Jumbo Chicken Sausage

  • RM100/trip
  • chicken sausage, jumbo size
  • 500 Gram
  • 12 month
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of Jumbo Chicken Sausage

Cooking Instructions: There are plenty of ways to prepare Jumbo Chicken Sausage from Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd. You can cook these Jumbo Chicken Sausage in the oven, pan-fry, bake or grill them based on your preference. All methods are fast, easy, and delicious to taste.

First and foremost, take out the Miami Butcher House’s Chicken Sausages Jumbo from the freezer. Second, take the jumbo chicken sausages from the purchased vacuum pack and thaw them. Wait until it is thaw, smear the pan with oil and pan-fry these premium jumbo chicken sausages in a hot pan. Then, cook the sausages for about 5 to 8 minutes by turning them from side to side until it turns golden brown. The crispy jumbo chicken sausages serve together with delicious scrambled eggs, garlic bread, and coleslaw for a healthy breakfast.

However, if you choose to bake the Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage, preheat the oven to 375 °F (191 °C). Place the chicken sausages on the baking pan, and coat them in the oil. Then, bake the jumbo chicken sausages for 20-25 minutes until it cooks thoroughly. Remember to turn the sausages ideally 2 or 3 times while baking in the oven.

In addition, Jumbo Chicken Sausage of Miami Butcher House can be sliced up to form little chunks for food ingredients. For instance, you can add these chicken sausages to fried rice. Heat the wok over medium heat, and spread 1 tablespoon of oil around your wok. After that, add the ¼-inch thick slices of Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausages and stir-fry for 20 seconds. Then, you can add other ingredients, condiments, and rice to it. A quick and tasty sausage fried rice is ready to serve in just a few minutes.

Jumbo Chicken Sausage can serve as side dishes or be eaten as a snack on its own without pairing to other dishes. It can be the most appetizing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even supper. Whatever method you choose to cook the Jumbo Chicken Sausage, make sure the chicken sausage is perfectly juicy and well done inside while remaining golden brown, crispy and flavorful on the outside.

A gentle reminder, you need to thaw the Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage before cooking for a better eating experience. It also shortens the cooking time as cooking without thawing requires a longer time. Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd does not recommend cooking the sausages directly from frozen, so please defrost before cooking.

Cooking Miami Food Products’s frozen jumbo chicken sausages could not be easier, it is much faster than you might think!

Packaging: Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage are sold in bulk quantities with a minimum order of RM100 per trip to enjoy exclusive deals. The packaging of the Jumbo Chicken Sausage by Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd uses vacuum seal packs. Vacuum packaging helps extend product life, thereby reducing bacterial growth. Each pack of Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage serves a net weight of 500 grams (17.64oz) with 5 large sausages in a pack.

Storage Instructions: The Jumbo Chicken Sausage by Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd is plain in itself. When uncooked, the Jumbo Chicken Sausage could be frozen for up to 12 months from the manufactured date in shelf life. Place and store the Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage in the top part of the freezer with the ideal serving temperature at -18°C (0°F) or lower helps to preserve the premium quality of the Chicken Sausage Jumbo. If the temperature of the freezer rises above –18°C (0°F), meat can become discolored and lose vitamin content. When thawing, the Jumbo Chicken Sausage should be stored in a refrigerator that reaches no more than 5°C (41°F).


  1. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification: Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd was awarded GMP Certification from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Receiving a GMP certificate helps to increase its customer's confidence in their commitment to trading and producing safe, high-quality food products, including its Jumbo Chicken Sausage.

    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification: Miami Butcher House has received the HACCP Certification as they practice good food safety and hygiene practices set up by the authorities. They passed the food safety regulations required by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for all variations of its frozen food products.

    Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) Certified: Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage manufactured by Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd has been awarded a MeSTI Certification. The manufacturing process starts from preparation, processing, manufacturing, and packaging fulfilling the requirements stated by the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 for safe consumption.

    Halal-certified (HALAL): All frozen food products manufactured by Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd, including its Jumbo Chicken Sausage, are HALAL Certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). In the manufacturing process of Jumbo Chicken Sausage, Miami Food Products has met the Islamic Shariah law in food production. Therefore, the Jumbo Chicken Sausage has been authorized for Muslims for safe consumption. In this sense, Miami Butcher House’s Chicken Sausage Jumbo is known as Halal Jumbo Chicken Sausage in Malaysia.

    Veterinary Health Mark (VHM) Certification: Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd passed the necessary food hygiene and sanitation requirements set by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) under the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-based Industry Malaysia, thereby the company is qualified to award this VHM Certification.

Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage Overview


Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd is a frozen food processing company that operates its factory based in Malaysia, at Jalan Pantai Miami, Batu Ferringhi, Penang. Miami Butcher House is the supplier and distributor of quality halal delicatessen and frozen food products manufactured by Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd. They are a 100% Malaysian-owned company that was established in 1995. Their factory produces an extensive range of halal meat products such as halal sausages, pastrami, meatloaf, cold-cut meats, and smoked meat. All frozen products manufactured by Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd is distributed directly through the factory of Miami Butcher House. They also sold their frozen food products through agents to hotels and restaurants in Malaysia and airline caterers.

Miami Butcher House’s Chicken Sausage Jumbo is one of the products produced by Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd. Sosej is the Malay word for Sausages; some people may call it Hot Dog. The term hot dog can also refer to the sausage itself as the words ‘hot dog’ and ‘sausage’ are often used interchangeably.

Where it was once time-consuming to prepare authentic Western dishes, Miami Butcher House brings you the easiest ready-to-eat Jumbo Chicken Sausage. The chicken sausage is satisfying to eat or snack on, it can be easily added as a complement to any dish. You are only required a few minutes to fully cook the Jumbo Chicken Sausage. Coming in raw, the jumbo chicken sausage can cook in a myriad of ways; from frying, baking, to BBQ, and can be added with black pepper to achieve a flair of spicy taste.

Chicken sausage, eggs, and bacon are staples in the typical breakfast menu. Not only are they temptingly delicious, but they are also heavenly healthy breakfast you should not skip. Besides, they are good sources of dietary protein and iron that are important for growth. From a nutritional standpoint, Miami Butcher House’s jumbo chicken sausage is healthier than pork sausage as they are high in calories and unhealthy fats. Another reason is that pork sausage is made from red meat which can increase an individual's likelihood of developing cardiovascular conditions or colon cancer. However, chicken sausage is made from white meat- a type of lean meat that comprises less sodium and fat, which is a low-calorie option if you are on diet.

Furthermore, the mission of Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd is to ensure the products sent to customers are only of the best quality. Additionally, all frozen food products including its Jumbo Chicken Sausage are safe to consume as they received Halal, MeSTI, GMP, HACCP, and VHM certificates. The company has a facility with modern food processing equipment and the implementation of a HACCP food safety management system for safe consumption.

Meanwhile, the Jumbo Chicken Sausage uses vacuum packaging. The major advantage of vacuum sealing is that it can reduce bacterial growth and thereby extend the shelf life of the Jumbo Chicken Sausage without adding preservatives that remain in good condition. Keep them in the freezer- Jumbo Chicken Sausage will be safe and delicious to eat.

These Jumbo Chicken Sausages of Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd turns your sausage dinner into a truly satisfying meal. From now on, create a tasty meal the whole family will love with this jumbo chicken sausage. Jumbo Chicken Sausage of Miami Butcher House is easy to get at any giant hypermarket.

Looking for delicious halal western food for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, BBQ, special occasion, or any festivities? Find Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage! Miami Food Products Sdn. Bhd ensures their customers enjoy fine and fresh Chicken Sausage Jumbo at all times. Jumbo Chicken Sausage of Miami Butcher House is easy to prepare, easy to cook, and tasty to eat.

Product Specifications of Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage

- Halal-certified Product
- Made in Malaysia
- Ready-to-eat: You only need to pan-fry/ grill/ bake the jumbo chicken sausage without adding other condiments just within minutes
- Longer Shelf-life: 12 months (a year) if stored in the freezer
- Vacuum Packaging
- Premium Taste
- Net weight: 500grams (17.64oz) per pack
- Suitable for adults and children

Health benefits of Jumbo Chicken Sausage

- Source of Protein
- Source of Iron
- Rich in Vitamin B-12
- Healthy Fats

Ideally served:

It is delicious if served:

- As a topping on top of Bread, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pasta/ Spaghetti, Salads, and Maggie Mee
- As a side dish
- As a snack
- As food ingredients

Make your meal at home with the savory Miami Butcher House’s Jumbo Chicken Sausage. It is quick and easy to prepare a hearty meal without spending much time. The Jumbo Chicken Sausage brings you authentic Western cuisine!

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