) is negotiable. We will always make sure to pack our products meticulously so that our customers could received it safely.

Overview of Vitamin C Pastilles

Are you considering to take a health supplement for a better lifestyle? We would like to recommend you to try the vitamin C pastilles by Nicko Jeep Manufacturer Sdn Bhd. This consumer-packaged goods (CPG) are from the famous local brand, Big Foot that is known for its candies especially the lollipop with dip powder. This vitamin C comes in a gummy form which is convenient for people to consume regardless of age as it is soft and chewy compared to hard pill type vitamin C that some people have a trouble with to consume especially children, making it suitable for the whole family.

You would enjoy it more if you love oranges as this vitamin C is orange flavored. It is recommended to take one or two pastilles per day as it is ideal to consume less than 1000 mg vitamin C in a day. Therefore, on a daily basis, an adult could consume 1 or 2 while the children could consume 1 of it. You should consume it during the day as it is good to eat the gummy after a meal. Nevertheless, you could also consult with your doctor for a better understanding on the vitamin C. Now is the time for you to add the vitamin C pastilles into your daily routine for a healthier life.

About Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd.

Big Foot is a well-known brand in the society and interestingly not many people realized but the company behind the successful candy brand is from a company that is based in Malaysia, Nicko Jeep Manufacturer Sdn Bhd. The company was established in the early year of 2000s, as a sugar confectionary and distributor for domestic and export market in the country. You may wonder who is the one that started it all and that person is Mr. Kenny Low as he is the managing director as well as the founder of Nicko Jeep Manufacturer Sdn Bhd. Mr. Kenny Low has gained a lot of experience in the confectionery industry before he decided to start his very own company.

There are a lot of products that have been produced by the company such as lollipop, hard candy, compress candy and of course vitamin C pastilles. There are also various flavors that is being offered by the company such as orange, mango, blackcurrant and others. Furthermore, an interesting thing to note is that in the year of 2007, the company has tackled on the candy licensing of a popular cartoon from Japan, Doraemon. This has enabled the company to come out with new candy products with Doraemon Series theme. Since then, the company has successfully marketed the sweets to the local customers and international customers.

Vitamin C Pastilles Specifications

  1. Brand: Big Foot
  2. Made in Malaysia
  3. Shelf-life period is 2 years (24 months)
  4. Orange flavored vitamin C
  5. Health supplement
  6. Sweet taste
  7. Suitable for children and adult
  8. Comes in pastilles form
  9. A certified product
  10. Net weight is 120 grams(g) or 4.23 ounces(oz)
  11. The minimum purchase quantity is one 20ft box container or Less than Container Load (LCL) is negotiable

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