Nestle NIDO Full Cream Milk Powder - Can

  • 1 20ft container
  • Soft and creamy
  • Good and virtually indistinguishable from fresh milk
  • Milk powder
  • Can-900g,1800g, 2 kg etc Soft pack 200-300g, 350-500g,600-1200g etc
  • 18 months to 24 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Nestle NIDO Full Cream Milk Powder - Can

Usage: There are many ways of using Full Cream Milk Powder Product, Including Nestle NIDO, but you may try our style! The following directions are how to use the product.

Firstly, you can make hot or cold drinks with Nestle NIDO. Simply open the packaging using scissors or any suitable tools. Once open, scoop the milk powder two times and transfer it into a cup. Next, pour hot water and stir delicately to ensure the two things combine perfectly. For a cold drink, gently take some ice pieces and put them together with the hot water. Now, sip slowly and enjoy the tastiness of the Full Cream Milk Powder.

Nowadays, mocktail has become the favorite non-alcoholic mixed drink for society. Certainly! You can make mocktails with the Full Cream Milk Powder. In a large Martini shaker, add the chocolate sauce and a scoop of Nestle NIDO powder and fill with ice. Shake the mocktail carefully for 30 seconds. For presentation, pour the mocktail into a Martini glass and garnish it with shaved chocolate.

Certification(s): Since its inception, Nestle NIDO, one of Full Cream Milk Powder products from PSCM Food and Daily products have received several big recognitions that ensure their products are quality certified. The certifications are:

  1. JAKIM - HALAL: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia has set and adjusted halal certification for food and beverage-related products following all sharia-based regulations. This is to ensure that the product is believed to be pure, clean, and does not contain any prohibited substances. Furthermore, the Halal Certificate also alerts into everything, covering all product manufacturing processes starting from processing to packaging. With this recognition, the full cream milk powder products can be consumed by all Muslims in the world. In Malaysia, full cream milk powder is known as Halal full cream milk powder.

  2. HACCP: Stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it is globally known as a management system that controls and analyzes food safety based on biological, chemical, and physical hazards. In dairy products, or mostly for food and beverages products, it strictly controls all matters in product processing without compromise. Gladly, Nestle NIDO has successfully obtained this certification, as it’s not easy to achieve.

  3. GMP: In Malaysia, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification is controlled and handled by the Ministry of Health Section of the Food Safety & Quality Division. As GMP is as important as other food management systems, it also ensures that all products are processed by using quality ingredients that are suitable for human consumption as well as the product manufacturing process is made in a hygienic area according to the standards.

Packaging: At PSCM Food and Daily Product, we offer you the full cream milk powder, Nestle Nido with two types of packaging which are metal cans and soft packs. For metal cans, we serve you 900 grams (31 oz), 1800 grams (63 oz), and 2 Kilograms (70 oz). For the purchase of soft packs, the available product weights are 200-300 grams (7 - 10.5 oz), 350-500 grams (12.3 - 17.6 oz), and 600-1200 grams (21 - 42 oz). However, if you request a different weight, we are open to hearing from you.

Every purchase of full cream milk powder starts from a minimum amount of (1 x 20 ft) container. As a seller, we will ensure that 100 percent of the products are well packed, neat, and safe until they reach your front door.

Nestle NIDO Full Cream Milk Powder Overview

Nestle NIDO is formulated and processed using only fresh and original cow's milk. Not only made for infants, the full-cream milk powder is also suitable for consumption by adult users and the elderly.

The full-cream milk powder products contain Vitamins A & D, and high protein nutrition, providing a nutritional base that can help you in growth, strengthen bones, and other benefits if you often consume this Full Cream Milk Powder.

Having a smooth, fine, soft, and creamy texture, the full cream milk powder makes it easy for you to use it. It is also rich in a delicious and fatty flavor because it was made from natural and fresh cow's milk from the farm.

If you have doubts about its quality, stay calm because Nestle NIDO, the Full Cream Milk Powder is guaranteed to last for approximately two years. Therefore, your investment in this product will not disappoint you. You could chat with our admin to know more about this product.

About PSCM Food and Daily Products

Located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, PSCM Food and Daily Products was established eight years ago in 2014. For your information, this company provides sales services for various products such as dairy products, cooking oil, dried fruits, and more. With nearly eight years of business experience, this company is still firm with its vision and mission, which are to be recognized and trusted by its clients as the best supplier and exporter that serve products with premium quality but at a low cost.

What is surprising is that until now, PSCM Food and Daily Products only has 15 employees who are committed to work, hardworking, and focused. Although it seems impossible, they are the ones who drive the success of this company.

Nestle NIDO Full Cream Milk Powder Specifications


  1. Product of Malaysia
  1. Last for 18 months to 24 months (2 years)
  1. White in color
  1. Soft and creamy
  1. Has Halal, GMP and, HACCP certifications
  1.  Rich, fatty, and creamy
  1. Available in 2 types of packaging, metal can and soft pack
  1. Comes in a variety of weight

Ideally Served:

- With hot water
- With ice
- As a Mocktail

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