Lotte Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Original

  • Lotte
  • Aloe vera pulp, consuming the pulp is similar to chewing on jelly
  • Pure Aloe Vera natural juice extract
  • Helps soothing the digestive system, improving weight loss and assisting the self-cleansing action
  • 25 x 33 x 30 cm
  • 1.5 Litre
  • 12 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • South Korea

Product details of Lotte Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Original

Usage: When you accrued your 1.5 l Lotte Aloe Vera Juice, you may take the drink out of your packaged box that comes during the shipment. To use the juice drink, you need to utilize your dominant hand and twist to the opposite side. Once you open the bottle, you may pour the aloe vera juice into your glass and enjoy the beverage. For chilled juice, you may refrigerate your aloe vera drink in the fridge. This drink will last you for about 12 months.

Certifications: Upon Aladdin Grocer Enterprise's formation, they acquired certifications from JAKIM. Their goods, Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is blessed to achieve this certificate.  

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certificate: Alladin Grocer Enterprise has attained halal consent from the Malaysian Development of Islamic Development (JAKIM) for the advantage of its Muslim buyers in Malaysia. The certificate determined that they tolerate the halal provision supplied by JAKIM. The company's Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is harmless to be consumed by Muslims.

Packaging: The parcel of the Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is very secure as they come with bubble wraps and stretch films. The utilization of these mediums is to assured products make an appearance in perfect shape and that no dents and damages emerge on the 1.5 l bottle. The bottled juice originated from plastic, and the color of the aloe vera bottle is green; this is to represent the main ingredient, which was aloe vera.

The plant's color is green, and because of that, it is predictable to use the color as the color image. The bottle contains the word "original aloe," insinuating that the drink only utilized original aloe vera flavors. This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is 51 fluid ounces.

Dimension: This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice's product dimension is 25 x 33 x 30 cm and 247 500 millimeters.

Net weight/Unit: The Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is sold in 1.5 l and 51 fluid ounces.

Storage instruction: You may supply your Lotte Aloe Vera Juice in your fridge for 12 months. The fictitious temperature is between 35 and 38 °C. You should not reserve the juice in the freezer because it will stop dead your drink.

Shipping Details: Aladdin Grocer's Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is cautiously packaged with bubble wrap and stretch film to evade defacement to the bottle. This aloe juice is sold in a 1 x 20 feet container and can request for less than container load (LCL). This aloe vera juice is transmitted using Express Delivery. The likability of receiving your drink on the same or two working shipping days is doable.

Lotte Aloe Vera Juice Overview

Aloe vera juice is viscid, inspissated fluid withdrawn from the tissue of the aloe vera plant leaf. For centuries, aloe vera is very well-known and sought after for its many benefits. The plant has many advantages for your skin, health, and hair. On top of that, it's deemed as one of the natural ingredients to put in your skin, body, and hair routine. The easiest way to incorporate aloe vera is to cut the leaf, extract the pulp, and smother the sticky substance on your skin. Aloe vera is also believed to help soothe sunburnt skin for its cooling and healing properties. As for your health, aloe vera can be consumed on its own, without any added preservatives or artificial sugar. And for hair care, people have used aloe vera gel to put on the hair after shampooing. Usually, hair serums would be the option to slather on damped hair, but some populations prefer to put the gel on their hair as it is free from paraben, alcohol, and other unnecessary ingredients. Drinking aloe vera juice comes with many benefits such as enhancing one's weight loss and accommodating self-cleansing action. Aloe vera juice is only healthy when you leave the added sugar from the concoction and consume the pure extract. If you went on and drink the added sugar aloe vera juice, it does not give the same effect that pure aloe does to your body. You will find only pure aloe in Lotte Aloe Vera Juice.

About Aladdin Grocer Enterprise

Every product marketed by Aladdin Grocer is 100% veritable, not discreetly imported from admitted origins. The agency fastened that with every transit, the package will be barricaded with bubble wrap and stretch film. Our products are determined to be sold at an acceptable price, with a top-tier condition, and creditable branding products. We have also given pleasant customer experience to our beloved customers. We have plenty of goods, and one of them is our Lotte Aloe Vera Juice.

Lotte Aloe Vera Juice's Specification

- Lotte Aloe Vera Juice will last for 12 months.
- This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is 1.5 l 51 fluid ounces.
- This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice needs to be chilled in the fridge at 35 and 38 °C.
- The packaging of Lotte Aloe Vera Juice comes with bubble wrap and stretch film.
- Every delivery of Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is transmitted with the use of Delivery Express.
- This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is sold in a 1 a x 20 feet container.
- This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is negotiable for less than a container load (LCL).
- The estimated delivery of Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is within one or two working days
- This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice's product dimension is 25 x 33 x 30 cm and 247 500 millimetres.
- The texture of Lotte Aloe Vera Juice is similar to jelly and chewable, due to the pulp's existence in the drink.
- This Lotte Aloe Vera Juice contains natural juice extract.
- Lotte Aloe Vera Juice owns a halal certificate from JAKIM.

Lotte Aloe Vera Juice Ingredients Lists

- Cane Sugar.
- Aloe Vera Gel (8%).
- Aloe Vera Dust Gel (7%).
- Pomegranate Flavor.
- Acidity Regulator: Calcium Lactate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate.
- Natural dye Concentrate: red cabbagae, gardenia.
- Antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
- Gelling agent: gellan, orange flavor.
- Pure Aloe Vera.
- Vitamin A, C, and E from the aloe vera.
- Folic Acid.
- Choline
- Vitamin B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6, B12
- Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, iron, potassium, copper, and manganese.

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