Nutella B-Ready - 6 Pieces

  • Ferrero
  • AGNBR132G
  • Crunchy
  • Enjoy the unique Nutella® taste in a crunchy wafer shell
  • Convenient and ready-to-eat wherever you are
  • 28 x 46 x 17 cm
  • 132 Gram
  • 6 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • Italy

Product details of Nutella B-Ready - 6 Pieces

Usage: When you accumulate your Nutella b-ready snack, you may remove the treat from your parcel that comes with it upon receiving your order. If you examine Nutella packaging closely, you will find at the top of the packet there's a ridges outline that suggests you tear the packaging on that area. When you open the Nutella box, you will find six wafers generally, which were covered individually. Your Nutella desserts are also available in a single bar.

You may take one bar at a time or a few amounts and enjoy them simultaneously. You can enjoy your Nutella b-ready treats on their own or with a warm chocolate drink.

You can stock your Nutella b- ready package in a dry sector; for example, the kitchen cabinet. You must ensure to store the packaging from direct sunlight. This b-ready protein will last you for about six months. 

Certifications: Upon Aladdin Grocer Enterprise's formation, they acquired certifications from JAKIM. Their goods, Nutella b-ready is blessed to achieve this certificate. 

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certificate: Alladin Grocer Enterprise has attained halal consent from the Malaysian Development of Islamic Development (JAKIM) for the advantage of its Muslim buyers in Malaysia. The certificate determined that they tolerate the halal provision supplied by JAKIM. The company's Nutella b-ready is harmless to be consumed by Muslims.

Packaging: The packaging for Nutella b-ready is always securely wrapped the parcels with bubble wrap and stretch films. The utilization of bubble wrap will safeguard the package from any misuse of delicate merchandise during its shipping and moving journey. We practice Express Delivery, as it will be estimated to ship out the parcels within the same day or the next working day. The Nutella b-ready comes with a box containing six separately enveloped Nutella desserts.

Dimension: The dimension of Nutella b-ready is 17 cm, and 170 mm.

Net Weight/Unit: This Nutella b-ready snack weighs 132 grams and 5 ounces.

Storage Instruction: To verify the permanence of Nutella b-ready, you are endorsed to store this snack in a dry area such as your kitchen cabinet. It's not advocated to reserve this dessert in the fridge because it will be tremendously difficult and make it harder for you to indulge in the snack.

Shipping Details: This Nutella b-ready snack is marketed in a 1 x 20 feet container and applies to less than container load (LCL).

Texture: The consistency of this Nutella b-ready is crunchy, as it is a chocolate treat wrapped with a crumbly wafer and Nutella cocoa filling.

Feature: This Nutella b-ready wafer is prepared to be consumed on the go. It is very appropriate and effortless to access, making it easier to enjoy whenever you are.

Nutella B-Ready Overview

Many are aware of the commercial hazelnut cocoa trade name Nutella. Hailing from Italy, the well-known chocolate spread was manufactured by the Italian firm Ferrero and was initiated in 1964; even though its first reiteration dates to 1963. Cocoa, as we are conscious of, is very glamorized worldwide. From chocolates to chocolate-flavoured soft drinks, cocoa was manoeuvered in many desserts. Every one of many ages, kids or adults, enjoys chocolate flavours in everything. Chocolates were taken out from cocoa beans. Chocolate is also used in bakery goods to make bread, cake, cupcakes, and many more. Not only that, but chocolate is also utilized in the production of ice cream, spreads, candy, and other various desserts you can think of. The chocolate flavour is the most common in every dessert and is also considered "king" in a variety of flavours. No matter how many flavours are introduced in the market, chocolate will always be superior and loved by all. Chocolate spread is also an item that is glorified. Generally, the chocolate spread has its advantages such as aiding in digestion. One of the most infamous chocolate flavours is hazelnut chocolate. The production of chocolate wafers is also active in utilizing hazelnut chocolate, such as Nutella b-ready.

About Aladdin Grocer Enterprise

Every product auctioned by Aladdin Grocer is 100% authentic, completely not privately imported from unrecognized origin. The corporation secured that with every delivery, your parcels will be protected with bubble wrap and stretch film. Our products are proven to be sold at a reasonable price, with top-tier qualities, and creditable branding products. We have also given pleasant customer experience to our beloved customers. We have plenty of goods, and one of them is our Nutella b-ready snack.

Nutella B-Ready's Specification

- This Nutella b-ready snack will last you for six months.
- This Nutella b-ready wafer is best stored in dry areas instead of refrigerators.
- This Nutella b-ready wafer needs to be kept away from direct sunlight.
- To open the Nutella b-ready packaging, you only need to tear the outline on the box.
- The Nutella b-ready is provided with six individually packed chocolate wafers.
- Aside from being sold in a packaged Nutella b-ready is also available in a single bar.
- This Nutella b-ready possesses a Halal certificate from JAKIM.
- The Nutella b-ready box is shipped with precautions such as adding bubble wrap and stretch film.
- The Nutella b-ready is delivered with Express Delivery.
- The estimated time to receive the Nutella b-ready is within the same day or the next day (working hour).
- The dimension of Nutella b-ready is 17 cm and 170 mm.
- This Nutella b-ready is sold in a 1 x 20 feet container and is available for less than a container load (LCL).
- This Nutella b-ready wafer is 132 grams.
- This Nutella b-ready snack is 5 ounces.
- The texture of Nutella b-ready is crunchy.

Ingredient Lists For Nutella B-Ready

- Hazelnut spread with cocoa 81.5%
- Sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts (13%)
- Skimmed milk powder (8.7%)
- Fat-reduced cocoa (7.4%)
- Emulsifier: Lecithin (soya), (vanillin) wheat flour, (16%)
- Baker's yeast
- Powdered Barley Malt Extract
- Salt
- Skimmed milk powder
- Emulsifier: Lecithin (soya)
- Wheat proteins
- Whey proteins (milk)
- Water

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