Low & Co Musang King Durian Candy - 100g

  • Low & Co
  • Musang King Durian
  • Packing: 100g x 24 packets, Cubic: 0.01754m3
  • 100 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Low & Co Musang King Durian Candy - 100g

Usage: The durian candy the Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd company produces is brittle yet delightful. This durian candy specialty output also benefits from being wholly primed for eating. You're wondering where and how to consume Low & Co durian treats. The technique is brief and comprises three steps:
  1. Remove the protective covering from the sealed packet of durian sweets.
  2. Take away the lid from the packaging.
  3. Consume the amount you would desire.
If you're wondering, you can combine this with other recipes or eating habits, such as desserts. You may also mix this Musang King durian candy with extra components such as coconut, peanut, KitKat chocolate, toffee drizzle, dried orange or mangosteen, and lots more in one memorable special meal. It may also be devoured immediately everywhere you go when traveling, irrespective of which country you are in, the Philippines and Singapore, with your Vietnamese or Japanese friends, for example.
Certification(s): Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd's creation of numerous sweets and saccharine delights makes it possible to keep manufacturing their goods now that they have the following accreditations:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: You ought to know that obtaining a Halal status from JAKIM is quite challenging. The senior leadership of JAKIM will closely investigate several issues while determining if a firm can get Halal licensing via them. Some of the most common rules are that a corporation could never haphazardly use components derived from species Muslims in Malaysia cannot consume. Most significantly, the alcohol concentration of whatever item must not exceed 1%. As a result, this durian candy created in Malaysia was awarded this accreditation, removing any questions regarding whether it is harmless to ingest.
  1. GMP certificate: SGS is in charge of granting a GMP document to a firm that competently implements all close directions as well as studies along an item's production procedure. It is critical to receive this GMP endorsement since the firm is not allowed to take for casually or disregard the level of quality and adherence that SGS has organized along the preparation of food or refreshment creation procedure. As a result, the Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd firm completed all of the rules and appropriately obtained a GMP accreditation for this durian candy delicacy that originates in Malaysia.
  1. HACCP certificate: HACCP certification determines if an eating or drinking supply is risk-free and fits the features provided by worldwide standards that are equivalent for every nation. The CAC is granted the ability to assess whether or not a corporation qualifies for this accreditation. CAC must consider the resultant item, the atmosphere throughout the commodity's manufacturing manipulation, and the worldwide norm of conformity for every jurisdiction across all continents. As a result, we can utilize this durian candy confidently because of the HACCP cert.
  1. MeSTI certificate: Any Malaysian business preparing food or drinks must first acquire a MeSTI legitimacy. Assume a company handles an asset in a secure environment. After that, the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) will grant the company a MeSTI accreditation. A company must establish MeSTI permission to send out beverages and meals. Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd is permitted to transport its Low & Co trademark durian sweets after receiving MeSTI permission.
Packaging: Durian candy will be properly and economically wrapped, comprising 100g (3.52 oz) and measuring cubic of 0.01754m3. Durian candy wrappers designated for commercial usage will be covered appropriately, guaranteeing purchasers that their bought items will get there in perfect condition. Investing in a package of 100g (3.52 oz) x 24 packets is a different method to get this durian candy.
Shelf Life: Like all of the other candies created by Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd, this durian sweet has a time frame for storage. The last period you may store this Low & Co durian candy in the refrigerator is two years or 24 months. If you desire this delightful durian candy to survive as long as practicable, please carefully adhere to the preservation instructions.

Low & Co Durian Candy’s Overview

Humankind has loved sucking on candy as a delicious pleasure throughout its invention. The fact that candy has history is as fascinating and thrilling as it is tasty, originating with its modest start in prehistoric Egypt and progressing to the sweet treats we are all familiar with nowadays. To satiate your thirst for knowledge and sugary craving, here's all you must discover concerning the inception of sweets.
Candy has evolved dramatically into the confection everyone recognizes as their favorite now. Your favorite treats have undoubtedly changed with time and appeared and smelled utterly distinct from what you anticipate nowadays. Individuals from many nations and historical eras utilized various resources and methods to create their renditions of delectable sweets. Nevertheless, the prehistoric Egyptians were not the sole group who created delectable sweets. Different societies were manufacturing candies out of comparable components during the exact period. Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern empires also developed similar delicious desserts, and the Greeks and Romans followed suit immediately afterward.
Candy producers developed their production methods throughout history and began introducing new components into their formulations. Sweet candy was fashionable as an opulent item for wealthy people throughout the Middle Ages. Glucose remained increasingly obtainable once the purifying technology was mastered and finally found a path to England and the Americas in the Middle of the seventeenth century.
Following then, candy has gone through a boom, bringing on a variety of shapes and additives to fulfill every need. The initial chocolate mill appeared in the 1700s, while caramel treats and candy bars were invented in the 1800s. The nineteenth century introduced many flavored crunchy candies and delightful dairy chocolates to consumers, ushering in the contemporary sweets we are still familiar with. Throughout then, these delectable treats have evolved into the widely available sweets seen on the aisles of practically all grocery stores and shopping malls throughout the entirety of the globe. Candy, including this Low & Co durian candy delicacy made by Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd, is nowadays a mainstay in almost every critical celebration, from terrifying Halloween delicacies to treats to gift your lover.

About Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd

Tampin, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia-based sweets confectionery maker and wholesaler for the nations and overseas markets for Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn Bhd. Mr. Kenny Low, the firm's CEO and Founder, created the organization. Mr. Kenny Low worked in the candy sector throughout the beginning of the 1990s before starting a private company. As an inventor and self-believer, he drove the firm to produce several profitable items currently sold and promoted domestically and abroad. The firm now has three primary business classifications: hard-boiled confections, pills, and sticky sweets.
In 2007, the firm foresaw offering added-value goods, so it licensed Doraemon confectionery. Doraemon comes from Japan and is a historically famous animation with an established reputation in the Asian clientele marketplace. The licensing allows the firm to experiment with fresh ideas and value-added compositions, including Doraemon Natural Pop, created with an original taste and additional antioxidant vitamin C.
Manufacturing excellent goods is a significant cornerstone of our organization's strategy. The firm continually investigates and incorporates the latest field standards into the manufacturing and supervisory processes. We recently became Halal certified by JAKIM, HACCP, GMP, and MeSTI. We carry these badges in the items we sell. We examined our advantages, disadvantages, marketplace possibilities, and challenges to improve our organization's tactical orientation.

Low & Co Durian Candy’s Specification(s)

  1. Low & Co label
  2. Gained accreditations from Halal by JAKIM, GMP, HACCP and MeSTI
  3. It weighs 100g (3.52 oz)
  4. It has a packaging of 100g (3.52 oz) x 24 packs
  5. It has a storage span of 24 months or two (2) years
  6. It is made from a responsible firm in Malaysia

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Nicko Jeep Manufacture Sdn. Bhd.

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