Yoy Natura Curry Laksa Ramen - Soup

  • 2 Carton(s)
  • Yoy Natura Foods
  • 9555879200347
  • Chewy and Hearty
  • Curry Laksa
  • Spicy and tangy curry laksa paired with chewy ramen
  • 240 x 390 x 140 mm
  • 510g x 9 packs per carton, 96 cartons per pallet
  • 510 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Halal by Jakim, HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000, FDA
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Yoy Natura Curry Laksa Ramen - Soup

Usage: If you enjoy Southeast Asian cuisines, you should try the flavorful Curry Laksa Ramen from Harmony Lotus Foods Sdn. Bhd. You can prepare it in a matter of minutes. Yoy Natura recommends placing the noodles into a pot of boiling water (100°C) for 1 minute and 30 seconds. You will know that it is done once you see the noodles float to the top of the water. Next, remove them from the pot and soak in cold water for 15 seconds. Finally, add the curry laksa paste and the boiled ramen into 200ml of boiling water and cook for an additional minute. After giving it a good stir, you may serve it. 

A soft-boiled egg, and any seafood of your choice can be added as garnishes to the Curry Laksa Ramen. For a more authentic taste, you may want to top it off with crunchy fried wontons, tofu puffs, long beans and fried eggplants. 

Certificate(s): Harmony Lotus Foods Sdn. Bhd. has received the following certificates for all of their products: 

  1. JAKIM Halal-certificed: After a thorough evaluation, JAKIM, or The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, granted Harmony Lotus Foods the halal certification. They have demonstrated that the Curry Laksa Ramen and other ingredients used in their products are suitable for  for Muslim consumers worldwide.

  2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified: The GMP certification is related to the practice of the product manufacturing process. Harmony Lotus Foods’ manufacturing procedures and facilities are prepared, monitored, and managed correctly in compliance with GMP standards which indicates that their products, including Curry Laksa Ramen are produced in a safe and controlled environment.

  3. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certified: HACCP is a system that addresses the risk linked to food safety. It ensures that there are no dangers involved with any of the producing, distributing, and consumption processes. This certification can give assurances to the consumers who want to eat a certain food. Harmony Lotus Foods has received the certification for its adherence to the safety regulations. This demonstrates that their food product, such the curry laksa ramen, is safe to eat.

  4. ISO 22000 Certification: In recognition of its adherence to the requirements for food safety, Harmony Lotus Foods Sdn. Bhd. has been awarded the ISO 22000 certification. This certification is internationally acknowledged thus making their products, including the Curry Laksa Ramen safe to consume by consumers all around the world.

  5. FDA Certification: The ingredients used in Lotus Foods’ Curry Laksa Ramen have been approved by the FDA and are deemed safe to consume. Thus, consumers will not have to worry about consuming their products.

Storage Condition: Harmony Lotus Foods advises keeping the Curry Laksa Ramen in the refrigerator (0–4°C) to increase its shelf life (1 year). However, if they are stored at ambient temperature, its shelf life will decrease to 8 months. 

Packaging: This product weighs 510g (17.98o.z) per unit. Customers have to purchase a minimum quantity of 5 cartons in each order. One carton of 2pax contains 14 packs of Curry Laksa Ramen while a carton of 3pax comes in 9 packs. To ensure that the cartons arrive at their destination in excellent shape, Harmony Lotus Foods will be packaging and delivering the products with care.

Curry Laksa Ramen Overview

Laksa is a renowned Southeast Asian cuisine that is loved not just by Malaysians but also by people from all over the world. It has many variations such as
nyonya laksa, curry laksa, laksa Sarawak, laksa Penang, and laksa Johor. Curry Laksa, also referred to as Mee Kari, is a very thick, fragrant, and savoury noodle soup that is made mostly of curry and coconut milk. It is usually eaten with rice noodles but you can also have it with egg noodles, vermicelli,  dried wheat noodles and even ramen noodles. 

For some people, particularly working adults, preparing an authentic curry laksa might be challenging because it necessitates a lot of effort and ingredients. So, Harmony Lotus Foods’ offers you their instant Curry Laksa Ramen. The curry paste that comes with it tastes exactly how you would like your mee kari—creamy, pungent and spicy. Furthermore, the ramen noodles will also give you a special taste of Asian flavours, allowing you to enjoy a fusion of Malaysian and Japanese cuisine. 

About Harmony Lotus Foods (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Harmony Lotus Sdn. Bhd. initially started out in 2014. They have been providing a wide range of noodles including Nama Udon, Curry Laksa Ramen, Spinach Pasta, Yakisoba, Wonton Mee, Pan Mee (Thick) and Pan Mee (Thin). Their products have been produced with only modern machines and equipment based on HACCP standards. The raw materials used are fresh and of the greatest quality from Japan in order to provide their customers with a meal that is both nutritious and delicious. Additionally, JAKIM has granted their products Halal certification, allowing both Muslims and non-Muslims to consume their products.

Yoy Natura’s name is derived from an Italian word that means natural. This specific word is perfect to describe the company’s signature of providing products that are only made of organic ingredients and free of preservatives and additives. The company's founder, Mr. Michael Teo has gone to numerous regions to study the finest methods for making noodles that are not only tasty but also have nutritional benefits. He then found what he was searching for after visiting Sanuki Menki Technical Center located in Japan. From there, he brought back Japan's latest technology of noodle processing to Malaysia. Now, they have successfully offered a wide range of appetizing food such as their Curry Laksa Ramen.

Curry Laksa Ramen's Specifications And Ingredient List

- Made in: Malaysia
- Taste: Tangy and spicy curry laksa flavour
- Texture: Chewy
- Net weight: 510g (17.98o.z)
- Certification: JAKIM Halal, FDA, ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP 
- Shelf life: 12 months

Curry Laksa Ramen's Ingredient Information (In A Table Format)


Items Ingredient List
Ramen Wheat Flour, Soft Water, Salt, Tapioca Starch, Gluten, Contains Permitted Food Colouring (E100)
Paste Palm Olein, Onion, Sugar, Salt, Galangal, Lemongrass, Chillies, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Garlic, Dried Shrimp, Candle Nuts, Curry Leaves, Ginger, Turmeric, Monosodium Glutamate (E621), Sodium Benzoate (E211)

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