Nutrifres Orange Concentrate

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  • Liquid
  • Sweet
  • 1 Bottle: 1000G / 1 Carton: 12 Bottles / Carton Size: (H)247MM x (L)310MM x (W)234MM
  • 1000 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Nutrifres Orange Concentrate

Usage: Drinking orange juice in the morning will start your day with a refreshing one so that it will make you look fresher on a sunny day. To find these refreshing drinks, Nutrifres is the answer, a company that manufactures fruit concentrate, one of which is Orange Juice Concentrate. To enjoy Nutrifres Orange Concentrate: pour 20ml (0.68 fl oz) of Orange Juice Concentrate into a glass, then add 230ml (7.78 fl oz) of water at room temperature (25°C - 32°C / 77°F - 90°F) to the glass containing Orange Concentrate, stir it until well mixed with a spoon. If you want to enjoy it cold, it will be more refreshing, you can change the water to cold water (0°C - 4°C / 32°F - 39°F) or add ice cubes after mixing. Your Nutrifres Orange Juice Concentrate is ready to be enjoyed.

To serve this Orange Juice Concentrate is not only served by mixing normal water, but can be enjoyed in a more refreshing way, colourful, and eye-catching, looks like you are drinking in a cafe. One of which is you can add sparkling water, the water of pea flowers (60g / 2.12 oz), and honey to give it more flavors and look attractive.

In addition, Nutrifres manufactures Orange Juice Concentrate, which not only is served as a drink but can also be served as an additional ingredient for flavor in foods and beverages. For example, Ice Blend Drinks, Cakes, Jams, Tarts, Jellies, and many more others require the addition of pure flavor in food.  This Orange Juice Concentrate can even be used in cooking as a cooking sauce.

Certification: The Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a company that produces healthy food and beverages and is guaranteed the quality of the ingredients used in producing their product. It can be seen from Nutrifres fruit juice concentrate products that use fresh citrus of high quality. Orange Juice Concentrate by Nutrifres has received five certifications from registered institutions, which are guaranteed to be safe for consumption by the public, especially Muslims and can be exported to various countries.

  1. Halal-Certified: Orange Juice Concentrate produced by Nutrifres is proven to use pure 100% fresh oranges as an ingredient and does not use ingredients that are prohibited in Islam in its processing. Therefore in 2004, JAKIM as the federal government agency that manages Muslims in Malaysia gives Halal Certificates for Nutrifres Orange Concentrate products so that it is safe for consumption by Muslims.

  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HCCP) Certification: Nutrifres has used natural and premium quality ingredients in producing their products, especially in processing fruit concentrates because the ingredients used are far from harmful to the human body. Nutrifres Orange Concentrate received an HCCP certificate in 2013 which is declared to be safe consuming the product.

  3. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) / Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry-Certified: From the production line of Orange Juice Concentrate: selecting oranges, washing, peeling, mixing, and packaging Nutrifies have been proven to be safe and hygienic for consumption. MeSTI has given this certificate to Nutrifres so that people know that this Orange Juice Concentrate is safe for consumption.

  4. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification: With Orange Juice Concentrate production activities are organized and processed using sophisticated machines where one example is the process of mixing ingredients using machines that can be done automatically and provide perfect mixing results. Furthermore, in the packaging process, there are also machines that can fill syrup into bottles, labels, boxes and others. So, once production can produce a bulk of stock for the industry. GMP awarded this certificate because Nutrifres has used a structured production process.

  5. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certification: In 2012 the Nutrifres Orange Concentrate received a certificate from the FDA which states that the processing of this orange juice concentrate product is far from chemicals that can harm the human body. The certificate given proves to people who want to consume Orange Juice Concentrate that it is safe for their health.

  6. Product of Malaysia: Nutrifres Orange Concentrate is a Fruit Juice Concentrate product made by Nutrifres Food & Beverage Sdn. Bhd. original from Malaysia.

Packaging: Nutrifres uses 100% recyclable PET bottles for packaging Orange Juice Concentrate which is in one bottle filled 1L (1.06 qt / 0.26 gal) and can serve up to 21 glasses (250ml / 8.45 fl oz). This type of PET bottle is known for its clear, strong, lightweight material, so it is widely used for food and beverage packaging. That’s why Orange Concentrate uses bottles made of polyester. After packaging using bottles, Nutrifres will seal the bottle caps again so that the products they sell or send to faraway places can reach consumers safely without spills and maintain hygiene. And the bottles will be labelled with the product name, brand name, certification logo (Halal, HCCP, MeSTI, GMP, FDA, and Made in Malaysia), materials used in processing, as well as instructions for serving the Orange Juice Concentrate. After everything is done, the Orange Juice Concentrate bottles will be packed again into cardboard boxes that can fit 12 bottles in one box with the size (H)247mm x (L)310mm x (W)234mm (24.7cm x 31cm x 23.4cm / 9.72 in x 12.20 in x 9.21 in) so that in one box has weight 12kg (26.46 lb).

Storage Instruction: Nutrifres Orange concentrate is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator (keep it cool / frozen) and dry. Keep away from sun exposure.

Orange Juice Concentrate Overview

is an industry that produces various kinds of fruit juice concentrates, one of which is Orange Juice Concentrates, which are processed using real organic fresh fruit. Nutrifres have a quote for Orange Juice Concentrate that says “Nutrifres fruit Juice Not Just as Drinking Juice”. The result of processing will be in the form of liquid and give a sweet taste so that when serving it there is no need to add sweeteners anymore.

With the pure orange fruit contained, this concentrate has provided many benefits for people who consume it, especially healthy for their bodies. Because Nutrifres Orange Concentrate contains Vitamin C and is free from Gluten and Cholesterol. So, it is safe for consumption by people of all ages.

About Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn Bhd

Nutrifres Food & Beverage Industries Sdn. Bhd.
is one of the largest industries that produce concentrated fruit juice (28 Flavour) and syrup with various flavors in Malaysia, which is in Selangor, Shah Alam. Nutrifres has been established in 2000, it has received five specialized certifications (Halal, HCCP, MeSTI, GMP, FDA) and received other awards such as ISO, Most Supportive Entrepreneur in MIHAS 2010, Asia Pacific Entrepreneur, etc.

Nutrifres uses real fruit in processing, which is guaranteed of good quality so that they can always provide customer satisfaction in buying and consuming without any shortages and differences from year to year. Nutrifres not only sells its products to local people, but they also export its products to various countries. One of the most popular products is Orange Juice Concentrate because it has multifunctionality in serving.

Nutrifres Orange Concentrate Specification

- Contains Pure Orange (25%) and Cane Sugar
- Have a Sweet Taste
- Liquid Texture
- Packaged in PET Bottle (1L / 1.06 qt / 0.26 gal) and packaged again in the box with size (H) 24.7cm x (L) 31cm x (W) 23.4cm (9.72 in x 12.20 in x 9.21 in)
- One box equals 12 Bottle of Orange Juice Concentrate
- Weight per bottle 1000g (35.27 oz)
- Per one bottle can serve up to 21 glasses (250ml / 8.45 fl oz)
- Made in Malaysia
- Can last for 18 Months
- Multifactional (can be cooking sauces, dipping sauces, toppings, etc.)

Serving Instructions

- Pour 20g (0.71 oz) Orange Concentrate into the glass
- Add 230ml (7.78 fl oz) Water (25°C - 32°C / 77°F - 90°F) or Cold Water (0°C - 4°C / 32°F - 39°F)
- Stir it until evenly mixed
- Add ice cubes (optional, but it’s good to reduce the sweetness if too sweet)

The tagline "Nutrifres Fruit Juice Not Just As Drinking Juice" speaks for itself.

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