Fried Banana Flour

  • Noni Talam
  • Powder
  • Original
  • Easy to make
  • 610 Gram
  • 6 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Johor Port

Product details of Fried Banana Flour

Usage: Fried Banana Flour is an easy-peasy way to get those delectable stall treats right in your kitchen without the hassle of hunting and driving around on hot sweltering afternoons. It is an instant flour so simple to use that Fried Banana Flour is a must-have in your kitchen these days Conveniently, stock at least a packet or two in your shelves so that you can satisfy those cravings for even on days of torrential monsoon rain as the weather can change from sunny skies to storms in a matter of hours. All your need are perhaps eggs, water or anything else you like. Get some plantains, add flour and splash in some water. Coat the plantain generously with batter. Then, gently drop each piece into the wok filled with of oil. As banana fritters are made deep fried, adjust the level of oil to a suitable amount. Carefully, turn over to brown each fritter to golden crispiness on each side. Do it in quick intervals taking care not to burn the banana fritters. It is also a healthier option to prepare banana fritters at home as you can select your own choice of quality oil and make banana fritters fresh anytime or any day Even, organic eggs can be used to give your banana fritters a special touch.

As a local favourite, banana fritters have been an evergreen favourite over generations. Bananas are relatively inexpensive and so easily available everywhere even right in your garden. In just a matter of minutes, golden crispy banana fritters can be savored with a brewed cup of tea. Fritters are best eaten piping hot so each bite can be relished in leisure. Relaxing moments can also be done as easily at home without the need to dash around in the blazing sun. Hot cakes sold out at the stall? As clean and delicious, Fried Banana Flour can also be used to do make great cakes likes the ones sold at roadside stalls. Try making local cakes or even pancakes. Sounds delicious? Check out a recipe and get the steamer out. Fried Banana Flour can be used by anybody not just homemakers, busy working mums or even cake sellers. Feeling like something to eat but can’t put a finger on it? Explore Fried Banana Flour in any way you like!

PackagingAs a trusted brand, Fried Banana Flour comes in an original smooth powder in packets weighing merely 610grams or 1.3448lbs each Lightweight and compact, a packet can be easily tapered to cook just enough to prevent wastage. As each packet is individually wrapped so freshness is locked in until the next time when you need to get the wok out. Easily stored in a cool place, Fried Banana Flour can be kept safely for a long period of time. Originating down south in Johor,Fried Banana Flour can be found anywhere these days. A packet can last up to six months so you never run out of tea time specials even when visitors pop in unannounced.


  1. Halal-CertificationFried Banana Flour is JAKIM certified, safe and easy to use anyway and anytime. Clean, easy and quick scrumptious delicacies are available in any kitchen!

Fried Banana Flour Overview

Banana trees are to be found anywhere where the sun beats grooves into the roads and leaves are browned in the afternoons. A hardy plant that are used for many things but the banana fritter has never gone out of style. These days, one can see the banana fritters man still selling these delicious delicacies on hot afternoons. Even, shops in malls sells banana fritters tea time specials. Fried Banana Flour is so user-friendly that anyone can make banana fritters right in their kitchen! As each packet is conveniently wrapped, so it can be easily used anytime you like. Stretch our budget not your taste! As easy as ABC, Fried Banana Flour gets mouthwatering treats to you instantly in 1-2-3 steps!

Fried Banana Flour Specifications

- 610 Grams / 1.34 Pounds In Net Weight Per Packet 
- A 6-Month Shelf Life
- Ready-To-Use Instant Flour 

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