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  • Olive House
  • Powder
  • Sweet
  • Rich in manganese, fiber, iron and calcium.
  • (15 packets x 10g) per box, (3 packets x 10g) per box
  • 30 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Sri Lanka

Product details of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder | Halal Organic Superfood Supplier

Usage: The Malaysia based Cinnamon Powder from Qudwah Global Network is best when taken 30 minutes before every meal. Simply mix a tablespoon or 0.5 ounces (½ sachet) of the powder with a glass of warm water (32°C to 43°C or 90F to 110F). Apart from that, you may use it for cooking, making a drink or simply use it as garnish for your meals like a toast, cereal, or cinnamon bun.

If you need additional ideas on where to use, let me help you. It goes best with a cup of chai tea latte, which is the writer's preferred method of consumption. You can make this at home as it is a quick and easy recipe. The ingredients are: black tea bags, milk, Qudwah’s Cinnamon Powder from Malaysia and brown sugar. You may refer to the steps below:

  • First, steep two black tea bags for five to six minutes in a saucepan on low heat together with 250ml (8 fl oz) of your preferred milk. Once it bubbles, remove the tea bags.
  • Next, add a tablespoon or 0.5 ounces (½ sachet) of Malaysia’s Cinnamon Powder and one tablespoon (0.5oz) of brown sugar to the tea and stir until it dissolves.
  • Once done, you may transfer the tea into a cup and serve it with a dash of cinnamon powder for a stronger taste. You may also add ice into the beverage.

And that’s it! You now have a cup of homemade chai tea latte. You can adjust the taste to suit your preferences. For instance, to make it even more flavourful and rich, you can add more spices in the tea such as star anise, ginger, cardamom or vanilla extract. You may also top it off with froth and cinnamon sticks. Your tea will have a prominent earthy aftertaste as a result.

Packaging: This Cinnamon Powder from Malaysia comes in two types of packaging: 30g and 150g. The 30g pack comes with 3 packets and weighs 30g (1oz). Meanwhile, the 150g pack contains 15 packets and weighs 150g (5.3oz). Customers need to order in bulk purchase of one 20ft container (6.1 metres) and you may mix it with other products from Qudwah Global Network. Grouped shipment can also be considered based on customer’s request.

Storage directions: Qudwah Global Network advises to keep the Cinnamon Powder (MY-based) in a dry place in order to maintain its shelf life of 24 months. Additionally, this will help to retain its flavour.

Certificate(s): Qudwah Global Network has received several certifications for all of their products, including Cinnamon Powder (Malaysia):

  1. JAKIM Halal Certification: All products from Olive House, including their Cinnamon Powder from Malaysia have received the Halal Certification from JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia). This certification is especially important as it can give Muslims an assurance on consuming a certain product. This is due to the fact that they have a religious dietary law that needs to be followed. After a thorough examination by JAKIM, it is safe to say that every ingredient in this product is halal and that Muslims are permitted to consume it.

  2. SGS Certificate: SGS is an inspection company that carries out a range of physical, chemical investigations, including destructive and non-destructive testing. They make sure that products manufactured by companies are compliant with national and international standards. SGS certification confirms that Qudwah's products, including their Cinnamon Powder from Malaysia, complies with all applicable local, state, and federal legislation.

  3. ISO 22000 Certification: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has awarded the ISO certification for Qudwah’s products such as Cinnamon Powder from Malaysia, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Ajwah Dates for adhering to their standards of food safety management. With this certification, it can be proven that all of their produced goods are free of risks and are safe to consume. 

  4. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Certification: FSSA, or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Certification is a certificate that is issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. It relates to ensuring that all food is handled and produced safely in accordance with their requirements. As the ceylon cinnamon contained in the product is imported from India, it needs to be certified by them to make sure that it is safe to be consumed. Thus, earning the certificate indicates that Cinnamon Powder made in Malaysia can be eaten without any worry.

Cinnamon Powder Malaysia Overview

Ceylon cinnamon is made from the Cinnamomum Zaylanicum tree, which is native to Sri Lanka. It has become more and more popular due to its health benefits. There are two types of cinnamon, which are ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon. The latter is commonly used in cooking as a spice. Ceylon cinnamon has a brighter appearance and tends to be softer in taste, texture and aroma as compared to cassia cinnamon. It is also higher in price. Cinnamon is well known for containing coumarin, which can be harmful to humans if it’s taken in high amounts. However, ceylon cinnamon contains only a small amount of coumarin and it poses no health risks.

Olive House produces Ceylon Cinnamon Powder in Malaysia using only organic and 100% original ceylon cinnamon. Additionally, it also contains over 70% of cinnamaldehyde which can be considered as ‘The Real Cinnamon’. Moreover, this powder contains essential cinnamon oil properties that can benefit your health. Consuming it can help you to control your blood sugar level and reduce bad cholesterol. It is perfect for people who are struggling with maintaining their health.

Although the MY-based Cinnamon Powder can be taken on its own with a mix of warm water, it can also be added to cook dishes like curry, soup, and fried rice. If you are baking pastries, you may want to make cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, toast and donuts for your evening teatime. Is it very versatile and can be used in many different ways according to your liking.

About Qudwah Global Network

Qudwah Global Network is a company based in Pasir Mas, Kelantan that was founded in 2017. Now, they are also known as Qudwah Halal Mart and Qudwah Olive House. They mainly focus on providing high quality, halal products that have health benefits such as the Malaysia made Cinnamon Powder, Pomegranate Juice, Black Seed Oil and Oat Cereal Mixed Drink. Besides, they offer individual counselling and public health education through lectures at colleges, universities, government institutions like the EPF, clinics, police stations, and hospitals, as well as using platforms such as Facebook, Zoom, and others.

The main goal of Qudwah is to assist Malaysians, particularly those living in Kelantan, in adopting a healthy diet by introducing their line of nutritional products like Malaysia’s Cinnamon Powder. They also aim to produce halal products that are not only recognised in our country but also all over the world.

Cinnamon Powder Malaysia Specification(s)

- Made in: Malaysia
- Net weigh: 10g per packet
- Texture: Powder
- Taste: Sweet
- 100% original ceylon cinnamon powder
- Rich in manganese, iron, calcium and fiber
- Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
- Helps reduce bad cholesterol
- Contains low camourin level compared to cassia cinnamon
- Shelf life: 24 months

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