Nutrifres Pineapple Concentrate - 1000g

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  • Nutrifres
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  • Liquid
  • Sweet
  • Multipurpose Use
  • 1 Bottle: 1000G / 1 Carton: 12 Bottles / Carton Size: (H)247MM x (L)310MM x (W)234MM
  • 1000 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Nutrifres Pineapple Concentrate - 1000g

Usage: Before you make a glass/ a jar of refreshing Pineapple juice, shake the bottle of Nutrifres’s Pineapple Juice Concentrate well before use. Then, open the bottle cap of this Pineapple Concentrate. After that, pour one part of this Pineapple Juice Concentrate into your preferred jar/ vessel/ glass, and add nine parts of filtered water into the pineapple liquid. To make it sweeter, you can add one more part of Nutrifres’s pineapple concentrate. The common dilution ratio is one part of Pineapple Juice Concentrate and nine parts of water. You can also make the ratio of 1:10.

Before drinking, stir the mixture well until the pineapple concentrate is fully dissolved in the water. During this step, you can add ice cubes and sugar/ stevia into the pineapple juice for a better taste. The amount of sugar/ stevia added depends on your preference. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to add ice cubes and sugar. Finally, a jar/ a glass of refreshing pineapple juice is ready to enjoy.

Within a short period of time, this Pineapple Juice Concentrate by Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd. is ready to serve. Only adding water, a glass of refreshing and tasteful pineapple juice is ready for you to enjoy. The pineapple juice made with Nutrifres’s Pineapple Juice Concentrate tastes a pure sweetness, fragrant, and pineapple aroma. However, if you don’t like to add ice cubes, Nutrifres recommends placing a glass/ jar of pineapple juice in the fridge, and it absolutely tastes better refrigerated.

Each bottle of this premium-quality pineapple juice concentrate can serve up to 21 glasses of 250ml (8.45fl oz). With its refreshing pineapple aroma taste, Nutrifres’s Pineapple Juice Concentrate makes it the perfect refreshment for joyful moments with family and friends during weddings, parties, or gatherings.

In the meantime, Nutrifres’s Pineapple Juice Concentrate is suitable for multi-functions. Many juice recipes can be obtained from Nutrifres Official Facebook Page. You can also refer to Nutrifres official website. All recipes are allowed to view either in blog posts or videos instructions.

Other than making pineapple juice, the Pineapple Concentrate can also be the perfect base for bakery and cooking. The reason is that the thick puree in the pineapple juice concentrate is suitable to be used as extra flavors in ice blended drinks, fruit tarts, jellies, toppings, desserts, fillings, and anywhere a burst of flavor is desired. When applying this pineapple juice concentrate to the product of choice, it will provide a smooth and silky texture when consumed.

Enjoying this refreshing Pineapple juice will instantly cool you down and prevent heatstroke during hot weather. The pineapple juice concentrate is perfect for making refreshing pineapple juice, and it is best served with iced.

Packaging Information: 

Packaging Design

Packed in a sturdy bottle


1000ml (30.43fl.oz)

1 Carton

12 bottles

Carton Size

 247(H) x 310(L) 234(W) mm [9.72(H) x 12.20(L) x 9.21(W) inches]

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

1 x 20ft Container

Storage Instructions: The company recommends storing the Nutrifres’s Pineapple Juice Concentrate in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Pineapple Juice Concentrate manufactured by Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd provides a longer shelf life of 18 months from the manufacture date. Once opened, store the pineapple concentrate at room temperature.


  1. Halal JAKIM-certified: All fruit juice concentrate manufactured by Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd, including its Pineapple Juice Concentrate, is HALAL Certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). According to Islamic Shariah Law, all ingredients used in manufacturing pineapple juice concentrate are the use of permissible ingredients. In this sense, Nutrifres’s Pineapple Juice Concentrate is known as Halal Pineapple Juice Concentrate in Malaysia for safe consumption for the Muslim population worldwide.

  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification: Nutrifres practices food safety during preparation, processing, manufacturing, and packaging during its manufacturing process. By receiving this certification, this Pineapple Juice Concentrate can increase client trust in using their products.

  3. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification: Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd received the GMP Certification from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) as they follow strict standard procedures and produce consistently according to quality standards.

  4. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) Certified: Pineapple Juice Concentrate of Nutrifres manufactured by Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd was certified with MeSTI. Good hygienic bottle packaging made them comply with a full spectrum of basic hygiene requirements, in which its concentrated pineapple juice is safe for consumption.
  5. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certificate: To receive FDA approval, the use of color additives within Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd is approved by the FDA for safe consumption.

Story of Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries

Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn. Bhd. (NFB) was established in 2000, is a leading Food & Beverages Manufacturer in regions. Nutrifres has been a specialist in juice concentrates. Over two decades, the company has manufactured a wide range of fruity flavors ranging from concentrated fruit juice to health drinks, including pineapple juice, strawberry juice, apple juice, lemon juice, calamansi juice, etc.

With more than 24 flavors, Pineapple juice concentrate is one of the well-known fruit-based drink concentrates in Nutrifres. This Nutrifres’s pineapple concentrate is the concentrated pineapple purees extracted from fresh fruit.

Pineapple Juice Concentrate Overview

Pineapple has its scientific name-Ananas Comosus, a tropical plant with edible fruit. It is an incredibly delicious, healthy tropical with numerous beneficial properties with nutrients, antioxidants, and other helpful compounds. For instance, pineapple has a great source of Vitamin C that is essential for immune health, iron absorption, and growth and development. Besides, pineapples are also rich in manganese, offer antioxidant properties, and aid in growth and metabolism.

Nutrifres’s Pineapple Concentrate is made from fruit purees- pineapples. Hence, all these beneficial properties are the result of its other micronutrients, such as copper, thiamine, vitamin B6, and minerals. Pineapple itself packs various nutrients, undoubtedly, this pineapple juice concentrate is not as healthy as fresh juice, but it contains the same nutritional value as the pure fresh pineapple juice.

Furthermore, juice concentrates produced under the brand Nutrifres are multi-functional. This Nutrifres’s pineapple juice concentrate is specially formulated to offer the great fruity aroma of fresh pineapples to the foods and beverages. You can use it for bakery, vape, barista, hospitality/ hotel, restaurant, etc. Whether you are at home, on the go-to vacation with friends or family members, at parties, and at gatherings, Nutrifres will always provide tasty drinks with its Pineapple Juice Concentrate.

All variations of juice concentrate manufactured by Nutrifres provide a longer storage life and are easy to store. You can also use the pineapple juice concentrate as a base to prepare a variety of exciting recipes. Nutrifres’s pineapple juice concentrate presents gold yellow colour. Spend your summer by making ice pineapple juice or smoothies with this pineapple concentrate.

Meanwhile, you no need to worry about food safety concerns, Nutrifres Fruit Juice Concentrates comply with food safety regulations and food hygiene. The pineapple juice concentrate is manufactured following strict standards of hygiene and quality. Moreover, they have been awarded Halal Certificate, HACCP Certificate, GMP Certificate, and MeSTI Certificate. If you are a Muslim, no worries, the concentrated fruit juice, including its pineapple juice concentrate is also manufactured using the permissible ingredients following Islamic Shariah Law for safe consumption. They are recognized by local authorities as Halal products.

Nutrifres is the highest quality and standard of hygiene which continues to cater to the 21st-century lifestyle. This pineapple juice concentrate is nutritiously tasty and healthy. Feel hot today? Pineapple Juice Concentrate of Nutrifres is guaranteed to give you a great and refreshing taste. Nutrifres uses the best fruit puree to give you the great-tasting pineapple juice you love on hot days.

Product Specifications of Pineapple Juice Concentrate

- Halal-certified Product
- Made in Malaysia
- Net Weight: 900g/ml (30.43fl.oz) per bottle
- Dimensions of a carton: 247(H) x 310(L) 234(W) mm [9.72(H) x 12.20(L) x 9.21(W) inches]
- Longer shelf life: 18 months from manufacture date
- Pineapple Fruit Juice: Taste Pure Sweet
- Liquid Texture
- Multipurpose use: Beverages, Desserts, Cocktails, Vape, Pastries, and Cakes

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