Labana Goat's Milk | Halal Nutritious Breakfast Drink

  • Sawanah WOW
  • Powder
  • Sweet
  • Energizes & refreshes the body
  • (25g x 10 packets) per box
  • 250 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Labana Goat's Milk | Halal Nutritious Breakfast Drink

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Breakfast kicks off your metabolism and helps burn calories throughout the day. Breakfast is very important for everyone, not only to give energy throughout the day but also to help improve concentration and thus improve the efficiency of work or study. And one of the best breakfasts, recommend you our halal nutritious breakfast drink.

Our halal nutritious breakfast drink includes oat cereal drink, goat's milk, cocoa powder. We also highly recommend you to try our halal oatmeal cereal malaysia. In addition to being healthy, oatmeal can also feed your stomach. halal oatmeal cereal malaysia includes crunchy granola richcrunchy granolacrunch and munch. For more halalal nutritious breakfast cereals and breakfast drinks, stay tuned at Qudwah.

Product Description Of Sawanah Wow Labana Goat's Milk:

Labana goat's milk flour with a mixture of pomegranate, fig fruit, honey, saffron, olive fruit, raisins, and dates.

Nutrition and benefits of GOAT'S MILK LABANA has 7 nutritious food mixtures such as:-

1. Fig fruit

• Fig fruit helps to maintain high blood pressure and heart attacks
• Tin fruit can also reduce fatigue, increase brain memory power and prevent anemia

2. Pomegranate Fruit

• Pomegranate fruit has a content that can soften the skin and face. Pomegranates can also reduce high blood pressure. Pomegranates are also often used to relieve the problem of clogged blood vessels. Pomegranate contains Vitamin C which is an anti-inflammatory substance. This can help you control and reduce asthma, constipation, cough, and sneezing

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