Lady Finger Vegetable

  • Fresh4u
  • Crunchy
  • Suitable for cooking
  • 200 Gram
  • 3-5 Days
  • Malaysia

Product details of Lady Finger Vegetable

Usage: Nowadays it is important to start a healthy life from an early age by consuming lots of fruits and green vegetables. One type of vegetable from the various green plants is Okra or also known as lady finger vegetable in English-speaking countries. Ladies' finger is a vegetable that is high in vitamins, so it is suitable for those of you who want to live a healthy life. You can get this lady's finger with the guaranteed quality provided by Fresh4u.

F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd offers okra, which is grown by themselves using a scientific method so that the ladyfinger produced is fresh, the benefits contained in it, and give a crunchy texture when eaten. Lady finger vegetable is very easy to serve in a variety of dishes. Because Fresh4u have picked the good ones and cleaned them up after they did the picking process at the farm; after that, it is just packaged and sealed before being sent to the customer.

To be safer before processing your lady finger vegetables, it's better to clean again using water or a clean cloth, after that you can cut it round into several pieces or cut it into a diagonal shape by holding it in a horizontal position and cutting diagonally to the end. You can serve your okra by boiling, you only need a pan, after that put your lady finger into the pot (can be whole or cut into two parts), add water and salt (optional), and turn on your stove, the last step you just need cover and wait until the water boils or the okra becomes soft, about 8-10 minutes. Then you can lift it and can enjoy it immediately (when it's colder); This processing is a healthier dish because it does not use oil at all. Usually in Asia, they savour it by dipping it with chili shrimp paste, which will give it a more delicious and slightly spicy taste.

On the other hand, there are many other processing methods that you can follow, such as stir-frying with other ingredients (meat, seafood, or other vegetables); You can see the recipe from various sources. Lady Finger is one of the foods that are quite popular with almost all ages, because of its crunchy texture and every bite gives a thick sap which is its trademark.

Certification: F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd is a supplier of fresh vegetables grown by themselves, so they are guaranteed the quality, freshness, and cleanliness of their vegetables which will be sold to the local community and globally.

  1. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification: From the process of planting, picking, cleaning, and packaging the lady finger vegetables produced by Fresh4u already meets international standards which are clean, safe, and far from harm; they can maintain the quality in every product so that the Ministry of Health Malaysia certifies the HACCP certificate to F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd.

Storage Instruction: You can store them at room temperature (18°C - 20°C / 64.4°F - 68°F) where your lady finger vegetables can last about 2 days. However, to keep it moist and last longer you can put it in the refrigerator (0°C - 4°C / 32°F – 39.2°F) which can maintain freshness and last for 3-5 days.

Lady Finger Vegetable Overview

The lady finger vegetable is one of the green veggies that are consumed by many people because it is rich in vitamins and many other benefits. Okra contains Vitamin C whereby consuming these vegetables our immune system can be increased and avoid various diseases, not only that the lady's finger also contains Vitamin Folate (B9) for blood RBC production.

Lady finger has a low glycemic index, so it is suitable for those of you who are on a diet or diabetics. In addition, okra is also very suitable for people who suffer from high cholesterol, because eating this vegetable can lower your cholesterol level. Consuming this green plant can keep the heart healthy and away from disease or cancer. Moreover, not only does it provide many benefits, but it also tastes good when you eat it, with the flesh’s gelatinous texture resulting from the sticky sap and the aroma of the okra giving it a very good taste when fried and grilled.

About Fresh4U (F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd)

F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd
is a supplier of various kinds of vegetables grown using scientific planting methods which produce very good quality and fresh vegetables; carefully selected and cleaned before being packaged and sealed so that when the product reaches the hands of the client it can be guaranteed to be clean, safe, and satisfying the customer. This company has been around since 2013 and is also known as Fresh4u.

Fresh4u sells more than 20 types of fresh vegetables, so people don't have to bother going to buy their cooking ingredients because they can order them online, there's no need to be afraid or hesitant to order because the products they provide are guaranteed to be safe and reliable. F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd has a tagline that says, "From Farm to Plate, Freshness and Safety Assured".

Lady Finger Vegetable Specification

- Has a crunchy texture
- Suitable for cooking
- Lady finger has a weight of 200g [grams] (7.05 oz [ounces]) per unit
- Can last up to 3-5 days
- Made in Malaysia

Important Instruction: Store in the refrigerator (0°C - 4°C / 32°F – 39.2°F) to maintain freshness and can last longer (3-5 days)

Instructions How to Serve

- Cleaned again to be safer when consumed (can use water or clean cloth).
- Cut into several parts, can be cut round or diagonally. (Or can be consumed whole)
- You can enjoy it boiled, sauteed, grilled, or fried (add on other toppings, such as meat).

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