Khayr Chicken Cocktail

  • 5 Carton(s)
  • Khayr
  • 9555424006066
  • Smooth
  • Chicken flavour
  • Made with pure chicken meat, vegetable-based casing, no coloring, no preservatives and no MSG
  • 18 pcs per pack
  • 1 year
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Khayr Chicken Cocktail

Usage: Chicken cocktails are sausages prepared in a particular size rather than a unique style. They are often relatively tiny to be consumed in one or two chunks, rendering them ideal as a starter. The little chicken cocktails can be presented on a platter or impaled with popsicle sticks and cooked rolled in bread or pancetta. Cocktail sausages are traditionally served with a condiment that combines smoky and sugary or mild and peppery flavours. While these chicken cocktails are meant to be devoured in moderation, both the tiny chicken cocktails and the toppings have a propensity for being luxurious and occasionally quite calorie-dense.
There are several ways to prepare cocktail sausages recipes. Still, one of the most straightforward and most convenient options at a gathering is to insert a stick into each chicken cocktail, allowing it to be scooped up and devoured without the demand for a platter or cutlery. They may also be presented with a rich gravy from a slow burner or covered in smoked parmesan pie crust. When the sausages have been coated, they can be put on a bread loaf, garlic sticks, or within salad leaves to be handled without causing a fuss.
Certification: Throughout its start, Nonnas Resources has been recognized for producing a diversity of toothsome and delightful cocktails and its distinctive chicken cocktail. The following constitute the essential credential and admission standards:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Whether you market wet or frozen entrees, you must get Halal JAKIM clearance to market to targeted users. Its Halal concept, which has its foundations in JAKIM, is critical to the country's commercial success. Before selecting an award, JAKIM's board thoroughly and painstakingly reviews each licensing procedure. Nonnas Resources may sell the chicken cocktail to Muslims around Malaysia without fear of retaliation because of JAKIM's backing. At the same time, JAKIM adherents can publicize frozen sausages without worrying about reprisals.
Packaging: Your 18 pieces of the chicken cocktail will be packaged quickly and efficiently. To ensure that this wrapping of chicken salami gourmet travels in peace, it is critical to have a positive mindset while assembling it for clients. Fans of Khayr's chicken cocktail must maintain to purchase in fractions of five (5) cartons to satiate their desires. Suggest submitting any enquiries if you want to observe how people react to these items!
Shelf Life: While the chicken cocktail is perishable food from the Khayr trademark, it has a postharvest limit or validity period. This chicken sausage cocktail has a yearlong nutritive value, which can alternatively be defined as 12 months, as stated by the maker. Shoppers who follow the retailer's refrigeration instructions should be able to keep their chicken cocktail for many weeks. The only additional requirement is to store these chicken-based cocktails or sausage rolls in protective wrapping.
How to Store It: Here are some of the reommendations on how to preserve our delectable chicken cocktail:

  1. Keep chicken cocktails in their natural package before preparing to utilize them.
  2. Secure chicken cocktails in a meal preservation ziplock pouch once unwrapped.
  3. You may also store the chicken cocktails in a food-safe receptacle.

Nonnas Resources’ Chicken Cocktail Overview

A chicken cocktail is a tiny wiener typically presented as an entrée. They may be cooked with a myriad of meats, but the most frequent are chicken or beef. Chicken cocktails are often prepared in a sugary and spicy sauce to preserve them juicy and tasty. Whereas the actual beginnings of the chicken cocktail are uncertain, they are supposed to have begun in the 19th century in America. The moniker "chicken cocktail" or "cocktail wienie" refers to their tiny dimensions, which renders them particularly suitable for distribution at fancy celebrations or other events. Cocktail wienies are still a famous starter among countless Americans presently.
Chicken cocktails are frequently dipped in or presented with a rich relish. BBQ sauce blended with grape jam, a condiment with brown glucose, and mayonnaise with brown fructose constitute some of the oldest formulations for the dressing. Additional ratios include olive oil, honey, miso, pasta sauce, and spicy sauce. The powerful acidic, sugary — and occasionally peppery — combinations are meant to deliver an overwhelming sensation with every mouthful.
They are available pre-made in the frozen department of many supermarkets, or they can be created from the start at residence. In any case, they'll be a big sensation for your subsequent gathering! The chicken cocktail has 100% entire chicken and flesh (lean meat) and is free of MSG, flavouring, and additives. The flavour derives from a combination of raw and high-quality genuine seasonings.

About Nonnas Resources

Nonnas Resources has been in the business since 2016 in Kajang, Selangor. Our principal activity is delivering Muslim-friendly frozen culinary items, primarily beef and chicken, from small and moderate companies to dealers, distributors, and clients. We will guarantee that the things are Halal Jakim Malaysia-approved and of a good standard. Our vision is to be a one-stop shop for halal packaged meal solutions regionally and globally.

Nonnas Resources’ Chicken Cocktail Specifications

  1. 5 cartons minimal purchase
  2. Khayr is a product line
  3. Silky appearance
  4. Highlight: Crafted with real chicken flesh in a veggie-based wrapper, with no colouring, additives, or MSG
  5. Each set has 18 pieces
  6. Twelve months / 1-year expiration date
  7. Halal accreditation is needed
  8. Malaysia is the home nation
  9. Port of entry: Klang

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Nonnas Resources

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
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