Premix Cocoa Drink With Maca and Saffron Extract | Halal Nutritious Breakfast Drink

  • Olive House
  • Powder
  • Chocolaty
  • Brain booster
  • (15 sachet x 25gm) per pack
  • 375 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Premix Cocoa Drink With Maca and Saffron Extract | Halal Nutritious Breakfast Drink

Usage: This Cocoa Drink brand Olive House made by Qudwah Global Network, has a powder grain. It also has the chocolaty relish and has a facet where this good works as a brain booster. How to make the yummiest cocoa beverage using this product from Olive House? It comes with easy-breezy few steps as you only need three elementary ways:

  1. Open the sachet
  2. Surge the cocoa powder from the sachet to any cup you desire
  3. Add some boiling water and stir it until well-mixed

It's far from the hard way, right? Otherwise, to add to your knowledge, you can always come out with an avant-garde recipe of yours using this cocoa beverage powder. To show you some examples, you can make some milkshakes, hot chocolate with sprinkles, toppings, brownies, chocolate milk, and brand-new recipes.

Certification: Many approved incumbent certificates were given to the Qudwah Global Network company for their handiwork, Cocoa Drink produced in Malaysia:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: JAKIM has the right to issue a Halal certificate from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to anyone who opportunely executes the standards fixed during a heedful evaluation of a company's food commodity based on the Shariah notable for many years. With a Halal certificate signified by JAKIM, the commodities produced are certainly easy for the public to eat, especially Muslim consumers, without any suspicion. Commodity created by the Qudwah Global Network company known as Cocoa Drink made in Malaysia has received a Halal certificate signified by JAKIM.

  2. MeSTI certificate: Obtaining a MeSTI certificate is necessary for every company that manufactures food and beverages based in Malaysia. MOH from Malaysia will grant this Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) certificate if the safety conditions during the processing of a commodity meet the requirements and levels fixed before a company can secure this MeSTI certificate. Implementing this MeSTI certificate ensures that all food commodity production companies comply with the safety guidelines. Companies producing food commodities and beverages can export their goods if they secure a MeSTI certificate. So, can ship the Cocoa Drink brand Olive House gleaned from Malaysia as it has procured the MeSTI certificate.

  3. USDA Certificate: Certificate validation from The U.S. The Department of Agriculture, or USDA, is a national program that certifies organic agricultural commodities. The commodity produced must follow the organic grade written in the USDA to get this certificate. For example, the farm or operation of a company for each commodity produced must be far from danger and comply with organic ordinances so that every company that applies for this USDA certificate can build and even label their commodity as safe organic goods. This Cocoa Drink product made in Malaysia by the Olive House brand is safe to say as an organic item since it has been certified by the USDA.

Packaging: This Malaysia-centred Cocoa Drink is a commodity created to facilitate the daily work of people who go beyond the busy daily hours. This is because, besides being facile to carry anywhere, this chocolate drinking water is healthy for everyone. This good has been wrapped systematically and produced in 25g (0.88 oz) for every sachet made. It also comes with 15 sachets for every pack created. Furthermore, the net weight for each packet weighs 375g, where it will be 13.22 ounces.

All products that have been released, including Cocoa Drinks produced in Malaysia, will be carefully wrapped and sealed. So there will be no cases like damaged goods during the journey and the delivery process to each of our customers' homes. So, you don't have to think for a long time and can just order this tempting chocolate water with us. We will ensure that these goods reach your home in perfect condition for your satisfaction. This is because we want the best for you, and your satisfaction when buying our products comes first.

Storage Instruction(s): Our advice for good Cocoa Drinks Malaysia-based is that every buyer or consumer should store this healthy drink in a place with a temperature below 35°C and no more than that. If you accidentally put this product in place at more than 35°C, it is most likely that this product will be simply damaged and lessen its lifespan. So, to put this to stop from happening, it's best to put it at a temperature below 35°C, as mentioned earlier.

Olive House’s Cocoa Drink Of Malaysia Overview

Qudwah Global Network is a company that was developed in 2018 and is based in the state of Kelantan Darul Naim. It also operates all its products in the same state, located in the Tendong Pasir Mas district. They are also better known by the public as Qudwah Halal Mart and Qudwah Olive House. According to Shariah, this company produces many products based on fruits that are rich in antioxidants and also organic products that are undeniably halal. All types of goods and commodities produced by Qudwah Global Network can maintain health for anyone who consumes them.

Not only that, but the goods produced by Qudwah Global Network also have breakfast products and healthy drinks that are believed to be halal. For example, oatmeal, pomegranate juice, honey and many more. Qudwah Global Network always ensures that all types of goods they produce are of the best standard and quality class for general consumption.

This Cocoa Drink product authentically created in Malaysia is also released by Qudwah Global Network from the Olive House brand. This cocoa drink is really flavorful and beneficial for anyone who consumes it. Due to the packed sachet by sachet packaging, you can easily take it anywhere to drink these cocoa drinks. No need to worry because this chocolate drink commodity makes your daily work undemanding. Mix this powder from the sachet with plain water; you can immediately relieve your throat from any thirst that hits, mainly when the weather is scorching.

Additional Information Olive House’s Cocoa Drink From Malaysia



70% of cocoa, DHA (Omega 3), saffron extract, honey and barley



 - 150ml of boiling water per sachet



 - Bestow hearty food to the build

 - Maintain invigorated day-long

 - Trans fat-free

 - Plenteous in iodin, protein and vitamin B12

 - Nutritional fibre drink



Skim milk, fructose, cocoa powder, goat milk, malt extract, honey, DHA (Omega 3)


Cocoa Drink Malaysia Specifications

- Has powder grain
- Has chocolaty palate
- Attribute: Brain booster-dose
- 25g (0.88 oz) per sachet
- 375g (13.22 oz) net weight per packet
- 24 months shelf life (2 years)
- Acceptable for: Everyone with the age 3 years +
- Keeping condition: <35°C
- From Malaysia

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