Lotte Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Sugar Free

  • Lotte
  • Aloe vera pulp, consuming the pulp is similar to chewing on jelly
  • Pure Aloe Vera natural juice extract
  • Helps soothing the digestive system, improving weight loss and assisting the self-cleansing action
  • 25 x 33 x 30 cm
  • 1.5 Litre
  • 12 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • South Korea

Product details of Lotte Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Sugar Free

Usage: In this part, you'll discover how to regularly use Lotte aloe vera juice. You must first head towards the pantry in your house, then toward the general area of the refrigerator. Pull the refrigerator door open until you can see the inner storage space while maintaining control of the refrigerator handle with your right hand. Once you've done that, peek inside the refrigerator's section to find the Lotte aloe vera juice. You must grab the Korean drink bottle with your right hand, lift it out of the storage space after finding the Lotte-aloe vera drink, and then use your other hand to shut the refrigerator door once more.

Put Lotte aloe vera juice on the kitchen countertop after that. next proceed to the storage compartment, take one cup with your right hand and do it slowly. Bring the cup close to where the Lotte aloe vera drink is located after that, and set it down next to the sugar-free juice.

Then, using your left hand, gently hold and raise the Lotte Aloe Vera Juice container. While doing so, use your right hand to grip the lid of the Korean brand health drink bottle and turn it to release the 1.5l original Lotte aloe vera packing. Open the lid and then pour Lotte Aloe Vera Juice into the cup you already took. Following that, reseal the 1.5-litre bottle of Lotte aloe vera juice and set it back on the table. Your Lotte Chilsung aloe vera juice drink is now ready to be enjoyed.

Certification(s) & Award(s):

  1. Halal-JAKIM Certified: The only organisation that has the authority to grant a halal status certificate for any product created by the company, including Lotte Aloe Vera Juice, is the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM). For items like Lotte aloe vera drink, which is a part of the Food & Beverages (F&B) industry, halal certification is required and even vital. The 1.5L Lotte aloe original drink's value is increased by halal certification, which also slightly increases sales and brand recognition.

Packaging: PET is a common material for plastic bottles, particularly those used to package Lotte aloe vera juice. PET plastic bottles are used to package 1.5l lotte aloe vera juice because of their superior strength-to-weight ratio, lower cost, ability to be transported more cheaply than glass containers, and history of dependability and safety.

Plastic's ability to be recycled is one of the qualities that the packaging for Lotte aloe vera juice is chosen for. The Lotte Chilsung aloe vera juice drink's plastic packaging is a priceless resource that has aided in various developments. In addition to cost savings, the packaging of Halal Lotte Chilsung aloe vera juice originally lowers energy use, gas emissions, and plastic waste.

Shipping: Lotte aloe vera juice must be purchased by the distributor in minimum amounts of one 20-foot container (2.5908m in height, 2.9m in breadth, and 2.44m in length). To save money, Lotte Aloe Vera Drink Production strongly advises distributors to purchase big volumes of sugar-free juice from Korean brands using 20-foot containers. Additionally, providers may guarantee that there will always be aloe vera juice drink in stock at your retail location or storehouse by purchasing in this 20-foot container, ensuring that customers never run out of their supply of nutritious beverages.

However, the Lotte aloe vera juice production team also offers wholesalers who want to test this healthy beverage reasonable shipping. Furthermore, all distributors have access to Lotte aloe vera juice in less than container load (LCL) or one pallet quantity.

Storage Instruction(s): In reality, Lotte Chilsung can be kept in your pantry cabinet as long as it is shielded from sunlight and used to contain aloe vera juice. However, it is advised that you store Lotte aloe vera juice in the refrigerator at a temperature of 6 to 10 °C to guarantee that you enjoy the freshness when drinking it. Additionally, by storing Lotte aloe vera juice in the fridge, this healthful beverage can endure longer.

Aloe Vera Juice Drink Overview

Aloe vera is a tropical plant species in the Aloe genus. Aloe vera, despite being widely distributed, is viewed as an invasive plant in many regions of the world. Aloe vera is a common component of many commercial goods, including drinks, lotion, masks, shampoos, cosmetics, balms, and gel for sunburns and minor burns.

Aloe vera juice from Lotte is nutrient-rich and has many health advantages when consumed regularly. However, it is preferable, to begin with, a little shot of Lotte Chilsung aloe vera juice and gradually increase the frequency and volume of the beverage. The primary component in Lotte aloe vera juice is an antioxidant, which lowers your risk of contracting diseases like diabetes and heart disease. However, 1.5l lotte aloe vera juice has advantages that go beyond prevention.

Hence, Several substances in Lotte aloe vera juice are recognised to have laxative properties. Aloe vera juice drink has shown potential as a technique to treat constipation, even though it is unlikely to upset the stomach in persons with regular bowel movements. In addition, The antioxidant beta carotene, which is generally found in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, is present in large quantities in Lotte aloe vera juice. Vitamin A, which is connected to general eye health, is created by your body from beta-carotene. In addition to promoting eye health, beta-carotene can help promote corneal and retinal health. Healthy eyes can be maintained by consuming Lotte aloe vera juice.

Last but not least, Lotte aloe vera juice may be used to treat burns and other skin conditions including atopic dermatitis because it is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects. When aloe vera juice is used, it has many health benefits for the skin.

Lotte Aloe Vera Juice Specification(s)

- The Lotte aloe vera juice has a jelly-like feel since it contains pulp.
- The Lotte aloe vera drink has a fresh flavour.
- Aloe vera juice drink has a 1.5-litre net weight.
- Lotte aloe vera juice has a 12-month shelf life.
- The liquid is a Lotte aloe vera juice character.

Ingredients ListWater, Cane Sugar, Aloe Vera Gel (8%), Aloe Vera Dust Gel (7%), Pomegranate Flavor, Acidity Regulator: Calcium Lactate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate; Natural dye concentrate (red cabbage, gardenia), antioxidant: ascorbic acid, gelling agent: gellan, orange flavor.

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