Pomegranate Juice & Concentrated Pomegranate Juice | Kyrgyzstan Honey And Pomegranate Juice

  • Olive House
  • Liquid
  • Natural sweet
  • Contain vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E and iron
  • 200 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Azerbaijan

Product details of Pomegranate Juice & Concentrated Pomegranate Juice | Kyrgyzstan Honey And Pomegranate Juice

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Other than halal oil and vinegar supplements, we also supply halal kyrgyzstan honey and pomegranate juice. Click here to explore kyrgyzstan honey. The pomegranate juice is available in two different package size which is 200ml and 350ml.

Azerbaijan is one of the best pomegranate producers in the world? Azerbaijan is also the only country that celebrates the " Goychay Pomegranate Festival " every year. The festival is celebrated by serving a variety of pomegranate-based food.

What is the difference between Pomegranate Juice and Dibs Pomegranate?

The significant difference between pomegranate essence and Olive House pomegranate juice is the level of nutrients in it. Antioxidants which are one of the nutrients of pomegranate essence have been slightly reduced compared to Pomegranate Juice. This occurs as a result of due to the effects of the evaporation process. It is a pomegranate juice boiled into a concentrate, 100% organic without any added flavors, sugars, and colors. This process is to make the pomegranate juice and then make it more concentrated & to be starch. However, it is still good and nutritious to practice pomegranate essence.

It depends on the needs of one's body. However, pomegranate essence has a higher level of Potassium in pomegranate essence than pomegranate juice. The benefits of Pomegranate Extract make it popular with some practitioners of Quranic Nutrition. This process of evaporation & evaporation will increase the value of potassium in Pomegranate Extract. An antioxidant called PUNICALAGIN is more abundant in Pomegranate Extract than Pomegranate Juice. The benefits of Pomegranate Extract act as an anti-inflammatory and help treat body aches, back pain, knees, and so on. The benefits of Pomegranate Extract also make it an organic (natural) antibiotic, which is an excellent body resistance.

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