Khayr Chicken Black Pepper Sausage - 10 Pieces

  • 5 Carton(s)
  • Khayr
  • 9555424006035
  • Smooth
  • Chicken with black pepper flavour
  • Made with pure chicken meat, vegetable-based casing, no coloring, no preservatives and no MSG
  • 10 pcs per pack
  • 1 year
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Khayr Chicken Black Pepper Sausage - 10 Pieces

Usage: The following is how you can prepare the black pepper sausage. The first way to prepare the black pepper sausage is by making a hotdog out of it. Firstly, slice open the hotdog bread right in the middle but not until it the bread is severed into two. Leave just enough of the bread in between to hold the black pepper sausage and other contents together. Then, spread a cut of butter onto the sliced area of the bread and grill it. Then, after defrosting the frozen black pepper sausage, grill it and flip it over time to evenly cook it. After finishing, place a slice of cheese on the bun and then place the black pepper wiener on top of it. If the bread is considerably large, you may even add grilled bacon, garlic, and green leaf vegetables onto it as well for a more fulfilling experience. Seasoning the black pepper with salt is also an option. 

Furthermore, the same black pepper sausage can also be used in other recipes as an add-on or topping such as spaghetti, macaroni, and fried rice amongst many others. An alternative method to grilling the black pepper sausage to cook it is by steaming, boiling, air frying, and deep frying them. The black pepper sausage is also suitable to be served as a meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even to be brought to work or school in a lunchbox due to its easy-to-eat nature.

Certification(s) & Mentioning(s): Nonnas Enterprise has acquired two important certificates that would help them establish its presence and gain consumers’ trust in the food industry.

  1. JAKIM Halal: The Khayr black pepper sausage has been certified halal by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department due to their manufacturing practices that are compliant with Shariah standards such as maintaining hygienic practices and strictly prohibiting any use of alcohol, pork, and other non-halal substances in their products.

  2. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI):  The Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri certificate is a certification provided by the Malaysian Health Ministry that acts as an alternative to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certificate for small and medium-sized enterprises. This certificate designates that Khayr black pepper sausage is safe for consumption and can be trusted by consumers if they are foreign to the product.

Packaging: The black pepper sausage is packed into units of 10 pieces each. The packaging is transparent with a large label placed at the front. The brand’s logo is placed at the top of the label over a primarily black-themes background that includes an image of black peppers. Then, the features of the product, pure chicken meat, vegetable-based casing, no MSG, no coloring, and no preservatives are also included on the packaging along with other important details such as the nutritional value table, the halal certificate logo by JAKIM, and manufacturer’s details and social media accounts.

Storage Instructions: The halal chicken sausages should be stored frozen under 0°C(32°F) to fulfil their full shelf life of 12 months. Like other processed products such as chicken cocktails and meatballs, if kept under refrigerated temperatures, it may accelerate the deterioration of the product.

Khayr's Black Pepper Sausage Overview

The black pepper sausage is also known as barbeque sausage, even if it is not grilled like a proper BBQ dish due to black peppers association with its condiment, the black pepper sauce, a constant staple in barbeque nights. The smokey and spicy black pepper sausage is made with 100% lean meat, allowing it to be low in fat and calories. Furthermore, no additives were used in the making of the black pepper frankfurter, only using fresh organic spices and ingredients to make this jumbo delicacy tasty and healthy ready for you to eat.

Albeit its association with German and Polish food culture, the origin of sausages is not as clear cut as where Porsches are from Volkswagen. Made of ground poultry meat, the simple yet gourmet potential of this dish can be claimed by any. Holding a resemblance to the Southeast Asian satays, it isn’t a stretch to speculate that it may inspire the creation of sausages or vice versa. Well, however, you may see it, the victors of war shall proclaim the right to write history, as sausages have existed long in history, crossing multiple ages of colonial eras.

About Nonnas Resources

Nonnas Resources is a company that supplies frozen food such as fries, sausages, and meatballs in addition to other products since 2016. The company aims to become an established name internationally and is currently a withholder of the JAKIM Halal certificate and the MeSTI certificate.

Black Pepper Sausage Specifications

- Origin: Malaysia
- Flavor: Black pepper
- Texture: Soft
- Features

  1. pure chicken meat
  2. vegetable-based casing
  3. no MSG
  4. no coloring
  5. no preservatives

- Certification(s) & Mentioning(s)

  1. JAKIM Halal
  2. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI)

- Packaging

  1. 10 X 35g pieces per pack
  2. 5 cartons minimum order

- Shelf-Life

  1. 12 months
  2. Kept frozen under 0°C (32°F)

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Nonnas Resources

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
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