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  • Olive House
  • Sweet
  • Rich in fiber, nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
  • 200 Gram
  • 6 Months
  • Saudi Arabia

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As a halal organic superfood supplier, we launched and supply various healthy and nutritious organic superfood such as Safawi Dates, Organic Noodles, Dark Chocolate Covered Dates With Almonds. Feel free to explore more organic superfood at Qudwah. If you have any questions, feel free to send inquiry to us. At the same time, we also supply Olive House Herbal toothpaste. Click here to browse the detail.

Product Description Of Ajwah Dates:

In the dates industry, there are 3 grades of dates. A, B and C. It is very rare for importers to take grade A dates because of the expensive price but that is the choice of Olive House.

Olive House date grade is grade A for all dates we import. When importing, always the importer will use regular containers to save costs. But not for us, Olive House uses cold containers to ensure imported dates remain of high quality. Ajwah dates are brought in due to demand and taste factors.

Although often referred to as in the hadith, Olive House does not make it the main argument. This is because there is a lot of doubt. For example, what is stated by International Nutritionist Prof Dr. Mohamed Faid, Olive House's advisor: "Ajwah's harvest rate is lower than the one that was successfully sold!". For example; Ajwah harvested 100 tons but the record sold 1000 tons. Ajwah, where is the excess 900kg from? Profit sometimes makes people cheat for a little pleasure when there is a demand. So many people eat Ajwah Dates because of the nutritional value of dates in general, while many slanders against these dates are misused by humans to pursue profit without caring about the quality and nutritional knowledge of the dates themselves.

Not surprisingly, people who eat low-grade dates and are cheap and of low quality (there is a mixture of sugar) have health problems. The reason for the practice with the wrong method and our lack of knowledge of the date itself.

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