Fried Chicken Powder

  • Glow-San
  • Powder
  • Original
  • Ready to use
  • (1kg x 15 packets) per carton
  • 1 Kilogram
  • 6 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Fried Chicken Powder

Usage: Just take a few easy scoops of this Kentucky fried chicken powder for that terbagus mouth-watering food that melts in your mouth for an awesome gastronomical experience. Coat these small chunks of meat with the flour and let it sizzle in oil for KFC (or fried chicken).

Feeling like a pizza on Friday movie night? Easily, make a pizza at home with Kentucky fried chicken powder by creating your own unique base. Dip battered chicken pieces into a wok and watch it sizzle to golden crispiness. Add on your choice of sauce from anything in the kitchen such as puree tomato or pasta sauce, add on diced onions sprinkled all over your KFC Terbagus pizza base. Then, just add a touch of capsicums or mushrooms, even pineapple for that exotic Hawaiian taste.

KFC Flour - Terbagus does it all for you even with cookies that come to life in the oven to dazzle the kids and those Terbagus sungguh bagus muffins that pop up in explosions of chocolate or blueberry. On rainy nights or any time, a simply dish made at home can turn into a culinary fiesta by adding some KFC fried chicken powder in those gravies or even that finishing touch to that sauce. The list goes on in fish, pasta, shepherd pies and even your simple chicken curry. Tuck into a packet of Kentucky Chicken powder and let your fingers create magic in taste. Let it be Kentucky Seasoned Flour, Seasoning Flour, Seasoning, Purpose Seasoning Flour, Crispy, Crispy Flour, Kentucky Fried, Aroma, Fried Chicken Seasoned Flour, Tepung Goreng, Ayam Goreng Try it once and it will definitely not be your last! KFC Terbagus is always Terbagus, for that moment in time that never goes out of style.

Packaging: Kentucky fried chicken powder as a Glow- San brand name incorporates an original taste in a smooth powder for that seemless experience at your fingertips. It’s ready to use feature makes those delicious chicken drumsticks ready in minutes right in your kitchen anytime. Even as a midnight snack, KFC Terbagus can give you tantalizing popcorn chicken . A packet weighs a mere 1 kilo or 2.205 pounds Kentucky fried chicken powder is a homegrown product in Malaysia as original as it can get! KFC Fried Chicken Powder ensures the spicy moments in your kitchen with 15 packets in one carton that the goodness of All-purpose flour stays with you on and on each and every day. Kentucky fried chicken powder is so light-weight with easy storage options of up to six months!


  1. Halal By JAKIM Awarded: KFC Fried Chicken Powder is perfect for Anytime for Everything So Right for Everyone. Celebrations, festival, birthday parties and even is a great moment as KFC Chicken Powder is suited for simply for all the family and friends.

Using Glow-San's Kentucky Flour - Terbagus As A Fried Chicken Powder Overview

KFC is a hallmark brand founded in Louisiana by Colonel Sanders in 1930. It became so popular that it is known now everywhere where people assailed by the aroma of sizzling cooked chicken come into its pristine franchised restaurants.

There is something to say about hot days and Kentucky fried chicken all done with KFC fried chicken flour of morsels of chicken coated in flour and drenched in sizzling oil, an assailing aroma to tantalize the senses; Served with a dollop of mashed potato, a soft bun and cooling coleslaw. All washed down with a fizzy drink or long glass of iced lemon tea. Perfect for blue skies when the sun is a ball of fire in the sky!

Fried Chicken Powder Specification

- A specialised fried chicken powder with that can behave as an all-purpose flour
- 1 Kilogram (2.205 pounds) per packet; comes under a minimal quantity of 15 packs per carton 
- Features a shelf-life of up to 6 months once opened.
- A powder production that is made in Malaysia
- Localised Halal certification of JAKIM awarded.


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