Selected Corn Starch (E/P)

  • Glow-San
  • Powder
  • Original
  • Ready to use
  • (400g x 24 packets) per carton
  • 400 Gram
  • Certified Halal by JAKIM Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Selected Corn Starch (E/P)

Corn starch, also known as maize starch or cornflour, is made from corn grain. Corn starch, or cornflour, is mostly used in cooking and baking. It is a common thickening agent for sauces and soups in dishes. Corn starch has no flavours, which makes it a flavourless ingredient. Hence, it is mainly used to add texture rather than taste. Maize starch is made from the starchy part of a corn kernel, which is different from corn flour, which is made by finely grinding whole corn kernels.

In addition, corn starch is commonly used as a thickening agent rather than flour because of its transparent color. Because of that, maize starch is considered a versatile ingredient, which makes it easily modified and has many uses in lots of industries.

Direction of use: Take a packet of Selected Corn Starch by Glow-San that has been purchased. Cut the upper part of the plastic packaging horizontally using a scissor to open it. Carefully pour the corn starch into an airtight container. To use, take a spoon or a measuring cup and scoop out the corn starch flour and pour it into a bowl.

Packaging: Glow-San Selected Corn Starch is packed in plastic packaging that is sealed carefully to avoid opening. The net weight of each unit of corn starch flour is 400 grams (14.11 oz). This maize starch flour can be purchased in bulk, which is 24 packets per carton. A special price will be given to buyers who purchase Glow-San Selected Corn Starch in large quantities.

Storage instruction: Pour the corn starch flour into an airtight container after opening to prevent insects from entering. Place the maize starch in a cool, dark, and dry place away from moisture. As long as corn starch flour remains dry, it is safe to use since the shelf life of corn starch is indefinite.

Corn Starch Malaysia Overview

Glow-San Sdn Bhd
is a food manufacturer that provides various kinds of flour mixes, flavoured beverage concentrates, food liquid colours, and other products. They also specialize in repacking the products mentioned. Glow-San produced a corn starch made from the corn kernel. This corn starch is a product of Malaysia, which makes this corn starch of Malaysia origin.  Also, this product is 100% certified Halal by JAKIM.

 Corn starch flour can be used in all sorts of cooking and baking. The main function of this flour is its thickening capabilities. In baking, corn starch will be used to thinly coat the fruits in pies, muffins, and other desserts before baking to make the fruits stay in shape and prevent them from having a runny texture in the desserts. Other than that, corn starch flour is useful as an anti-caking agent. Besides modern desserts, lots of traditional desserts use corn starch in Malaysia. This is why many traditional desserts in Malaysia are thick and creamy. 

As for cooking, corn starch flour helps to thicken soups, sauces, or gravies. With every use, it ensures smooth, clear sauces, and lump-free gravies. There are lots of cuisines that use corn starch in Malaysia, such as butter chicken and sizzling yee mee. Corn starch is commonly used in Malaysia by combining it with plain water before adding it to the cooking. This is to prevent the corn starch from clumping if it is added straight into the hot liquid.  

This corn starch from Malaysia is made with the finest ingredients that were available locally to ensure the high quality of the flour. Corn that was used to produce this corn starch flour was collected from a local farmer. The corn was freshly picked by the farmer to produce a great quality of corn starch in Malaysia. The texture of the corn starch by Glow-San is a soft, powdery substance that easily dissolves. Other than being a flavourless ingredient, this corn starch from Malaysia is also odourless. 

As its main ingredient is corn kernels, corn starch can be considered a plant-based food. Thus, this corn starch flour is 100% vegan and safe to consume by fellow vegetarians.

Throughout the food products manufacturing business, Glow-San Sdn Bhd received a large certificate:

  1. Halal Certification: In the manufacturing process, Glow-San Sdn Bhd meets the requirements of Islamic law in food production. Hence, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) awarded a Halal certificate to Glow-San Sdn Bhd. In this sense, it is known as Halal-certified Corn Starch in Malaysia. With this certificate, it gives assurance to Muslim buyers all around the world that Glow-San’s products are suitable for consumption.

Glow-San’s Selected Corn Starch Specifications

- Made in Malaysia
- Halal-certified
- Gluten-free
- Vegetarian-friendly


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