Custard Powder

  • Glow-San
  • Powder
  • Original
  • Ready to use
  • (350g x 24 packets) per carton, (25kg x 1 packet) per carton
  • 350 Gram
  • 6 Months
  • Certified Halal by JAKIM Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Custard Powder

Usage: To make a recipe by using Glow-San's custard powder, there are only a few basic steps to follow. Before that, you need to prepare sugar, milk, and instant custard powder of Glow-San to make a paste. First and foremost, put 2 tablespoons of Glow-San's custard powder and 1-2 tablespoons of sugar into a bowl. Second, add 2 tablespoons of milk from one pint (570ml/ 19.27oz) of milk into the bowl and mix well. Third, pour the remaining milk into a saucepan and heat to almost boiling. When nearly boiling, pour the hot milk onto the mixed custard in the bowl in the first step, and stir well with a spoon. Then, pour the mixture into the saucepan and heat them. Stir well until it boils. Please make sure the mixture fully dissolves and becomes a thick creamy sauce. Finally, the perfect custard is ready. You can serve it when required. It can use as a dessert or as a filling and sauce for various types of tarts.

However, this recipe only serves two servings. You may add more depending on the number of guests you want to serve. A gentle reminder, vary the milk quantity for your desired consistency. Besides, the amount of sugar you add is based on your preferred taste. You can add more or less sugar to suit your taste.

Glow-San’s instant custard powder recommends you to add different flavorings or additives such as sliced fruits or spices in the mixed custard to make the end product more personalized. The custard can serve cold with cakes, jellies, ice cream, fruit flans, and trifles. It also can be served hot as custard sauce with steamed and baked pudding, fruit pies, and fruit.

Not to mention, Glow-San’s instant custard powder is easy and quick to prepare in just a few minutes. It only involves a few easy steps resulting in the most delicious end products. It mixes easily in milk and sugar without any lump formation. The instant custard powder of Glow-San also holds on very well in low temperatures.

Packaging: Custard Powder of Glow-San packs in transparent plastic packaging. Each packet/ unit of Glow-San’s custard powder serves a net weight of 350 grams (12.35oz). Glow-San recommends purchasing its instant custard powder in bulk quantities to enjoy exclusive deals at wholesale prices. There are 24 packets of Glow-San’s instant custard powder in a carton. Besides, Glow-San also provides industrial packets weighing 25kg (881.85oz) of instant custard powder per packet in a carton.

Storage Instructions: The premium quality of Glow-San’s instant custard powder can last up to 6 months, equivalent to half a year from the production date. Please store the instant custard powder of Glow-San in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. After opening, it is best to refrigerate the custard powder to retain freshness for up to months, or you can keep the custard powder pack in an airtight container. Maintain a storage temperature at or below 40° F (4° C) as cooler temperatures help preserve the quality of instant custard powder.


  1. Halal-certified (HALAL): All baking and cake mix ingredients products manufactured by Glow-San, including its instant custard powder, are HALAL Certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). By receiving this Halal certificate, the instant custard powder has been authorized for Muslims for safe consumption. According to Islamic Shariah, all ingredients used in the custard powder manufacturing process are the use of permissible ingredients. Therefore, this Glow-San’s instant custard powder is considered a Halal standardization product.

Glow-San’s Instant Custard Powder Overview

The brand of Glow-San has been a trusted brand for over 30 years since 1984. It is a food manufacturer or repacker specializing in seasoning flour and coating batter mix, baking and cooking premix, beverage or flavored concentrate, fruit flavoring and coloring, baking ingredients and cake mix ingredients, sugar base ingredients, spices, and starches. One of the products manufactured by Glow-San is Custard Powder.

Custard is a variety of culinary preparations based on sweetened milk, cheese, and cream cooked with egg yolk. People always use Glow-San's instant custard powder to make desserts, pao, and pastries. Nevertheless, this instant custard powder is an ideal base for making desserts, including custard, kulfi, fruit salad, fruit tarts, chocolate custard, Portuguese custard tart, etc.

Meanwhile, making traditional egg custard is a laborious process, however, Glow-San’s instant custard powder is a ready-to-use prepared mix that provides a shortcut for making custard. It saves your time by adding only water and milk to turn the powder into a dessert. Whenever you are busy and packed over your work, you can prepare a tasty dessert in only a couple of minutes. Undoubtedly, custard powder is easy to store and use.

Moreover, the instant custard powder of Glow-San has always been strong support when it comes to delighting their consumers with perfect consistency and great pure flavor. Not only the instant custard powder helps you whip up the great texture of the custard in your kitchens but also brings alive the wholesome taste of any desserts/ pastries that you prepared.

There is a light yellow or yolk-yellow color of Glow-San’s instant custard powder that is the original flavor which is so plain. It tastes just a slightly-sweetened milk flavor. Custard powder is usually used for making cookies or desserts that want an alternative to eggs. The reason is that the instant custard powder of Glow-San is egg-free, suitable for vegetarians and people with an allergy to eggs for safe consumption. From now on, you no need to worry about leftover egg white! Since Glow-San’s custard powder contains no eggs, it helps lower cholesterol levels in the custard. Thus, you can stop worrying consume this instant custard powder. Furthermore, all products under Glow-San are Halal-certified for Muslims to consume.

Craving for sweets? Here is the solution- Glow-San’s Instant Custard Powder. It can fulfill your sweet desires and satisfy your cravings which is good for you to enjoy. Make the custard dessert with this instant custard powder of Glow-San in advance. Quickly bring Glow-San’s Instant Custard Powder to your kitchen- the secret to consistently good-tasting and good-looking desserts!

Glow San’s Instant Custard Powder Specification

- Halal-certified Product
- Made in Malaysia
- Ready to Use
- Powder texture
- Plain flavor
- Net weight: 350 gram (12.35oz) per packet
- Industrial packaging: 25 kg (881.85oz) per packet
- Egg-free
- Suitable for Vegetarians
- Suitable for toppings on dessert

Ideally Servings:

- Custard
- Chocolate Custard
- Portuguese Custard Tart
- Fruit Tarts
- Fruit Salads
- Fruit Pies
- Kulfi
- Cookies
- Pastries
- Pao

Health benefits of Glow-San’s Instant Custard Powder:

The custard powder of Glow-San is the best alternative for you if you want to avoid eggs/ allergic to eggs. It aids in minimizing your cholesterol level.

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