Nutrifres Tamarind Concentrate

  • 70 Pallet(s)
  • Nutrifres
  • 9555123706298
  • Liquid
  • Sweet
  • Multipurpose Use
  • 1 Bottle: 1000G / 1 Carton: 12 Bottles / Carton Size: (H)247MM x (L)310MM x (W)234MM
  • 1000 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Nutrifres Tamarind Concentrate

Usage: Tamarind Concentrate produced by the Nutrifres brand has a liquid texture and a sugary taste that makes everyone like it, regardless of age, old or young. Are you wondering how to use it? As easy as counting 1,2 and 3, Tamarind Concentrate's usage is not complex at all. You first need to quiver it well for 10 to 15 seconds after you take it from a chilly place in your house. Once you are 100% sure that the Tamarind Concentrate in the bottle has been carefully shaken, you can open the bottle's lid steadily so that the Tamarind Concentrate does not spill. After that, you can mix the concentrate as much as you want into a glass filled with plain water if you choose to make tamarind juice using Nutrifres' Tamarind Concentrate. There you are! The Tamarind Concentrate juice is all set and prepared for you to enjoy to the fullest. Oh, don't forget to share the Tamarind Concentrate juice with your family and friends!

In addition to using Tamarind Concentrate, you can be more imaginative by coming up with brand new recipes that are acceptable to pair with this Tamarind Concentrate. To show you an example, you can use Tamarind Concentrate to make tamarind sauce, dessert, or cake with a little tamarind mixture. You can also be used as a substitute for hot cooking ingredients to add a more savoury flavour to your meal.

Certification: Since its growth, Nutrifres has gained numerous certificates to enable everyone could take pleasure in the results of their products.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: JAKIM is a halal certificate that entails being achieved to guarantee that the products sold comply with the Islamic laws that has been defined. All Nutrifres products comprising Tamarind Concentrate have received the certificate and are shielded for consumption by all people who follow and practice Islam.

  2. HACCP Certificate: To undertake that the food and beverage outcomes constructed by Nutrifres maintain international standards, Nutrifres has sustained a HACCP certificate that has met the demands of CAC as it is free from any peril and not at risk to make use of far and wide for every one of their products such as Tamarind Concentrate.

  3. GMP Certificate: To accomplish GMP certification from SGS, the food manufacturing process must be carried out with excessive integrity and stern compliance. Hence, Nutrifres Tamarind Concentrate has met these food safety features that have been a stand.

  4. MeSTI Certificate: Since Nutrifres is the exporter and also the chief manufacturer of their food products such as Tamarind Concentrate, they have gained the MeSTI certificate to give an undertaking throughout the food manufacturing process that falls in with the standards figured on for food safety.

  5. FDA Certificate: This certificate will be decided by some group of research workers so that the products fabricated are far from any harm or danger for the citizenry to use and as a result, Tamarind Concentrate from Nutrifres has been validated by the FDA.

Packaging: The method this Tamarind Concentrate is stowed is very user-friendly to make it effortless for you to carry anywhere and no trouble to use when there is an event or plan that requires you to bring it if you wish to make food or beverages using the Tamarind Concentrate such as during a birthday party. This Tamarind Concentrate comes in 1000g (39.68 fl.oz.) per bottle and will be packed in 1000g (39.68 fl.oz.) x 12 bottles for each carton. This Tamarind Concentrate also has a size dimension of 247mm (Height) x 310mm (Length) x 234mm (Width). Ergo, orders for obtaining Tamarind Concentrate can be made beginning with the lowest order of 70 pallets.

Are you still wondering where to buy this Tamarind Concentrate because you are worried if it reaches your home in a defective condition? Worry not because we will pack this Tamarind Concentrate product as best as possible so that it can reach your home in faultless shape. This is because your satisfaction as a consumer is our principal goal.

Storage Instruction(s): We recommend that every consumers of our Tamarind Concentrate put it in a dry or cool place (23°C - 25°C) to avoid it decreasing its shelf life. Do not forget to always put this Tamarind Concentrate away from the heat of scorching sunlight and any summery temperature inside your house. This act could retain the Tamarind Concentrate for about 18 months.

Tamarind Concentrate Overview

Since the founding of Nutrifres Food & Beverages Industries Sdn Bhd in 2000 in the world of FMCG manufacturers, which is relatively massive and notable in Malaysia and located in Shah Alam, Nutrifres appears by making every food and beverages that they construct are of such towering and preserve the status and tidiness throughout the manufacturing of the food and drink. Not only that, all products manufactured by Nutrifres are full-flavoured, suitable to be savoured by all strata of society, and made only using worldly and up-to-date machines to ensure that all quality is guaranteed. 

Tamarind Concentrate is a concentrate with a great deal of utilization in every cuisine, meal or daily drink we routinely tuck into. It is very unexacting to use and take it anywhere if you feel like desiring tamarind since the packaging of Tamarind Concentrate produced by the Nutrifres brand is very sealed. Afterwards, if you out of the blue are peckish and feel like eating food that is made up of tamarind as a paste or pulp, or feel like in need of water and want to quench your dryness with a sip containing tamarind, you can straight away use this tamarind concentrate according to your wishes.

Additional Information About Nutrifres’ Tamarind Concentrate



Extricate from up to 25% garden-fresh fruit content (tamarind)

Bottle dimension:

247mm (Height) x 310mm (Length) x 234mm (Width)


Up to 21 glasses of 250ml


- Gluten-Free

- Cholesterol-Free

- Real fruits pressed


Cane sugar, tamarind extract, salt. Contains permitted acidity regulatory, emulsifier, flavouring substance, colouring substance, stabiliser and preservative

Nutrifres’ Tamarind Concentrate Specifications

- Has a sweet taste
- Thick liquid texture
- Comes in 1000g (39.68 fl.oz.) per bottle
- 18 months shelf life
- Authentically made in Malaysia
- Storage condition: 23°C - 25°C (dry or cool place)

The tagline "Nutrifres Fruit Juice Not Just As Drinking Juice" speaks for itself.

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