Vit's Instant Noodle Tom Yam Flavour - 78g x 5

  • Vit's
  • Hard when dry
  • Spicy
  • 78gm × 5 packets × 6 packs (per carton), 2350 pallets per 20ft container, 5400 pallets per 40ft container
  • 78 Gram
  • 13 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Vit's Instant Noodle Tom Yam Flavour - 78g x 5

Usage: No matter what profession you are in, you are an artist when you are in the kitchen—because cooking is more or less the same as painting. Flavor your cooking to your heart's content in every nook and cranny to bring soul to your recipe, satisfying your customers. When in doubt, cook the tom yam instant noodles with confidence and much love; off you go! Nobody will say no to the staple food loved worldwide; that is the charm of instant noodles in tom yum flavor. 

  1. Spice up your Tom Yum Instant Noodles: Like always, prepare the Vit's Tom Yam Instant Noodles as instructed on the back packaging. Before you serve a bowl of happiness in the tom yam instant noodle, add on seafood to give the tom yam an original taste of Thailand. Lastly, garnish the instant noodle with onions and chili flakes.
  2. Fried noodles: Don't like soggy instant noodles? We got your back. Customize your tom yum instant noodle in a different cooking technique; fry it! Devour a hint of oily aroma of sesame oil with the tangy and spicy flavor of tom yum, in the elastic instant noodles. 

Certification(s) & Mentionings:

  1. JAKIM’s Halal Certificate: In the contemporary world nowadays, everyone, even non-Muslims, is health-conscious about their food intake to get the most nutritional value out of the food. On the other hand, it goes without saying that Muslims are compulsory to abide by the Islamic faith of consuming halal food. You might wonder what is so unique about halal food. Halal edibles are certainly hygienic and free from bacteria and detrimental substances like antibiotics, preservatives, and growth hormones that could impede brain functions. Rest assured, tom yam instant noodle is halal certified as issued by JAKIM to provide the safest and cleanest sustenance.

  2. HACCP: Prioritizing and managing potential hazards connected with food production for end-user consumption is crucial to acquire the HACCP certification. Vit's Tom Yum Instant Noodle has adopted HACCP accreditation because the product is produced per HACCP requirements, as proven through a rigorous inspection by the authorities.

  3. Free from preservatives: Aligned with the company's mission to go environmentally safe with the goods' manufacturing techniques and the ingredients, Vit's Tom Yam Instant Noodles are free from preservatives that could damage human health and harm the environment, causing the loss of biodiversity.

Packaging: One packet of tom yam instant noodle comprises five 78g (2.75oz) each. As consumer packaged goods are ordered in bulk buying, retailers can buy the instant noodles tom yam in one 20-foot container of 2350 pallets or a larger quantity of one 40-foot container amounting to 5400 pallets. Each packet of Vit's Tom Yum Instant Noodle is stuffed to the brim with dried block noodles to deliver prospects' everlasting contentment. Additionally, seasoning powders are filled to the utmost capacity ensuring that the instant tom yum noodles are sharp-flavored like the real homemade tom yum paste, just like the original recipe from Central Thailand. In order for all sides to be delighted with the products' quality, the company places a high priority on the cargo process and the packaging, which is durable, lightweight, and provides maximum protection from contamination that could harm human health. Hence, refrain from consuming if the packaging arrives torn or damaged.

Storage Instructions: Preserving Tom Yam instant noodles by Vit according to its shelf life of 13 months, one year and one month is trouble-free. To effectively store Tom Yam instant noodles for extended preservation, one needs to be well-informed about truthful and ideal methods. As the dried block of tom yum noodles is in a solid structure, store the instant noodles in a well-sealed container to shun contamination and keep the container filled with tom yam instant noodles in an area of room temperature roughly at 20°C (68°F) like a cool and dry place. In addition, stay away from humid and water sources areas to keep the instant tom yum noodles fresh and digestible until the specified storage life.

Tomyam Instant Noodle Overview

Ever wonder how does the tremendous instant noodle evolve and why is it famous worldwide? It all started during post-World War 2 in Japan. Staple food supply was lacking in the aftermath of World War 2. Back then, the Japanese would have to queue in front of the instant noodles restaurant to get a bowl of instant noodles to fill their tummy. Due to the intricacy of longer waiting time to eat, a Japanese-Taiwanese entrepreneur, Momofuku Ando, formulated ramen, what we called as instant noodles today. Due to the oversupply of wheat production after World War 2, the entrepreneur made chewy ramen noodles. He first launched them in 1958 after creating an instant, quick meals that could save people time successfully. The simple dish gained local's and international's recognition because not only instant noodle is inexpensive, but the preparation time is also express, with a minimalist appearance that steals everyone's heart—thus living true to its "instant" moniker.

Due to the rapid development of extremely superior technology, we can now reap the benefits of the technology by producing instant noodles of various flavors. Although concocted in Japan a year after the nation's independence, Malaysia embraces instant noodles manufacturing to suit the native's preference: creating instant noodles to the Malaysians' taste. Vit's, a renowned brand in the production of instant noodles in Malaysia, coined authentic recipes of Malaysian favorites in its goods, such as the beloved tom yum flavored instant noodles. 

Tom yum, tom yum goong or widely known as tom yam in Malaysia, is a signature soup of Thailand or formerly known as Siam. Its phenomenal recipe employs lime juice, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and crushed peppers. Tom yam can be defined as "spicy and sour," "boiling," or "hot," indicating the perfect taste of the broth. As you slurp the broth, you can feel the aromatic blend of tom yam reaching your nose, tantalizing your growling stomach. With a pack of tom yam instant noodles by Vit's, you need not travel far to Central Thailand for an authentic taste of tom yam. Prepare the instant tom yum goong noodles in just two minutes, and dive into the aromatics, spicy and sour taste of tom yam.

About Vits Makanan Sdn Bhd

Passing down the tradition of noodle making from family heritage, Vit Makanan (KL) Sdn Bhd is a food trading venture that began its business in 1975. Initially, the founder, Lai Ah Lek, started the company as a food trading company and went by the name Vit Makanan (Alor Setar) Sdn Bhd. Later in 1977, it was renamed Vit Makanan (KL) Sdn Bhd with a new focus on manufacturing instant noodles preferred by many in Malaysia and all around the world. From the first factory of 8000 square feet located in Shah Alam, the business has expanded into a 33000 square feet plant relocated to Selayang. In 1996, the company acquired its first international trading, transporting 40 containers of well-crafted instant noodles to Russia. After being a leading light in exporting instant noodles, Vit Makanan (KL) Sdn Bhd once again migrated the facility to a well-established and bigger size of 105000 square feet, in Rawang, Selangor, in 1998. 

All the astonishing milestones have led the business to summon more and more achievements, such as gaining the renowned HACCP and GMP recognition in 2006, managing the business better with the ERP System in 2007, participating in the 'no preservative' campaign as a part of a local exhibition in 2009, joined foreign expo in 2013 and finally began its first manufacturing of fresh cooked ramen noodles with a series of 'Taste of Malaysia,' accommodating the local palates in 2015. Up to today, the capabilities that the company hold has empowered them to the global standards, facilitating the growth of Malaysians' instant noodles spreading to plenty of countries: the USA, Russia, UK, Ireland, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Qatar, UAE, Australia, Madagascar, Algeria, and Ghana.

Tomyam Instant Noodle Specifications

- Elastic noodles with a tangy, hot, and sour tom yam taste 
- An easy-to-prepare meal free of preservatives
- Keep in a dry, cool environment
- 13-month shelf life (1 year and 1 month)
- 78g/2.75 oz per packet (75g x 5 packets) 
- 6 packs per carton (78g x 5 packets x 6 packs)
- 2350 pallets per 20ft container / 5400 pallets per 40ft container
- Recognized accreditation: JAKIM’s Halal and HACCP
- Fabricated in Malaysia
- Serving suggestion: Spice up the instant noodles tom yum with eggs and seafood, or fry it.

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