Red Bean Flour

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Product details of Red Bean Flour

Usage: To make a recipe by using Noni Talam’s red bean flour, there are only a few basic steps to follow. Before that, you need to prepare red bean tin, sugar, salt, thick coconut milk, 2 eggs, and instant red bean flour of Noni Aneka Talam to make a tray of delicious Kuih Talam Kacang Merah (Steamed Red Bean Coconut Cake). There are two layers of the red bean tray cake, the top, and bottom layers.

Before you start making the red bean tray cake by using the Noni Talam’s Red Bean Flour, you need to prepare a 10x10-inch (25cm) baking pan that coating with oil and line with a piece of baking paper. For the bottom layer of red bean, first, tear the notch of the packet of Noni Talam’s red bean flour and pour the red bean flour into a big bowl. Second, add water to the red bean flour and put it aside. Then, mix plain water, sugar, red bean, thick coconut milk salt in a saucepot- bring to a boil. After boiling, add hot sugar syrup to the red bean mixture gradually while stirring, then strain the mixture into a mixing bowl and cook over low heat until the mixture slightly thickens. Remove from the heat. Pour thickened red mixture into the prepared baking pan as stated in the first step and steam over medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Set aside.

For the top layer of the coconut layer. First and foremost, mix thick coconut milk, salt, and 2 eggs. Then, add in 300ml (10.14oz) hot water gradually into the mixture while stirring. Strain mixture into mixing bowl. Use the same method as cooking red bean bottom layer- cook over low heat until mixture thickens about 8 minutes. Remove from heat and pour the coconut layer onto the cooked red bean layer. Steam over medium heat for another 15 minutes. Remove the Steamed Red Bean Coconut Cake from the steamer and let it cool for at least 4 hours before cutting.

Before you serve the large tray of red bean tray cake, slice it into bite-sized pieces. This homemade kuih talam is incredibly yummylicious and nutritious for you to serve as a breakfast! Not only they are suitable for breakfast, but the Steamed Red Bean Coconut Cake is also perfectly paired with a cup of brewed coffee and tea.

It is as easy as ABC to make kuih talam by using Noni Talam's instant red bean flour (tepung talam kacang merah) just within minutes. Even you do not have extra time to work on desserts, Noni Talam brings you authentic Malay kuih recipes in the easiest ready-to-make instant red bean flour.

This recipe is only a suggestion, but sometimes it uses the same ingredients, depending on each recipe. A pinch of salt added is to bring out the coconut flavor.

Noni Aneka Talam brings delicious taste and delightful convenience. There are many varieties of Malaysian kuih that are the result of an interesting instant flour manufactured by Noni Aneka Talam. Wherever you have any celebrations, have in mind Noni Talam’s red bean flour.

Packaging: Each pack/ unit of Noni Talam’s red bean flour serves a net weight of 740 grams (26.1oz). Red Bean Flour of Noni Talam packs in hand-picked plastic packaging. Noni Aneka Talam recommends purchasing its red bean flour in bulk quantities to enjoy exclusive deals at wholesale prices.

Storage Instructions: The premium quality of Noni Talam’s red bean flour can last up to 6 months, equivalent to half a year from the production date. Store the red bean flour manufactured by Noni Aneka Talam in a cool and dry place. Please avoid direct sunlight and humidity. After opening, it is best to refrigerate the red bean flour to retain freshness for up to months. Maintain a storage temperature at or below 40° F (4° C) as cooler temperatures help preserve the quality of Noni Talam’s red bean flour. You can also keep the red bean flour pack in an airtight container. 


  1. Halal-certified (HALAL): All variations of pastries flour and cake mix ingredients products manufactured by Noni Aneka Talam, including its red bean flour, are HALAL Certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The reason is that all ingredients used in the red bean flour manufacturing process are the use of permissible ingredients following the Islamic Shariah law. By receiving this Halal certificate, the Noni Talam’s red bean flour has been authorized for Muslims for safe consumption. In this sense, Noni Talam’s red bean flour is known as Halal Red Bean Flour in Malaysia.

Story of Noni Aneka Talam

Noni Aneka Talam
is a manufacturer and supplier branded Noni Talam based in Johor, Malaysia. They specialize in manufacturing various instant flour and traditional kuih (known as pastry in the Malay language) for nearly 7 years. Noni Aneka Talam was founded by Noni Nornizah.

Noni Aneka Talam accepts orders for ready-made kuih talam, cakes, baked cakes, Raya biscuits, and others. Besides, they are committed to offering their customers a complete range of innovative and quality instant flour. Some of the instant flour production by Noni Aneka Talam includes the Tepung Kuih Seri Muka (Pandan Custard Rice Cake flour), Tepung Kuih Lapis (Nine Layers Steamed Cake Flour), Tepung Kuih Sago (Sago Cake Flour), Tepung Kuih Talam Ubi (Steamed Sweet Potato Cake Flour), Tepung Kuih Talam Kacang Merah (Red Bean Flour), etc.

Noni Aneka Talam’s Red Bean Flour Overview

Still, remember? Whenever you come across a wet market or night market, there are stalls set up selling local kuih, and the walking kuih seller. They are selling an assortment of kuih with people lining up there to snap the homemade tasty kuih- Kuih Talam Kacang Merah is one of them. It is a type of steamed kuih. The local kuih, some are Malay, and some are Nyonya with differents shapes, multiple colors, and flavors. Usually, these local kuih have a sweet taste and are a bit salty just like kuih talam kacang merah, however, some are savory, some are rich and thick, some are smooth and light, and some are soft. There are plenty of ways to make local kuih, most are steamed, baked, and even grilled with local ingredients such as tapioca, glutinous rice, rice flour, cornstarch, and plain flour.

Kuih Talam Kacang Merah is the Malay name of Steamed Red Bean Coconut Cake which is a local kuih popular in Malaysia. “Talam” means tray in Malay, therefore, some people may also call it a Red Bean Tray Cake. Red Bean Tray Cake is a two-layer Nyonya kuih dessert still popular in Malaysia today. The two signature colors of Kuih Talam are green pandan flavor and coconut milk. However, there are many recipes you can find online with different flavors, such as sweet potato, corn, and red bean.

Azuki/ Adzuki Bean, also known as Red Bean, is a type of reddish-brown colored bean. Red bean usually bears a nutty and light sweetness, making it a perfect ingredient for red bean paste for bread and buns, mochi red bean fillings, and desserts, such as Red Bean Tray Cake. There are two layers in this red bean tray cake, the top white, and the bottom red. The top white layer is made with the main ingredient of coconut milk gives a soft texture and tastes slightly salty. While the bottom red layer is made with red bean/ red bean flour, it has a red color, tastes sweet, and has a chewy texture.

The traditional method of making kuih talam kacang merah (red bean tray cake) is made from a mix of rice, tapioca, and green pea flour is a laborious process. However, the instant red bean flour manufactured by Noni Aneka Talam has lightened your procedures of making the red bean tray cake in only a few minutes. The Noni Talam’s red bean flour is an instant flour which is a ready-to-make red bean flour powdered mix that provides a shortcut for making kuih talam. You only need to add eggs, red bean tin, and coconut milk, and it is ready to serve. Noni Aneka Talam provides you with a mouth-watering taste and delicious traditional cakes. Meanwhile, Noni Talam’s red bean flour is easy to store and use.

There is no fixed time to have a piece of red bean tray cake (kuih talam kacang merah). You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere of the day. It can serve as a snack or dessert, as breakfast, or eat during tea break. Moreover, the red bean tray cake can also eat on its own without pairing it with tea, it still tastes nice. Anyway, you make the red bean tray cake (kuih talam kacang merah) by using the Noni Talam’s Red Bean Flour, it tastes delicious!

Make life sweeter with Noni Aneka Talam. No matter what occasion, Noni Talam has the perfect instant flour to ease your process of making various pastries, such as Red Bean Flour. Celebrate birthdays, Hari Raya celebrations, family gatherings, or friend parties, indulge your senses with Noni Talam’s delicious traditional cakes.

Noni Aneka Talam provides instant red bean flour that is fast, convenient, and easy to cook. Noni Aneka’s instant red bean flour is a great addition to your pantry, these are perfect for making yummy brownies, cakes, and pastries that everybody will love.

Product Specifications of Noni Talam’s Red Bean Flour

- Easy to make, by only adding basic ingredients such as red bean tin, egg, and thick coconut milk to turn the powder into a dessert/ pastry
- Save time: Easy and convenient to serve the red bean tray cake (kuih talam kacang merah) within minutes
- Tasty and delicious: Soft and chewy texture with fuller red bean flavor
- Instant flour: Powder texture
- Halal-certified product
- Made in Malaysia
- Net weight: 740 gram (26.1oz) per packet

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