Lime - Green Colour

  • Fresh4u
  • Liquid
  • For extraction of citric acid.
  • 3-5 Days
  • Malaysia

Product details of Lime - Green Colour

Usage: This Lime Green Colour produced by the Fresh4u brand from the company F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd is a citrus fruit. It has a texture like a fluid, and its attribute is for squeezing citric acid. How to prepare savoury dishes that are truly amazing for your whole family using this Lime Green Colour? By following these four child's play steps, you can use them to create delicious dishes: 

  1. 1. Remove the Lime Green Colour from the packet and wash it using tap water until it is clean 
  2. 2. Take a sharp knife and meticulously cut the lime in half, so you don't get hurt 
  3. 3. Squeeze the green lime that has been cut earlier into your savoury dish
  4. 4. Ready to eat your meal!

Ta-da! You are encouraged to follow the effortless steps that we have prepared. Even so, not only can you use it in savoury dishes, but you can always upgrade your other dishes or drinks with Lime Green Colour too. To illustrate, you can put lime juice into your tea to make it lime tea or use lemon to make a dessert like lemon cheesecake. You can also extricate the lime oil from this Lime Green Colour if you want by peeling the lime. Notable, isn't it? For sure, you can try any food with this Lime Green Colour.

Certification(s): To prove that their fruit and vegetable products are of good quality, F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd has obtained the following certificate:

  1. HACCP certificateTo obtain a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certificate, a person or a company must practice stringent and thorough compliance with where their food and drink products are processed. This is because the HACCP certificate has set a high bar to obtain it, considering that it follows the merits that have been placed according to international requirements. HACCP can help traders reduce hurdles or menaces that can occur while processing food or drinks to prevent dangerous things from happening. Therefore, Lime Green Colour produced by the Fresh4u brand is safe for the public to buy since it has obtained a HACCP certificate.

Storage Instruction: There are several ways to store this Lime Green Colour to give maximum use to its shelf life. You can keep it in the refrigerator at 32 to 36 degrees F. However, before that, you need to cleanse all of this Lime Green Colour, preferably with cold tap water; remember not to clean the lime using washing soap. After being washed, you need to wipe all the limes using a dry towel or cloth until there is no more water on each lime's surface. This Lime Green Colour is ready to be stored in the refrigerator at your home for storage purposes.

In addition, another way to store this Lime Green Colour is to keep it in a zip lock case or any other container you want to use and put some water in it until it is half full. After that, you must set the lime in the container or zip lock case, and it can already be stored in the refrigerator at the same temperature, at 32 to 36 degrees F (not the frozen part).

It should be remembered not to place this Lime Green Colour carelessly, especially at room temperature or in an open place without a cover. This is because this method can shorten the lifespan of the lime if not stored carefully.

Shelf-Life: All food ingredients in this world will have a shelf life, including this Lime Green Colour. Lime Green Colour from Fresh4u brand produced by F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd has a shelf life of between 3 to 5 days. Due to this relatively short life span, we recommend that you store this lime in good condition, as in the Storage Instruction part we mentioned earlier. Please keep this Lime Green Colour in a non-freezing refrigerator at a temperature of 32 to 36 degrees F, and a reminder: do not leave it exposed at room temperature without any cover around the lime.

Lime Green Colour Overview

Lime, or its scientific name Citrus aurantiifolia, is one of the types of citrus fruit that most people believe comes from northern India or northern Malaysia. It is a glaring green citrus fruit with an acidic taste and round shape. Usually, limes like this Lime Green Colour will be planted and live in areas with tropical weather or balmy subtropical regions. Limes will also spread widely all over the world through people who migrate, where they bring one lemon along their journey or migration, or through trade or barter systems in the past.

Lime also has many uses for humans, especially in cooking. Since ancient times, people have used lime for various dishes. Even in the present days, like now, many people still use lime in their culinary and for sure for one thing: to add solid relish to their cuisine.

About F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd

F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd is a company that operates vegetables and fruits fresh from the farm and was established in April 2009. The purpose of their operation is to deliver all fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm directly to their customers' homes and not in a withered or damaged state. For your knowledge as a consumer, F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd has reaped many benefits as a result of not using traditional methods that use the energy of Middlemen to harvest the crops in the fields, especially in terms of reducing costs and also the freshness of every vegetable and fruit they harvest.

All their fresh and brand-new corps planted and harvested from the Cameron Highlands, Pahang farm will be taken directly to their factory for processing. F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd's factory for processing freshly harvested vegetables and fruits is located in Puchong Industrial Park, Selangor. At the factory where the vegetables and fruits will be brought, the company will ensure that all their harvests will undergo a very strict process to ensure that all cleanliness and quality are well maintained. The procedures made before being sent directly to their consumers are trimming, thorough inspection, washing, packing and sealing each harvested product.

Lime Green Colour Specification(s)

- Has fluid texture
- For squeezing of citric acid attribute
- Life span: 3-5 days
- For multipurpose usage
- Purely made from Malaysia

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